La Vecina, martes 14 de julio, capítulo 95

Sara’s getting all nostalgic, seeing Antonio in athletic wear and remembering Casitas. Antonio agrees. He was happy then.

The music changes to cumbia and Antonio begs them to just leave it on, then he volunteers to go get some music from his apartment.

Juancho goes off to bed.

Simón tells Sara if someone did for him what she did for Antonio, he wouldn’t hesitate to spend the rest of his life with them.

The problem is, Antonio’s engaged.

Simón reminds Sara that she is too.

In his apartment, Antonio realizes Isabel’s been calling him all night. He decides to call her tomorrow and grabs a CD to take back to Simón’s.

Nelson gets home and finds Pepe waiting outside for him. He says he definitely can’t say anything to Antonio now. They threatened to kill his daughter!

Pepe says Antonio will help, they’ll send Nelson’s family somewhere safe.

Nelson’s not going for it. And if Pepe says anything, they might both wake up shot in the head.

Antonio comes back to Simón’s with a classical music CD and starts doing some guided meditation. This knocks the guys out, effectively leaving Antonio and Sara alone to say goodbye. It gets mushy. It’s probably best Simón didn’t witness that.

In the morning, Antonio plays something choral from the balcony, with the speakers pointed at Simón’s apartment.

The guys are all hung over and Sara’s chilaquiles would be great…except that she left early this morning.

Edwina pitches the idea of advertising on the cohete to her boss. He wants to see it first.

Natalia’s out in front of the apartment asking a cop where Sebastián could have ended up when Sebastián gets out of a taxi.

He complains to Natalia about how awful it was to spend the night in jail with a bunch of guys who looked like maleantes.

Natalia swears she was worried about him and tried to call, but it went to voicemail.

That’s because they took his phone away. But on the bright side, if she’s worried it’s because she loves him. (Or at least she still cares about him enough for a hug.)

At Simón’s, Javi and Juancho are complaining about the music, but Simón reminds them that Antonio put up with their music multiple times. He and Juancho head out to meet Serena at the warehouse while Bruno decides to go over and see if Chepe can get the music turned off.

Sebastián’s still pushing for a reconciliation, but then Titina calls. Natalia goes back inside, furious, while Sebastián tries screaming at Titina to leave him alone. She starts to tell him her important “news” but he hangs up on her.

Bruno and Javi can’t find Chepe…but maybe they could climb up to the balcony….

Rafa and Antonio meet to discuss the fight. Uribe knows what happened. Antonio doesn’t think Rafa should write Ramón up–that’s probably what he wants. He just needs Rafa to get everyone to understand that he’s not their enemy and that no matter who ended up in charge they’d still be getting the same six months to improve things.

At the warehouse, Edwina tells Simón about her boss wanting to advertise. Serena reminds them she’s not done with her “supervision” but Simón doesn’t see that as a problem. She’d just better not discourage them.

Javi holds the ladder while Bruno tries to get to Antonio’s balcony. He’s maybe gonna make it, but Laura calls and he answers the phone and falls off the ladder, breaking his arm.

Pepe and Rafa run into each other outside the plant. Pepe’s worried about how things ended up yesterday. What does he think would really make a difference for them?

Finding the mole. That would take the pressure off Antonio.

Speaking of pressure, Pedro’s talking to himself about needing to decrease the overall gas thefts until he finds out who’s going behind his back. That way, CONATROL will think Antonio’s making a difference.

David comes into Ricardo’s office to ask when he’s going to San Gaspar, but pretty quickly gets asked to leave when Pedro calls Ricardo. He’s decided to reduce the amount of gas he’s been taking. Ricardo says he’ll find out how far Pedro has to lower it to make CONATROL think Antonio’s plans are working.

Chepe did have the keys to Antonio’s apartment, if Bruno and Javi had just waited for him! I can’t tell if Bruno’s had his arm checked out or he’s just decided nothing’s broken.

Pepe scolds Nelson for going back on his word. Nelson doesn’t want to risk his family. And there’s no point sending an anonymous note to the police telling them who’s in charge of the saqueadores. He’s their only spy! They’d know it was him.

Padre V stopped at El Molcajete for lunch. Sara tells him about the plant, Antonio having six months to fix things, and the employees being against him. Padre V says he’ll talk to Antonio when he gets the chance.

Antonio’s in his office thinking about Sara and Isabel. He calls the apartment, but Natalia answers. Isabel’s having breakfast with Ema. And BTW they know about Antonio trying to hire Sara and who knows what else he and Sebastián have been hiding from them!

He’s worrying about how Isabel fund out when Marina tells him Padre Vicente’s on the phone. Padre V invites Antonio over to the parish when he has a minute. Antonio says he’ll stop by and then wonders what Padre V could want to talk to him about.

Ema’s talking about hiring a wedding planner, but Isabel’s distracted. When Ema gets her attention, Isabel says she was thinking about Antonio wanting to hire Sara and Ema knowing about it.

Ema has excuses for all the things she didn’t tell Isabel and Isabel doesn’t like any of them. Hector, just stopping by, listens from behind a column with interest before popping out to say hello and goodbye. After Ema walks him back to the door, Isa says after this Ema had better quit complaining about her behavior because it’s obvious she and Antonio tienen mucha cola que les pisen.

Antonio calls Sebastián to try to figure out how Isabel found out about Sara. The best they can come up with is that Ricardo must have told her. Sebastián says he can’t talk to Natalia to find out more because she’s not speaking to him and last night she had him tossed in jail.

Hector, being such a nice guy, is waiting outside for Isabel to tell her that she still doesn’t know the whole story. When Sara was in Mexico she stayed at Antonio’s apartment and answered the door in a robe. Isa thanks him for the intel.

Cheo’s planning to buy a house.

Laura comes over to check on Bruno, which involves full-body hugs and steamy smoochies.

Isabel surprises Natalia at her office to tell her Sara spent the night at Antonio’s apartment. Now she’s more determined to marry Antonio and make him and Sara pay.

Antonio shows up at Padre V’s. Vicente offers him a drink and Antonio asks for tequila.

Padre V doesn’t have tequila and he doesn’t have any patience for Antonio feeling sorry for himself. They’re going to talk this thing out and maybe Antonio will see things clearer.

Ricardo calls Pedro. He’ll have to cut back his thefts by 17%. It’s a lot, but it’s better than getting the plant shut down.

Pedro tells Anselmo this would be easier if Ricardo were in charge. It’s time to take Antonio out. If they can make it look like an accident, CONATROL won’t shut the plant down. He’s going to talk it over with The Organization, though.

Padre Vicente’s take on Antonio’s troubles is that Antonio isn’t the center of the universe. He can’t blame himself for whatever happens to the plant. He’s done everything he could. If it closes, it won’t be because Antonio was negligent–he’s right there, fighting until the end.

Laura and Bruno are still kissing. Pedro calls and ruins the mood. He’s probably staying in Progreso tonight, so she shouldn’t wait up for him.

Laura apologizes to Bruno for lying to Pedro and telling him she was at the church. She thinks it was wrong for them to do this. She’s a married woman! And even if her husband treats her badly, she can’t leave him.

Antonio feels like he’s let people down with his stubbornness. He’s not good at failing. He doesn’t think he’s doing well in any part of his life. His family is disappointed in him for coming back to San Gaspar.

Padre V says that’s not their decision to make.

Antonio can’t believe Padre V and Sara understand him better than his family and his novia.

Does he want to get married to a woman who doesn’t understand him? Does he even want to get married?

No. He’d rather chuck it all and start a new life with Sara.

Padre V says if he does that, it should be because he loves her, not to prove that he can rebel against everyone’s expectations. And now, Antonio should get out of there, have a walk, get some fresh air, clear his mind.

Antonio hugs Padre Vicente before leaving, which surprises Padre V.

Cheo calls Rosa to check up on the party planning. It sounds like she’s made all the arrangements for the food and the invitations–although she still has to invite Nacho and Pedro.

Cheo wants her to invite Antonio too. Since he does have a commercial relationship with El Molcajete. But don’t tell him Cheo’s behind this!

Rosa asks him twice to make sure that he’s not plotting something and Cheo probably lies when he says he’s not. Twice.

Laura explains to Bruno that her parents borrowed a lot of money from Pedro and they repaid him by marrying her off to him when she was 16. To keep Laura from leaving him, he’s threatened to hurt her parents.

Bruno thinks now that they’re together, they’ll come up with a way for her to leave him. She says she’s never been in love before and Bruno agrees he hasn’t either. More smoochies!

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