La Vecina, miércoles 15 de julio, capítulo 96

Simón has been waiting for Bruno to check the orange trees. He’s going over to help someone with their tractor and asks Juancho to tell Bruno to check the trees himself.

Serena comes to the warehouse and checks out Juancho’s work on the computer. She’s impressed.

And then she starts talking about hoping there’s not a repeat of the Patricio situation and that it would be counterproductive. To me it sounds like she’s trying to sow doubt and keep them from trying to launch?

Bruno and Laura are talking about their love, and their little love plant. She turns down another round of smoochies and leaves, probably to go teach her class.

Roque thinks it wasn’t a good idea to invite Antonio to the party, but Cheo wants to rub it in his face that Sara is “his.”

Ricardo tells Uribe he’d like to send David to San Gaspar to create a plan for transferring or laying employees off in case the plant closes. Uribe approves.

Pedro meets with his fellow crime bosses. He makes sure to blame the plant’s potential closure on whoever was stealing gas behind his back. He talks about reducing the amount of gas they steal by 17% and killing Antonio.

The guys don’t like the idea of getting rid of Antonio. At least they know how he operates.

Juancho comes over to Edwina’s, bothered by what Serena said. Edwina reluctantly agrees that Serena’s right about someone like Patricio reporting the story and making it into something it’s not….

OK, she’s got a plan. Juancho will make them a web page, upload videos, get them on social, and that way they can control their own publicity.

Back to the saqueadores. Does Pedro have any leads on the extra theft?

Pedro says he does and they’ll be caught any minute now.

Carmelo casually asks what his lead is.

Pedro glares pointedly at him and says it’s someone in Palo Alto. (For real, or to throw him off?)

Cheo comes by Merce’s to tell her about Sara’s surprise birthday party and invite her.

Rosa asks Sara to go to the movies, but Sara’s guessing that at the very least Cheo will come by.

Cheo calls. He has to go pick up a car, so he won’t see her on her birthday.

Merce’s like “Damn, you’re a good liar!”

Sara tells Rosa she can go to the movies after all.

Anselmo asks Pedro why he gave the guys that fake lead about Palo Alto. (oh good, so now we know!)

Pedro says no amateur could have taken that amount of gas. It had to be one of them.

Rosa calls to invite Pedro and Laura to the party and he says they’ll be there.

Next, she calls Antonio. He’ll be there.

Ricardo has David call Antonio and tell him he’ll be in San Gaspar tomorrow. Ricardo reminds him he’s not just going for business, not that he’ll tell David why he wants Antonio spied on.

Antonio gets to the apartment and he’s on the phone to Sebastián, trying to figure out what to get for Sara for her birthday. Chepe wants to tell him something, but Antonio waves him off.

“OK, I tried to warn you!”

Natalia’s sitting alone in a bar when she’s approached by a guy in a flashy jacket. (Hey, it’s Ricardo Kleinbaum!) His name is Marcelo Bazán and he’s an actor.

Um…yeah…Natalia doesn’t recognize him.

Antonio gets into the apartment and…dun, dun, dun…Isabel’s waiting for him. She knows Sara was in Mexico and she wants to know why. Hector told her that he and Mariana went to Antonio’s apartment and Sara was there, fresh from a shower, in a bathrobe, and saying she was a “friend” of Antonio’s. Did he sleep with her?


Isabel winds up for a big slap.

Marcelo goes to the bar for drinks and Natalia’s thinking she’ll just leave before he comes back, but Sebastián calls. She tells him she’s at a bar, with a friend, drinking. She just wanted to try having a one night stand. She says she’s gotta go, her friend’s coming back with drinks.

Sebastián is predictably frantic.

Antonio tells Isabel the truth about Sara’s visit to Mexico, but it all sounds like a convenient excuse to her.

Natalia asks Marcelo to talk to her little brother “Sebastián” because he’s such a fan and he’s never going to believe her if she just tells him herself. She calls Sebastián and hands Marcelo the phone.

Marcelo says he’s with Natalia and he’ll send him an autographed napkin.

Natalia takes the phone back before Sebastián can expose her lie.

Isabel gives Antonio a guilt trip, but we already know she’s not going to cancel the wedding. She tells him to take her to a hotel.

Carmelo and one of the other saqueadores discuss Pedro’s plans. Carmelo thinks he’s gone soft since he started running the organization, but he also agrees with killing Antonio. And he’s more willing than the other guy to take the risk and hope that Pedro’s contact is the one who ends up in charge.

Sara gets home and asks Simón and Juancho about their plans for tomorrow night. They fake her out and then laugh when she leaves the room.

Javi and Bruno are talking about a/v for Sara’s party, but they drift to the subject of Laura. Bruno says she came to see him and they kissed.

Laura’s watering the love plant and thinking about Bruno. Sadly, Pedro comes home.

Javi wonders if Laura told Bruno the real story. And if she did, Pedro’s not someone to mess with.

Carmelo sent someone to Palo Alto. Nobody’s looking for anybody around there. Carmelo thinks this means Pedro’s only pretending to be looking for the thief. He’s gonna keep on doing what he’s been doing and he wants the guy who went to Palo Alto to follow Antonio and kill him the first chance he gets.

Marcelo begs Natalia to come see his apartment. She agrees and calls Sebastián while Marcelo’s getting the car. She’s just letting him know where she’s going and says something about being drunk and maybe she won’t remember tomorrow, but at least unlike Sebastián she’s not going to give Marcelo his number so he can call him all the time.

Isabel’s staying at the apartment after all. Antonio grabs his pajamas so he can go sleep in the guest room, but Isabel stops him. He used to tell her that she was his anchor in all the chaos–is she still.

Antonio says she is. They snog.

Natalia turns down a glass of wine at Marcelo’s, listens to him talk about himself some more, and then says she’s gotta go.

Marcelo begs for five minutes so he can show her something. (The closet full of previous murder victims?)

Cheo calls Sara at midnight to wish her a happy birthday.

Marcelo’s big surprise is that Natalia gets to rehearse a scene with him, which is bad enough, but he flips his jacket over one shoulder and hits her in the face. With his cell phone in the pocket.

He apologizes, but says it just looks like a bite to her lip. Natalia’s wheels start turning.

Antonio and Isabel slept together. She says he’s now convinced her that Sara doesn’t mean anything to him and they’re starting with a clean slate.

Which is bullshit–she tells herself she’ll erase Sara’s memory from Antonio.

Sara sings Las Mañanitas to herself until Bruno comes into the living room. She waits hopefully for him to say something, but instead he calls Laura.

Pedro picks up and Bruno hangs up. He panics when the phone rings again and begs Sara to answer it. He’ll explain everything later!

Sara claims she heard Pedro answer, but he couldn’t hear her so she hung up. She talks to Laura briefly and then passes the phone to Bruno.

Laura tells Pedro that Sara was calling to ask for the phone number of that waiter they used to have. Pedro kind of grunts.

Sara demands an explanation and Bruno tells her he and Laura are in love and her parents made her marry Pedro when she was 16. She tried to leave, but he threatened to kill her parents.

Sara, like Javi, says if that story’s true then they’re talking about an evil guy.

Bruno knows, but he’s going to fight for Laura to the end.

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