La Vecina, miércoles 15 de julio, capítulo 97

Sebastián spent the night on his couch. Natalia comes over to tell him he was right–she had too much to drink and she can’t remember what happened last night with Chelo. So now she totally understands how Sebastián could have slept with Titina and they can go on with their relationship like nothing happened. She gives him the autographed napkin.

Pedro tells Laura about Sara’s surprise birthday party. He wants her to look good so he can show her off. For extra emphasis, he assaults her with his lips.

Chepe kind of tries to warn Sara, but Antonio and Isabel walk out of the building and into the parking area. Antonio’s face hates him, but Isabel’s face hates Sara. She drives off as fast as she possibly can.

Pepe’s listening in as Marina, Rafa, and Fidel talk about the spy situation. David’s going to be interviewing people to create a transfer plan, but they won’t have jobs for everyone and Rafa’s sure some people won’t want to leave San Gaspar. Marina and Fidel agree they’ve got to find out who the informant is if they’re going to keep the plant from closing.

Antonio takes Isabel to the airport. She’s acting like everything is OK between them and Antonio plays along. He promises he’ll be at the gallery show. As soon as she’s out of sight he lets his smile drop.

Pepe tries to convince Nelson that he should turn himself in. If the plant closes and he gets transferred or laid off the saqueadores won’t have any use for him and then for sure they’ll kill him. Nelson doesn’t look convinced.

Sara thinks everyone but Rosa and Cheo forgot her birthday. Cheo sent flowers. Sara tries to push away her sadness.

Pedro calls Ricardo to say he’s figured out what to do about Antonio. They’ll give up some of the valve locations, he’s already told his mole to quit altering sensor data, they’ll stop stealing gas, and Antonio will leave peacefully.

Ricardo would rather just kill him, but Pedro says they’re going to try it this way first.

Carmelo’s guy, Matías, calls to say Antonio took some woman to the airport and then went to the plant and he had guards the entire time, so he couldn’t make a move. Carmelo tells him to keep doing what he’s doing.

Nelson makes a minimal effort to talk to Antonio, but Antonio’s already late for his meeting with Fidel, so Nelson can come find him later.

Pepe’s annoyed that Nelson gave up that easily. Nelson’s phone rings and he says he has to answer.

In Antonio’s office Fidel explains his strategy. At Rafa’s suggestion, he’s going to start with people who work in areas where they’re managing information. Rafa’s going to give him a list.

Antonio agrees with the plan.

Marina comes in to give Antonio a mystery envelope that came in with the mail. It’s another anonymous note about a valve.

Nelson’s off the phone and he tells Pepe they want him to quit manipulating the sensor data. He can’t figure out why, but Pepe thinks it’s a strategy to throw off suspicion so the plant doesn’t close.

Titina’s still pretending to be pregnant.

Rafa comes across Nelson and Pepe and says they need to get ready to go shut down another valve. There was an anonymous note left in the correspondence box.

The guard at the front gate didn’t notice anything weird with the mail, or anyone but the delivery person and Marina handling the box.

Antonio wants him to review the surveillance videos.

Fidel thinks it’s strange that the previous two notes were emailed. Why switch to physical mail? He wants Antonio to forward copies of the emails so he can get cybercrime to track down the IP.

There’s another mystery envelope in the mail, this time for Rafa. Marina calls Quique, and the note came from him. He’s inviting Rafa to a fancy dinner.

The guy from the side desk asks Marina if that’s a love note she’s holding. She tells him to leave it on Rafa’s desk for her, but he kind of tosses it on the desk so it slides off on the far side.

Natalia picks Isabel up at the airport and Isa tells all about her visit to San Gaspar. Natalia catches her up on what happened with Chelo.

Sebastián asks Ligia if she’s heard about a novela…Los Ramirez? And the actor Marcelo Bazan?

It’s Ligia’s favorite show–her mom records it so she can watch after she gets home. Marcelo’s character isn’t the protagonista but she thinks he’s way more handsome. His character’s in love with a girl who was betrayed by her boyfriend. Ligia hopes she doesn’t go back to the cheating boyfriend. Hey, she can totally keep Sebastián caught up.

Sebastián gives her a pained smile.

Edwina’s boss checks out the cohete and he is SO IN! He and the bank are partners in their adventure.

Antonio asks Rafa to send a team out to the valve. He wants Rafa to pick up David at the airport, take him to the apartment, give him a tour of San Gaspar. And also, can Rafa recommend a jewelry store…?

Fidel and Quintin agree it’s strange that none of the places that were reported have internet, but the first two notes were emailed and the third one wasn’t.

Cybercrime has analyzed the emails and they tell Fidel they were both sent from an internet café in Mexico City.

Edwina’s boss is looking over the plans and he’s picked a spot for the ad. For real this time, not like the previous two. He’s so sure about it he says they’ll be el banco del cohete. He takes a selfie with the team in front of the rocket.

Antonio hasn’t left his office yet when Fidel calls. Antonio hurries to call Uribe–this means there’s a mole in Mexico City too.

Simón tells Edwina’s boss he’ll stop by the bank soon with the written agreement. He and Juancho and Edwina all shriek when he leaves. Simón and Edwina are hugging each other close enough that Juancho thinks he should, uh, get back to those social media profiles….

Simón asks Edwina if she’d come to a party with him tonight. As…a member of the family.

Edwina pretends to be excited, but you’ve gotta start somewhere, I guess?

Antonio tells Uribe about the first two emails coming from an internet café in Mexico and Uribe agrees it sounds like they’ve got a mole in Mexico. It would explain how the saqueadores were so well-informed about the Cetrocal. No worries. If the mole is in Mexico, they’ll catch him quickly.

Sebastián looks up Los Ramirez and finds a fight scene video. Basically the character fighting with Marcelo’s character is him. He’s sure the protagonista loves him and will forgive him for cheating and come back to him, etc. Sebastián’s egging the guy on as he fights with Marcelo’s character.

Ligia pops in and Sebastián tries to deny that he was watching Los Ramirez, but she knows the signs of addiction. Anyway, Uribe’s asking for him.

Juancho’s done with the social media profile. Edwina says it’s perfect. Simón says he likes it. Juancho was hoping for a little more enthusiasm. Jajaja!

Edwina’s gotta go. Simón says he’ll pick her up at 8.

Juancho assumes this is, like, a date date. Simón says they’re going as friends.

Friends? Well then maybe he should invite Serena too. She must be bored in her hotel.

Oh great. Uribe called Sebastián and Ricardo to his office to tell them he thinks they’ve got a mole in the DF. Who is giving up valve locations just to make them think they’re stopping the thefts. Uribe’s calling in the police and he puts Ricardo in charge of the investigation and getting the police whatever they need.

Simón invites Serena to the party. And she accepts. I’m cringing in anticipation.

Sebastián gets back to his office and calls Antonio. He doesn’t think Ricardo’s the best person to be in charge of the investigation, but oh well.

Antonio can’t believe Sebastián’s not excited about this.

Well, Natalia was out with some other guy last night. Some crappy actor on the 6pm novela.

“You’re watching the novela?”

“I have to know my enemy.” He asks how Antonio and Isabel are doing and he’s surprised to hear that Antonio told Isabel everything.

Yep and she was angry, but then she realized it was just the once and she really loves him.

Rosa calls Bruno to tell him she’s on her way to the movies with Sara and Cheo’s picking up Mercedes. Then she has to convince Sara to actually go.

Cheo told Merce she didn’t have to cook anything, but she made tamales. Because she always makes tamales for Sara on her birthday.

Antonio visits a flower shop to get a delivery of roses sent to El Molcajete for Sara.

Rafa picks David up at the airport and explains he’ll be taking him to Antonio’s apartment, where he’ll be way more comfortable than in a hotel. And BTW it’s super hot and it always catches people by surprise the first time they visit.

Antonio bought somebody a bracelet and I’m inclined to think it’s Sara.

Marina puts through a call from a realtor. She has five potential houses for him to check out. As he flips through the pictures he tells himself that Isabel is his reality.

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