La Vecina, jueves 16 de julio, capítulo 98

Javi and Bruno are finishing up the setup for the party, including a sound system. Merce and Cheo show up and Vicente’s glad Merce brought tamales. She’s annoyed that poor Sara has to have been suffering all day. Bruno says she should be showing up soon. And so should Simón with a couple of dates. As Juancho says: “La que le mueve el tapete y la que aprueba el cohete.”

David’s glad the apartment has a/c. He’s from the coast, but he’s gotten un-used to the heat. Rafa suggests dinner and David’s up for anything as long as there’s a/c!

Edwina’s nearly finished getting ready when the doorbell rings and Serena’s on the other side. For a second it seems like she came to the door by herself, but no, Simón’s behind her. She rushes off to borrow Edwina’s bathroom, leaving Edwina with Simón. To save face, Edwina says she doesn’t mind Serena being there. After all, this isn’t a date. It’s just a family party.

Sara enjoyed the movie and she’s in a much better mood now. Rosa says they’ll have dinner at La Cabaña Vieja, but she wants to stop by El Molcajete because she left her house keys….

Isabel doesn’t like any of the options the realtor found for them. They’re all too small. She needs space for a studio and Antonio needs a home office and she’s planning to have tons of guests.

Antonio suggests she call the realtor herself and explain what she’s looking for and yeah, he’ll also ask her for more options. He acts like he’s going home soon and Isabel sweetly tells him to get some rest.

Antonio has other plans.

I think Rafa takes David to Las Margaritas? Anyway, Quique’s spying on him.

Simón introduces Edwina and Serena to Merce right before Juancho says Sara’s on her way and they tyrn the lights out. It’s dark, but she’s frowning at the ceiling. Everyone yells “Surprise” and her sad birthday torture is over.

Quique thinks Rafa got his note, but it meant so little to him that he showed up with a date to shove it in Quique’s face. David comes outside as Quique’s leaving and asks Rafa why his friend was so upset.

Antonio gets to the party and is immediately greeted by Cheo. There’s not much time for disaster because the music starts. Antonio stands there awkwardly, with Sara staring at him as she dances with Cheo. Vicente and Simón ask what he’s doing there and Antonio says he got an invitation from Rosa. And since Cheo was organizing everything they can guess what his intention was.

Carmelo’s guy calls from outside to tell him Antonio just went into a party at El Molcajete and he dismissed his bodyguards. He’ll keep an eye out for Antonio to leave….

But now Pedro and Laura are showing up. Carmelo tells him Pedro must have his guys around, so he’d better not be seen.

Cheo assures Sara that he invited Antonio because she does business with him. And of course he doesn’t have anything bad planned–he’s not going to ruin the party he organized!

Antonio’s about to leave when Pedro shows up with Laura. He congratulates Antonio on his engagement. He saw the pictures in the paper. His novia’s muy guapa.

Next to him, Laura’s looking at Bruno across the room and trying not to smile.

Javi tells Bruno to cut it out before Pedro sees him. He suggests they dance with whoever, but Bruno wants to go across the room for a drink.

Cheo excuses himself to make a phone call and Sara’s about to head for Antonio when Merce blocks her path. Neither one of them thinks Cheo’s intentions are innocent.

Rafa comes out to David and tells him that Quique’s jealousy has been a problem because Quique wants to go public, but Rafa doesn’t want to lose the respect of his coworkers.

David gets it. He has a cousin who’s gay and it’s been difficult for him. He offers to talk to Quique, but Rafa thinks it’s better to leave things alone.

At the party, Padre Vicente’s talking about the classes Laura and Bruno are giving at the church. Merce comes over to greet Antonio and take him away from the group dizque to taste her tamales.

Pedro drags Laura out to dance (I mean, yeah, she goes along with it, but doing it because you don’t want to get hit is not consent.) She and Bruno are not being subtle at all about looking at each other.

Simón’s trying to convince Edwina to dance with him when Serena swoops in and carries him off.

Merce says she was surprised to see Antonio at the party. He tells Merce if he’d known Cheo was organizing things he wouldn’t have come. Merce points out the flowers he sent. Antonio’s glad she took the card off.

And now, yes, she wants him to try the tamales. He makes a surprised face, but he apparently likes them.

Natalia and Isabel are just hanging out at the apartment when Chelo calls to beg Natalia to go out with him when he’s done filming for the day. Isabel’s gesturing to Natalia to accept. She wants to go with them and meet the famous Marcelo Bazán.

Yes, Antonio likes Merce’s tamales and now he thinks he should go. But Merce asks him to stay (Why?!) and the two of them start dancing. Most everyone else is also dancing and Javi, despite his better judgment, does Bruno a “favor” and gestures to the DJ to call for a change of partners.

Everybody’s still looking at people they shouldn’t be. Partner change 2 gets Sara dancing with Antonio, and Bruno dancing with Laura. Antonio tells Sara Rosa invited him and if he’d known this was Cheo’s party, he wouldn’t have come. Right about now, though, he’s glad he did.

Cheo sees them dancing and starts to head towards them, but Padre V runs interference.

Edwina, still not dancing, tries to make her escape, but Juancho sees her at the door and says the party’s just starting.

Sara’s upset that Cheo had hidden intentions for throwing this party, but she wants Antonio to stay. There’s no point giving in to Cheo.

Juancho, aka The Love Doctor, tells Edwina it was his idea for Simón to invite Serena. He’s noticed the way Edwina and Simón have been looking at each other and he just wanted her to know that Simón didn’t come up with the idea. He’s sure Simón only wanted to be there with Edwina.

Cheered, Edwina accepts Simón’s offer to grab a drink. Because of the heat.

Marcelo arrives to pick up Natalia and he’s perfectly ok with Isabel coming along. After all, it’s not every day someone gets to meet a guy like him.

They pile into his car as Sebastián watches from across the street, horrified. He follows them.

Simón asks Edwina to dance again and she brings up Serena and how well she and Simón danced together. Simón didn’t really notice. The only one he wanted to dance with was Edwina. But if she doesn’t want to….

Oh, hell no, they’re dancing right now! They clear a space with their fancy spins.

Padre V’s begging Cheo to tell him all about the car business. In detail. And take as long as he likes.

The other dancers applaud Simón and Edwina.

Cheo is determined to go get Sara away from Antonio. Padre V can’t stop him, but he tells Cheo to be VERY careful and not waste all his efforts.

Cheo walks right over to Sara and grabs her so suddenly that she gets a little off balance. Cheo’s happily dancing and ignores Sara’s “WTF?” look.

Comparatively it’s Bruno and Laura who run the greater risk of screwing up the party with their impromptu smoochies and declarations of love in the kitchen.

Pedro’s trying to prod Antonio, talking about how he seems more like a city guy and it’s one thing to work for someone and another thing to work for yourself, etc. I keep being distracted by the razor burn on Antonio’s neck. Way to keep it real, but ouch!

Cheo’s phone goes off and he rushes out to the parking lot. Merce and Sara quickly compare notes. Sara grabs Rosa and takes her to the kitchen to talk.

Roque has arrived, late, and he just needs five more minutes to set up something.

Rosa tells Sara she invited Antonio because Cheo asked her to and she thought it made sense to invite her business contacts. She didn’t tell Antonio Cheo was organizing the party because then he wouldn’t have come. Rosa’s sure Cheo doesn’t have anything unpleasant planned, because he loves Sara.

Marcelo’s bragging about his prowess with cars when Isabel notices Sebastián following them. Natalia tells Marcelo to give them a demonstration. (Don’t try this at home, kids!)

Marcelo floors it and weaves in and out of traffic while Sebastián struggles to keep up.

Titina’s brothers confront Chepe, but like he already told them Sebastián’s not there and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

Sebastián’s car breaks down.

Titina’s annoyed that her brothers didn’t believe her when she said Sebastián was out of town.

Marcelo’s at a bar with Isabel and Natalia, showing off his bottle flipping skills. The actual bartender says he has to pay for a bottle he broke, but none of Marcelo’s cards are going through. Natalia ends up having to pay.

With Cheo out of the room, Antonio thinks should leave now. He gives Sara a kiss goodbye. Vicente and Simón keep trying to convince him to stay.

The lights go out and a bunch of dancers come in, to nearly everyone’s delight. Pedro looks kind of bored.

At the end of the dance, Cheo gets down on one knee and proposes to Sara.

She says she asked him to wait! She’s not ready to marry him.

Cheo gets ugly and no, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Sara looks back at Antonio and then goes off to the kitchen, crying. Vicente and Simón stop Antonio from following. Cheo looks murderous and they think Antonio should leave now.

Outside, Antonio hesitates, but Carmelo’s guy is ready to take him out.

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