La Vecina, jueves 16 de julio, capítulo 99

Cheo wants to go after Antonio, but Padre V and Simón are holding him back.

Outside, Anselmo approaches Antonio and Carmelo’s guy gets scared off. He says Pedro sent him to make sure Antonio’s OK.

Cheo now comes out of the restaurant trailing the other guys. He and Antonio yell at each other about whose fault it is Sara doesn’t want to marry Cheo. Cheo lunges for Antonio, but Anselmo grabs him and puts a gun to his ribs.

In the kitchen, Sara tells Merce that she and Cheo were supposed to be waiting so Sara could be sure she wants to spend the rest of her life with Cheo. He threw this whole party to force her to say yes and she’s not going to let him manipulate her like that!

Pedro takes charge outside, asking what’s going on. Cheo blames Antonio for Sara not wanting to marry him. Antonio’s all “Come at me, bro!” but Simón and Vicente won’t let him. Roque gets Cheo to get in the truck and leave, but not before Cheo threatens Antonio in front of witnesses.

Bruno gets sent home with Antonio, in case Cheo follows him. Pedro offers to send Anselmo, but Padre V says it’s not necessary and thanks Pedro.

Inside the restaurant, Juancho’s explaining to Serena and Edwina what the deal is between Cheo and Antonio and that Cheo’s really not a “talk it out” kind of guy, but he also isn’t going to go past punching Antonio out. Simón comes back inside and tells them the crisis is averted, for now.

Pedro tells Laura what happened outside and tells her to grab her bag, they’re going home.

In the kitchen, Merce gives Sara the card that was on the flowers Antonio sent. Sara doesn’t read it.

Vicente comes in to tell them what happened outside and ask Sara if she’s determined not to marry Cheo.

She is now. He’s always trying to have his way. This whole party was about pressuring her into saying she’d marry him. Could he not have just wanted to celebrate her birthday?

In Antonio’s car, on the way back to the apartment, Bruno asks if Antonio said something to Sara to keep her from marrying Cheo.

Nope. And he kind of feels bad for Cheo. He loves Sara, in his way.

But Sara doesn’t love him. Bruno doesn’t even understand why she got back together with him in the first place. Why get married if you’re not going to be happy?

Antonio makes a face.

It must suck to marry someone you don’t love, right?

Antonio makes a face.

While Rosa and Merce clean up, Sara reads the note from Antonio. He hopes the flowers will speak for him since he doesn’t have the right to tell her that he loves her.

Matías explains to Carmelo that before he could shoot Antonio, Anselmo showed up. And as he was leaving, he saw a bunch of other guys coming outside.

Carmelo wonders why Pedro sent Anselmo, but whatever. Matías is to go back to watching Antonio and kill him when he has the chance.

Anselmo tells Pedro he thought he saw Matías outside El Molcajete, but he can’t be sure it was him.

Pedro warns Anselmo to be careful, in case Carmelo’s thinking about acting on his own.

Rafa and David get back to the apartment. David wishes him luck dealing with Quique.

Antonio gets home, saying the party ended early. He offers David a drink, but David just wants to get some sleep.

Cheo’s at a bar, trying to get drunker than he already is while Roque tries to talk some sense into him.

Chelo drops Isabel and Natalia off at the apartment and they giggle about how ridiculous he is.

Sebastián comes over to confront them and to tell Natalia he accepts her offer.

Isabel says it’s too late. It is, too late, isn’t it? Natalia agrees. And he needs to leave her alone or she’ll call the cops.

Roque has convinced Cheo to talk to Sara and give things another try…but coffee first!

Sara and Merce get back to Simón’s with some presents and the flowers from Antonio. Merce’s off to bed–all the fuss has given her a headache.

Sara asks Bruno how Antonio’s doing and then retreats to the balcony ’cause it’s, like, sooooo hot! Bruno’s like “Sure, whatever.”

Isabel counsels Natalia to keep making Sebastián suffer.

Antonio and Sara are both out on their respective balconies, but Antonio wants to talk. They head for the elevator, where the glowing red down button looks more like a heart than a “v.”

Simón drops Edwina off at her house and she gives him a steamy cheek kiss.

On the lawn, Sara tells Antonio he has every right to tell her he loves her and he’ll always have a place in her heart.

Antonio gives her the present he didn’t get to earlier and Sara hugs him.

Cheo shows up with flowers, but Antonio and Sara don’t see him. He goes back to the truck shouting about never wanting to see Sara again and that he’s going to get revenge on Antonio by sleeping with his novia.

Antonio puts the necklace on Sara. He asks what’s going to happen with her and Cheo and Sara says it’s over. All he wanted to do was fight with Antonio and use Sara as a trophy. The guy she marries will have to love her so completely there’s no room left for doubt, and who will fight for her love.

In the morning Antonio and Sebastián catch each other up on last night’s drama.

Edwina tells Magda about the party and about kissing Simón when he brought her home. Magda’s disappointed when she finds out it was just a kiss on the cheek.

Merce and Simón discuss Cheo and Sara. Merce thinks it’s good that Sara didn’t accept his proposal. Simón’s just worried that it was because of Antonio. Merce says Sara told her it wasn’t.

So, moving on, what’s the story with the two women fighting over Simón?

He thinks she’s exaggerating, but yeah, something’s maybe happening with Edwina. He just feels so guilty, like he’s cheating on his dead wife.

Merce begs him not to think of it like that. If he has feelings for someone, they must be worth it.

Magda gives Edwina a pep talk about how great she is and how she needs to stop with the self-doubt because dudes dig chicks who believe in themselves.

Sebastián puts on a PR accent and pretends he’s a reporter who wants to interview Marcelo. Marcelo invites him to today’s filming. Sebastián’s planning on messing up his face.

Marina’s excited to hear how Rafa and Quique’s date went, but Rafa explains that he never got the note and ended up there having dinner with David and Quique seeing them. But at least David is open-minded and didn’t make a big deal out of Rafa being gay.

Antonio walks in with David and introduces him to Marina before asking her to bring a couple of bottles of water to his office.

Pepe asks Rafa who the new guy is. Rafa explains he’s the guy Mexico sent to interview people and figure out where to transfer them to, in case they close the plant.

At El Molcajete, Bruno and Juancho are helping Rosa put the dining room back in order. Sara’s worried that she can’t get hold of Cheo. She insists on giving him back the engagement ring.

Bruno asks for breakfast, but Juancho has to hurry over to the warehouse to work on the cohete website. In that case, Sara says she’ll make them some tortas de jamon de pavo (turkey ham?).

Roque wishes Cheo would just answer his phone already, but who cares about Cheo’s love life when a trailer full of cars has been stolen!

And now the chickens come home to roost, because the policy Cheo got them is one where the stolen cars are only insured up to a certain value and not the “full coverage” policy the boss wanted.

Cheo tries to throw the insurance agent under the bus, but the clauses in the contract are specific about coverage, the agent made sure Cheo understood them, and the contract is signed.

The boss doesn’t care what happened, but he’s going to make sure Cheo is responsible for all their losses.

Pepe comes to the control room, in a panic about David being there. Nelson thought that by having another valve reported they could hold off the talk about closing the plant and transferring people! Pepe still wants Nelson to talk to Antonio, but Nelson begs him to talk to Rafa and find out what the situation is first.

The guy investigating the anonymous emails reports to Ricardo that he’s basically got no leads. The guy at the internet café doesn’t remember anyone specific.

Antonio tells David his main goal is transferring as many of the employees as possible, but he’s hoping that won’t be necessary.

David asks about the valve they found yesterday and Antonio says he thinks it’s the saqueadores who reported it, just to make CONATROL think their efforts have been successful.

Rafa finds Quique’s note on the floor, but hides it when Pepe comes in. Pepe tells him everyone already knows he and Marina are amantes.

Anyway, he’s really there to turn over a report about the valve they found yesterday and ask what’s up with this guy who showed up from Mexico.

Rafa tells him David’s figuring out where to transfer everyone, just in case. He tells him about the emails that came from the internet café in Mexico and the theory that there’s another spy in Mexico and swears him to secrecy. What they really need is to catch those moles.

Cheo’s still trying to insist he asked for the full-coverage policy, but Roque remembers Cheo was pretty distracted at the time. Cheo’s just hoping the boss can work something out with the insurance company.

Juancho’s nearly done with the website and Serena’s nearly done with her report. She can’t find anything wrong with Simón’s plans and the next phase is to convene some meetings to give him the approval to launch. It was a little fuzzy, so I’m not entirely sure.

Pepe comes back to the control room to tell Nelson the theory that there’s another spy at CONATROL MX. It makes sense to Nelson, because they were specific about the valve numbers. Pepe thinks if they can figure out who it is, then even if Nelson gets caught, he’ll be able to spread the guilt.

Nelson just wants to make sure nobody messes with his family.

Antonio calls Isabel to ask her to stay out of Natalia and Sebastián’s business. She says she’s just supporting her friend, like Antonio did when Sebastián was sleeping with Titina, and like Sebastián did when Antonio was sleeping with La Vecina.

Seriously? They talked about this. Is she going to keep bringing it up every chance she gets? He says he was just calling to see how she was doing and they’ll talk later.

Ernesto got the insurance company to agree to review the contract. And since Cheo did such a great job the first time, Ernesto’s sending him to Mexico to talk to the insurance company.

Nelson calls Pedro. He says there’s a problem with the sensors that were altered and he can’t fix it…could Pedro put him in contact with his person in Mexico, ’cause for sure that guy would know what to do!

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