La Vecina, viernes 17 de julio, capítulo 100

Nelson tries to get Pedro to give up his contact in Mexico, but if it’s so important for the problems to be explained technically to him, then Nelson can write them down. Pedro’s furious that Nelson’s trying to tell him what to do.

Nelson tells Pepe he’s supposed to just write his question down. There has to be some way to force the boss to put them directly in contact with the guy in Mexico.

Sebastián tries to get to Chelo on set, but he didn’t bring ID for “Renato Altamirano” so he ends up running from security.

Cheo comes up with a revenge idea to carry out while he’s in the DF, but he wants Roque to come with him.

Chelo hears about the fake reporter showing up and he’s shocked, shocked I tell you! The things fans will do to get close to him!

But the producer scoffs at Chelo’s insistence that he needs security and Chelo gripes that no one recognizes his talent in this country.

Rafa’s got the list ready for Fidel’s interviews and he’s going to call Fidel to have him come to the plant.

Cheo convinces Ernesto it’s best if Roque comes to the DF with him so he can press charges while Cheo’s trying to convince the insurance guy. Or something like that. Whatever, Ernesto tells him to go for it. He just wants Cheo to resolve this so it’s not going to cost them a million pesos.

Rafa calls Fidel about the interviews and Fidel confirms with Antonio. He’s also heard from the guy in Mexico and Ricardo was cooperative, if skeptical. He doesn’t think their anonymous reporter is anyone from CONATROL.

Antonio kind of rolls his eyes at that. Ricardo’s always got questions.

Fidel’s still considering everyone at CONATROL a potential spy.

Cheo tells Roque they’re both going to the DF. Roque’s not excited about helping Cheo, but he can’t get Cheo to give up on his “revenge” either. Cheo wants to make sure CONATROL MX gets a bad impression of Antonio.

Merce shows up at El Molcajete, but everything’s been cleaned up by Juancho and Bruno. She’s glad Juancho’s working and pitching in. She was sure he just needed a male influence.

Cheo’s not answering Sara’s calls, so she thought she’d go to Progreso and see him. You know, so she can give back the ring and make sure he understands what’s going on (Good luck with that!) and take Merce home. In the meantime, Merce’s going to make herself at home in the kitchen.

Sebastián gets back to the office, angry at himself for thinking he was going to be able to get to Marcelo. He watches a couple of gossip videos. They don’t have his name, but someone did a very good sketch of Sebastián. He’s pissed that one of the gossips was talking about “look what happened to Selena” and wishes they’d at least let him DO something to Marcelo first.

Marcelo calls Natalia at work…no, he hasn’t deposited the money he owes her yet…but has she heard a fan tried to sneak onto the set?! The guy had a “crazy” face. He’ll send her the sketch.

Natalia worries when she hears the guy’s name was “Morelos.” Is he sure it wasn’t “Morales?” Chelo insists he got it right. MO-RE-LOS.

Nelson has written up something that he’s sure Pedro won’t understand, but the person in Mexico will. (To confirm, Nelson’s not using Pedro’s name, so Pepe keeps trying to get it out of him.)

Nelson changes the subject to the interviews and Ramón overhears. He gets all pissy and says he’s gonna go talk to that guy right now. Pepe’s really sick of the ‘tude.

Ramón barges into David’s office, claiming to be there on behalf of the other employees and pretty much accuses him of lying about why he’s being there. Rafa comes in and takes up for David, reminding Ramón that Antonio TOLD them all that this was going to happen and it’s *in case* they can’t improve things in six months.

David tells Ramón to chill before he gets reported.

Ramón tells him to go for it.

David walks out of the office.

Eduardo meets with Guillermo. Their hangar construction project got yanked. Eduardo’s on the outs with Antonio for not wanting him to go to San Gaspar. Guillermo has a potential new project….

Natalia’s giddy when she sees the sketch of Sebastián. She calls and leaves a message asking if she’s supposed to call him Morales or Morelos.

Juancho’s getting video of the rocket, but it’s kind of bland. When Edwina walks in, he asks her to pose. Nope, not gonna happen.

Ligia brings Sebastián some paperwork and asks if he’s still watching Los Ramirez. ‘Cause yesterday Marcelo kissed the protagonista and it was so good!

When she walks out of the office, Sebastián gets the message from Natalia. After asking what to call him, she says she won’t rat him out this time, but he’d better leave them alone. Bla, bla, bla, Marcelo’s wonderful, etc., bye.

Juancho convinces Edwina to model and she thinks of Simón for inspiration. When the real Simón walks in, she’s so startled she falls off the ladder she was standing on.

Simón’s taking care of her ankle as he explains the one big flaw in their plan. With Edwina standing there, who would pay attention to the rocket?

Ramón comes into Antonio’s office and David and Rafa are already there. Antonio tells him to quit being an ass, but Ramón is Ramón. He’s all “Fire me, bro!”

Antonio gives him a three day suspension without pay.

Rafa’s sure Ramón is going to go talk to the guys and get them all riled up again.

Which is exactly what he does, telling them they’re all going to get fired and shouldn’t believe Antonio.

(OK, but if Antonio’s going to fire them all over the next six months, then why isn’t Ramón looking for another job?)

Ema bought an SUV. Eduardo told her they couldn’t afford one, but she hasn’t had a new car in so long and besides Guillermo’s not going to let their business tank!

Bruno comes running out of the church to bring Laura a folder she left behind. He’s ready to make with the smoochies, but Laura doesn’t want anyone to see them.

Sure enough, Elias drives up and asks if Laura needs a ride somewhere. She tells Elias she’s got her car and Elias drives off, looking at her suspiciously. She tells Bruno that’s what she was talking about.

Sara gets to Cheo’s apartment, but as we already know, he’s not there. The doorman has no problem telling her Cheo must be on a trip because he left with a suitcase (IMO, a bad idea from a safety and/or privacy standpoint). Cheo still won’t answer when she calls him.

Cheo’s planning to get into CONATROL by telling them he has information about the San Gaspar plant.

Uribe’s a little confused when he’s told a Mr. Gonzales is there with info about San Gaspar, but he tells security to escort him in and asks Ricardo to come to his office.

Elias tells Anselmo that he thinks there might be something going on between Bruno and Laura. He thinks he might have seen her pulling her hands away from him, and they were standing kind of close.

Of all people, ANSELMO tells him they could have just been saying goodbye and he shouldn’t tell the boss about his suspicions unless he gets some proof.

In the morning, Laura calls Bruno and breaks up with him.

Cheo tells Uribe and Ricardo that Antonio’s a criminal and he hasn’t done anything more since he got to San Gaspar than fool women, making them think he can get them a job at CONATROL in exchange for sexual favors. Ricardo tiene cara de WTF.

Juancho’s nearly done with the website, and so far most of the visits are from Edwina and her boss. Simón has apparently seen the video and approved it. Juancho teases him about how he rubbed Edwina’s ankle, and Simón ends the conversation to go back to the orchard.

Uribe wonders what exactly Cheo’s talking about and how he knows.

Cheo says he’s Sara’s ex.

Oh, well in that case, the job offer was legit. Uribe himself told Antonio to hire her, but Sara turned down the offer. He thought Cheo was going to tell them something about the saqueadores.

Cheo says he’s the one who was contacted by them to kill Antonio, but he didn’t do it and the cops know he had nothing to do with it. Anyway, he just wants them to “punish” Antonio so he doesn’t keep messing with the women in San Gaspar.

At this point, Ricardo saves Uribe and says he’ll finish up this conversation with Cheo in his office.

Pedro’s picked up the paper from Nelson and he sure hopes Ricardo understands it. He tries calling, but Ricardo’s busy confirming that Cheo’s got nothing and sending him packing. When Cheo’s gone, Ricardo returns Pedro’s call.

Sebastián tries to hide his face as he gets info about a studio tour. He’s waiting with a group when Marcelo drives up and starts flirting with the women who converge on his car. Or, given that it’s Marcelo, he’s generously giving them the opportunity to flirt with him.

Sebastián tries to run over and get in the passenger side, but the door is locked and Marcelo runs over his foot. A security guy’s like “This is why we tell you not to get too close!”

Guillermo takes money from a company account to pay for Ema’s SUV.

Ricardo has Nelson’s note now and he’s confused. If the problem is so bad, how is no one in San Gaspar noticing it?

Pedro says his guy is keeping them from noticing.

OK, well, when Ricardo figures out the answer, he’ll call back.

Nelson’s sure the guy in Mexico has seen the note by now. Hopefully he’ll call.

Quintin wanders into the control room looking for his first interviewee. He’s not taking it very seriously, so he’s having fun with telling Nelson and Pepe they’re next and them joking about joining Los Alados.

When Quintin is gone, Pepe tells Nelson to calm down! Quintin doesn’t think it’s either of them. And he wouldn’t have anything to be nervous about if he’d just turned himself in already!

Cheo gets back to where Roque’s been waiting for him. Cheo tells Roque that he had a total fail at CONATROL. Roque says they’ve gotta get to the meeting with the lawyer.

Laura’s thinking about breaking up with Bruno when the doorbell rings. It’s Bruno, delivering a pizza and two orange sodas.

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