La Vecina, viernes 17 de julio, capítulo 101

Pepe’s worried about the interviews with Quintin. Nelson doesn’t think Pepe has anything to hide, but duh! He knows Nelson’s the spy.

They see the group of guys Ramón was talking to and Nelson tells them they shouldn’t take Ramón at his word. Ramón overheard part of a conversation and decided it meant everyone was getting fired and he wouldn’t let Nelson explain before he had his tantrum.

Bruno’s all “I’m gonna fight for our love!” and Laura’s all “Pedro’s gonna kill us!”

Pedro comes home unexpectedly and Bruno hides under the dining table. Laura says she just really wanted pizza and the two sodas are because…that’s what came with the pizza. Pedro makes a crack about her hiding her lover somewhere in the house and then gets angry when Laura doesn’t find it funny.

When he goes off to get the paperwork he came back for, Laura tells Bruno to go…but on second thought, Elias and Anselmo are probably out front….

Ricardo tells Uribe that he got rid of Cheo. Uribe’s annoyed that everyone knows the story about Antonio and Ms. Granados, which was supposed to be done already. Uribe’s been trying to reach Sebastián to ask if Cheo’s the same guy who interrupted their testing that one time, but he ends up having to call Antonio.

Antonio can’t believe Cheo went so far, but he swears there’s nothing going on between him and Sara!

Marina interrupts to tell him Pepe, Nelson, and Eliseo want to talk to him. Uribe crankily tells him to call back after he talks to them.

The gallery is all set up for Isa’s showing and an article about it is in the paper. She’s excited. (I’m annoyed that she can feel this level of excitement for her first solo show, but she doesn’t respect that Antonio feels this strongly about his work.)

Cheo and Roque are waiting in the insurance office when Cheo sees the newspaper article and feels like this has been delivered to him on a silver platter.

Eliseo takes the lead and asks Antonio why David’s doing interviews.

Antonio explains that this is just in case they have to close the plant. But he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t think they’ll have to. He thinks they can turn this around in six months. But they absolutely have to find the spy.

As the others leave, Antonio asks Nelson to stay. He sure does seem to know a lot about what’s going on in the plant. Antonio can see why Rafa asked him to help find the mole.

On his way out of the house Pedro stops to give Laura another dose of intimidation. He thought he married a smart woman, she’d better not let him down, etc.

Bruno pops up from under the table way too quickly. I mean, at least wait until Pedro’s SUV is outside the front gate! He thinks Laura should just leave Pedro. Her parents are dead, what’s he gonna do?

Laura says she doesn’t want anything to happen to Bruno. And he really needs to leave. They’ll talk later.

Javi’s waiting for Bruno behind the house. He hopes Bruno’s getting an idea of the danger they’re in and that he shouldn’t pull a stunt like this again. (Oh, Javi…so young, so innocent.)

Antonio calls Uribe. Between Fidel’s investigation and David’s interviews, the employees were concerned, but Antonio’s explained things and everything’s OK now. And no, he definitely doesn’t have a thing with Sara. She’s just his neighbor and CONATROL has a contract with her restaurant. And yeah, he’s going to protect himself from Cheo.

Pepe’s waiting to find out what Antonio said to Nelson. He again tries to convince Nelson to turn himself in, but Nelson won’t. One of the other guys pops around the corner to tell Nelson that Quintin’s waiting for him.

Quintin jokes about Nelson stripping to the waist so he can attach the electrodes for the lie detector. No, he doesn’t have one and even if he did, he trusts Nelson.

So, what has he heard about the thefts? You know, as an employee of CONATROL. Has anyone strange approached him for information or with a strange attitude? Does he know if anyone else has been approached?

Cheo’s whole strategy is to tell the insurance guy he needs them to cover the full cost of their losses, as a favor, because they have lots of cars to insure and he’d hate for this little misunderstanding to keep them from using his agency again. All the guy will agree to is to review the contract, but he doubts they’re going to be paying in full.

Simón and Juancho are doing some technical rocket stuff with, like, tools and things. Serena comes to say goodbye. She’s going back to Mexico and as soon as she hears any news about the evaluation, she’ll call. As far as she’s concerned though, Simón’s done some impressive work.

Cheo’s put the meeting behind him and now he’s ready to go to Polanco and find out more about Isabel. Yes, Roque, we all feel your frustration.

Ricardo’s been looking over Nelson’s questions. He calls Pedro to tell him something’s either incorrect or missing.

Nelson gets out of his interview and tells Pepe it was nerve-wracking, but he basically told Quintin no one’s been approached that he knows of, nobody seems to have extra cash, etc. What else could he stay?

Nelson gets a call from Pedro and agrees to look over his information again. He thinks they’re one step closer to having direct contact with the mole in Mexico.

Sebastián tells Antonio about Chelo running over his foot, but he’s still going to go on that group tour tomorrow.

Antonio says he’s acting like Cheo and BTW guess what Cheo was up to today….

Sara brings Marina the month’s bill. She decides to go in to see Antonio without having Marina announce her.

Sebastian asks if Antonio’s going to say anything to Sara and Sara opens the door right on time to hear Antonio saying she’s not responsible for the things her ex does.

Sara asks what Cheo did this time and Antonio tells her the whole story. Then Isabel calls, all excited about her show, and Antonio gets off the phone with her so he can go have lunch with Sara.

Cheo goes to the gallery and says he’s a collector and he’s interested in Isabel’s work. Silvina offers to let him see it now, before the opening.

Juancho didn’t like what Serena said about hoping the other reviewers would approve of Simón’s project.

Simón’s not worried about it. He knows he’s done a good job and besides, Serena’s his friend.

Edwina shows up to accuse Juancho of uploading the video where she fell. They head over to the laptop to check it out. Simón’s annoyed that Edwina didn’t say anything to him.

Silvina’s been taken in by Cheo. She’s so excited at the prospect of him buying a couple of paintings that she agrees to put him in touch with Isabel to see if she’ll sell him one that’s only for display.

Yep, Juancho uploaded the wrong video. He blames Simón for distracting him with other work. But look, all the comments are positive! Great idea to have the model falling…I’d like to be her astronaut. (Yeah, that’s not flattering. It’s creepy.)

Silvina calls Isabel and hands over the phone. Cheo gives her his spiel and asks to come see the paintings she has in her studio. But he can only come tonight because tomorrow he’s going to Chicago.

Isa tells him to get her address from Silvina.

Natalia calls to ask if Chelo’s deposited the money yet. She ends up agreeing to go to dinner with him where he allegedly will pay her back.

Walking back to Antonio’s car after lunch, Sara realizes Antonio doesn’t have his bodyguards.

He asked them not to come so he could be alone with Sara without being watched.

But there’s Carmelo’s guy on a motorcycle, watching them.

Padre Vicente comes up to them to say hello and ask for a ride back to the church.

Carmelo’s guy reports back to his boss that Antonio doesn’t have bodyguards with him. He starts following Antonio’s car.

Nelson calls Pedro. He’s reviewed the data and it’s correct. But maybe he wrote it down wrong. Pedro says he’ll meet him later, but Nelson thinks he should just read Pedro the information over the phone because Fidel’s already started his investigation.

Chelo pays Natalia back with a check before ordering lobster bisque and champagne. The waiter goes to put their order in, but comes back right away, saying the manager wants to speak to Chelo.

Sara comes over to Vicente’s for a lecture. She and Antonio needed to talk, after what Cheo did! And he had some things to say to her.

Anything different than the usual?

Sara remembers Antonio telling her at lunch, very indirectly, that he was going to go home and break up with Isa because he loves Sara. Then there were some major smoochies. Then Sara said he should think about it and if he loves her then he should do it. Then there were more smoochies and Sara was crying….

And apparently she told all that to Vicente. So, lecture away.

What could he possibly say? He just hopes they get around to having a solid relationship sometime.

Cheo shows up at Isabel’s with a bottle of wine and she lets him in.

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