La Vecina, lunes 20 de julio, capítulo 102

Padre Vicente still has his doubts that Antonio breaking up with Isabel will mean that he wants a relationship with Sara.

On to more important things…they rock, paper, scissors for a piece of pan dulce.

Marcelo convinces the restaurant manager to take his watch that’s totally not a knock-off and he’ll pay all his debts tomorrow and get it back. When he goes back to the table, he makes the waiter spill lobster bisque on his jacket, sends him back for another bowl, and tells Natalia all waiters are stupid.

In the kitchen, the waiter adds a lot of extra pepper to the replacement bowl of bisque, but unfortunately Chelo lets Natalia taste it first.

Cheo’s been at Isabel’s, pretending to be a fancy art buyer and taking topless selfies in her bed. Isa calls Antonio to get his advice about selling the painting and what to ask for. She tells Cheo she’s decided to sell it for $3K, but he’s forgotten his checkbook. He’ll just have to leave a check with Silvina tomorrow. And maybe he’ll see her at her gallery showing, if he doesn’t have to go to Chicago.

Marcelo drops Natalia off just after Cheo leaves. He tries to get invited up for a drink, but she still has packing to do. He grabs her face so she’ll quit turning her head and he can kiss her on the lips. I’m glad she makes sure the gate shuts behind her when she goes inside.

David’s expecting Rafa to pick him up for dinner. Antonio wants to stay in and finish some work.

Downstairs, Titina’s brothers show up asking for “the engineer,” “no, not Andrade, the other one.” So David comes down, thinking it’s Rafa and gets punched in the face before any of the brothers notice he’s not Sebastián.

Rafa arrives after they run off and starts shouting for help.

When everyone from apartments 2 and 1 get downstairs, David tells them it was two or three guys and they said something about messing with the wrong person.

Rafa remembers Quique threatening to punch out any engineer he sees him with. Simón wonders if it’s the saqueadores. Antonio doesn’t see why it would be, since David just got there.

Ricardo still can’t make sense of the info Nelson gave Pedro. He wants Pedro to quit playing telephone and put them directly in contact. Pedro, as usual, says no.

When Natalia gets in, Isabel’s all excited about selling three of her paintings already. I almost feel sorry for her. Natalia breaks the news that she’s going to Monterrey for work and won’t be at the show.

Titina’s brothers get home and tell her they seriously screwed up and punched the wrong engineer. But no worries! The only one who saw them was the doorman.  Oops.

Rafa’s talking to the doorman who only remembers they were big guys and they were looking for “the engineer.”  He hops in his truck to go yell at Quique.

Sara gets home, wondering who just left, and the doorman says it was a friend of the engineer who lives upstairs and got punched out. Sara immediately thinks Antonio got punched out.

Isabel asks Natalia about her dinner with Chelo. The more time she spends with Chelo, the more she misses Sebastián. As soon as she gets back from Monterrey, she’s making up with him.

Sara throws herself into Antonio’s arms when he answers his door. Simón comes out of his apartment with some analgesics for David. Antonio says there’s been a misunderstanding–he didn’t get punched, David did.

“Who’s David?” Sara asks.

David pops his head over the back of the couch and says he remembers something else those guys said…they said he had to marry someone tomorrow. Martina?

Sara and Antonio realize he means Titina. They tell David about the Sebastián-Titina saga and Sara wonders if the brothers mentioned getting married because Titina’s pregnant. She calls Titina and tells her that her brothers hit the wrong guy and BTW, is she pregnant?

Titina wants to discuss it in person.

Sara tells the others Titina didn’t say so, but she gets the impression that the answer is “yes.”

David’s vision is getting blurry and they decide to take him to the hospital.

Rafa shows up at Quique’s and accuses him of having David beat up because of his stupid jealousy. Quique says he didn’t, but OK, fine, if Rafa wants to be that way then yeah, he did it. Rafa never wants to see him again. (For, like, the next five minutes?)

Sebastián’s watching Los Ramirez again. Carla Maria has a shameful secret that Marcelo’s character promises to forgive. Sebastián’s getting himself psyched up for the tour and nursing his poor smushed foot.

Rafa gets to the hospital and finds out it was Titina’s brothers who beat up David. Oops.

David comes out of the exam room with a patch over his eye. The doctor says the retina’s not detached, but there’s inflammation. David and Antonio argue about David wanting to stay and get his project done.

Marina comes over to comfort Quique. She knows he didn’t do it, but he’s also been making threats, so it would be easy to think he did. Quique has decided that he’s done with Rafa.

Simón’s suspicious about Sara’s being so affectionate with Antonio. She tells him about the whole “He might not want to get married” thing and that she feels like it’s the first time there’s been a chance or something.

Antonio calls Sara to tell her David’s basically OK and they’re on their way back.

The guy from the bank brings a couple of friends to the warehouse to see the cohete. They’re also interested in advertising.

Titina shows up at El Molcajete and tells Sara she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t want to force Sebastián into anything and her brothers only want the best for her.

Sara calls Antonio. She’s not entirely sure she believes Titina, but she seemed pretty calm. Maybe pregnancy is settling her down.

Antonio’s going to call Sebastián but gets his voicemail.

Sebastián is busy breaking into Marcelo’s dressing room and answering a call from Natalia to Marcelo’s phone. She’s surprised to hear him, then alarmed when he says he’s going to beat the crap out of Marcelo, then decides she doesn’t care, since Marcelo wrote her a check that bounced.

Sebastián’s in Marcelo’s closet when Antonio calls to tell him Titina’s pregnant and David got beat up in Sebastián’s place.

When Marcelo gets back to his dressing room, Sebastián hits him over the head with a vase. Don’t try this at home!

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