La Vecina, lunes 20 de julio, capítulo 103

Marina scolds Rafa for going off on Quique before he had all the facts. And he calls Quique impulsive!

Rafa knows he’s screwed up, but he’s not going to take Marina’s advice and text Quique first to soften him up. He’s heading straight for an in-person apology.

Fidel’s checking out the cohete website and he wants to advertise the Artilleros.

At the church, Rodobaldo’s showing Padre Vicente the website and he, too, wants to be the first one to have their fútbol team’s name in space.

Roque’s not interested in going to the gallery show with Cheo…but if this is really the last thing he’s gong to do to Antonio then OK, he’ll wear the rented suit and pretend to be Cheo’s bodyguard.

Isabel stops by Silvina’s office to tell her the fancy collector is going to buy Crepusculo for $3K. He hasn’t dropped off a check yet, so she’s guessing he’ll be at the party. She complains about Antonio not being interested in her work.

Fidel and Padre V both end up at the warehouse, bickering over who gets to put their team name on the cohete.

Antonio stops by El Molcajete to say goodbye to Sara and tell her he’s told Sebastián about Titina being pregnant. They get in a quick smooch before he has to go.

On his way out, he says goodbye to Bruno.

Bruno came looking for Sara to find out what happened with Titina…and also to ask if she’ll call Laura and pass him the phone.

Sara’s like “SHE’S MARRIED!”

Bruno just keeps begging her to call.

At the warehouse, Simón and Edwina suggest the Alados and the Artilleros play a friendly to see whose name goes on the cohete. Padre V and Fidel agree to that, but they don’t stop their bickering.

Sara gives in and calls Laura to ask her to come over to El Molcajete to see Bruno. And while she’s there she and Sara can talk about the whole Laura-Bruno thing.

David calls Uribe to tell him about getting mugged outside the apartment and that the doctor thinks the best thing he can do is go home to rest. So he and Antonio will be there today.

Rafa walked in mid-call and David tells him he didn’t have much of a choice but to lie. It’s not like he could tell Uribe he got beat up in place of Sebastián!

Ricardo’s getting nervous. David’s not taking his calls. And he has to keep asking questions of the guy in San Gaspar using Pedro as a go-between.

Chelo’s making the most of getting knocked out in his dressing room, talking to the press and describing his attacker as tall, with a beard, etc.

Sebastián’s watching the interview on TV and grouching.

Uribe calls to tell Sebastián he’s going back to San Gaspar to sub for David.

Nelson gets the latest round of questions from Pedro. He’s just as annoyed as Ricardo that Pedro won’t just put them in touch directly. He shows Pepe the questions and they agree they don’t have all the information to answer them.

Quintin sends somebody to fetch Nelson for him so he can confront him about…ignoring the fútbol team. He explains about the friendly to decide which team gets to put there name on the cohete.

Padre V tries to call Bruno, but can’t reach him. He explains to Javi about the friendly and the rocket.

Uribe summons Ricardo to tell him about David getting beat up and coming back to Mexico with Antonio, and that he’s sending Sebastián back to San Gaspar to keep working on the community support program and sub for David. So now Ricardo knows why David isn’t answering his phone. And as for Antonio, he’s coming back to attend Isabel’s show.

Laura gets to the restaurant and assures Sara she really loves Bruno. Sara sends her to the kitchen, where Bruno’s waiting.

Rosa comes over to ask what’s going on between Laura and Bruno and gets all excited about them having a thing. Because she couldn’t possibly be interested in that viejo. So now she’s in on the plot to help Laura and Bruno hide their love.

Bruno and Laura. *kitchen smoochies*

Pedro’s driving by the restaurant and sees Laura’s SUV. He tells Anselmo to park.

Bruno and Laura don’t have any ideas to get her out of her relationship with Pedro. So they smooch some more.

When Pedro comes inside, Sara freaks out. She says Laura’s in the bathroom and sends Rosa to go get Laura from the kitchen. There’s a whole rigmarole about who’s in what bathroom and the mens’ being repaired and Sara calling Laura about some of the old menu recipes and  Laura was just about to call Pedro and ask him to meet her for lunch and Sara serving some aguita de sandia that Pedro didn’t even ask for and Laura ordering him some sopes to start.

Bruno emerges from the bathroom and loudly tells Sara it’s fixed. Pedro looks Bruno up and down and makes a snide remark about him going from agricultor to plomero. Pedro heads for the bathroom as Laura, Sara, and Bruno all look at each other with pained expressions.

Anselmo watches Bruno leave the restaurant and starts thinking maybe Elias was right about there being something between him and Laura.

Pedro returns, remarking that the bathroom was completely dry and he couldn’t tell there had been a leak.

Yeah, um, Bruno does good work. Sara takes their lunch orders.

David stops by the office for some files so he doesn’t “go crazy” sitting around at home. Ricardo gripes at him for not calling to say he was coming back. Well, you know, he got attacked and all, so excuse him for not calling. And he’s not going to keep letting Ricardo manipulate him. He’ll keep quiet about the stuff Ricardo already did, but aside from that all bets are off.

Antonio goes over to Sebastián’s, mostly to talk about Titina. Sebastián has zero hope that they could work out some reasonable arrangement.

Natalia’s trip to Monterrey got cancelled, so she’s coming to Isabel’s show after all. Isabel mentions Chelo’s recent attack and Natalia tells her Sebastián did it and she doesn’t even care because Chelo wrote her that bounced check. She ignores a call from Chelo and says she’s making up with Sebastián tonight.

Pedro drops Laura off at home, complaining about her wasting her time at El Molcajete. Laura cheerfully agrees not to go back there, if Pedro doesn’t want her to.

Pedro says he’s going back out and seems disturbed when Laura gives him a kiss goodbye unprompted.

Bruno’s barely listening to Simón and Juancho talk about how ridiculous Padre V and Fidel were, arguing about whose team is going to be on the cohete instead of putting them both on there.

Laura calls and explains what happened after he left. She’s not sure if Pedro suspects anything or not.

Pedro is busy yelling at whoever’s at the current drainage site, telling them to start at sundown and end at 5am.

Anselmo asks Pedro about Bruno being at the restaurant and says he thought it seemed kind of weird after Elias mentioned seeing Laura in front of the church talking with Bruno. (Anselmo is such a shit-stirrer!)

Pedro immediately calls Elias and tells him to meet them  at the warehouse.

Bruno tells Laura if they can’t meet at El Molcajete, they can meet at the church. Padre V’s going to have to find out eventually. They trade “I love yous” and Bruno tells Simón and Juancho that was Javi. And he’s gotta go.

Juancho’s sure Bruno’s up to something. Simón thinks to himself that he hopes it’s not what he thinks it is.

When Elias shows up at the warehouse, Pedro screams at him for not reporting that Laura was talking to Bruno at the church.

Well, it’s because (Anselmo told him not to because) he wasn’t sure.

From now on Elias is to follow Laura and report back to him if she so much as looks at somebody other than him.

Elias glares at Anselmo on the way out while Anselmo studies the ceiling.

Sara gets home and Simón starts asking her about Laura and Bruno. She insists they’re “just friends” and offers to make Simón a quesadilla, which seems like a good way to end a conversation you don’t want to have. (Can you water my lawn while I’m on vacation? Um, hey, how about a quesadilla!)

Out by the pool, Javi’s trying to talk to Bruno about the friendly, but all Bruno can think about is Laura. Javi points out that Bruno says he loves her, but he’s putting her in danger. He pats Bruno on the shoulder and tells him practice is at 6.

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