La Vecina, martes 21 de julio, capítulo 104

Rafa gets home and finds a note from Quique slipped under the door. He’s gone back to his hometown. Rafa leaves him a voicemail apologizing and saying everything has been cleared up.

Isabel’s wandering around the show with her dad, bragging about already selling some paintings to an important art collector.

Outside the door, Silvina’s greeting people. Natalia’s waiting for Sebastián to show up.

When Sebastián and Antonio arrive, they greet Mariana and Antonio tries to get Hector to talk to him alone. When he won’t, Antonio accuses him in front of Mariana of telling Isabel about Sara staying in his apartment. Hector admits he did, because Isabel pressured him, and he doesn’t think it’s right for Antonio to cheat on her!

Mariana’s pissed that he promised he wouldn’t tell and then did it anyway. She says it’s over and grabs Sebastián to head upstairs.

Hector says he’s going to blame Antonio if they really break up (sounded to me like they did). Antonio says it’s Hector’s own fault.

At the top of the stairs, Mariana leaves Sebastián with Natalia so they can stare at each other awkwardly.

In the gallery, Isabel brags again about someone wanting to buy her paintings, this time to Antonio’s parents.

Titina stops by the apartment complex and Sara wisely goes downstairs instead of letting her in. She explains that she asked Antonio to talk to Sebastián, but they’re in Mexico right now. Titina pretends to be grateful and worried about what she’s going to tell her parents.

Natalia’s ready to get back together with Sebastián. They have some reconciliation smooches and then he tells her he has to go back to San Gaspar for work…and also….

Nope, Natalia’s had enough, they’re broken up again, here she is telling him how much she loves him and he can’t quit thinking about his lover!

Antonio’s standing with Isabel, chickening out of telling her he wants to break up and thinking of Sara. Natalia drags her away to tell her that she broke up with Sebastián again.

Ricky’s at the party and Ema has noticed. She goes over to Isabel to tell her to get rid of him. She won’t allow Antonio to be humiliated.

Pedro gets home and pretends to be a decent person. He apologizes to Laura and says she can help Sara if she wants to, just as long as she doesn’t ignore him. Laura pretends to be happy and unsuspicious. Pedro thinks he’s giving her space to screw up.

Antonio and Sebastián are mocking Ricardo for not being able to afford any of Isabel’s work and the gallery not having meses sin intereses (i.e. a payment plan with no interest for a set number of months). Isabel comes over to give Ricardo a personal tour, leaving Sebastián to complain to Antonio about his recent re-breakup with Natalia and his stress about dealing with Titina.

Bruno comes back to the apartment and Sara tells him Simón suspects something. The phone rings–Laura’s calling to tell Bruno she’ll see him tomorrow at El Molcajete.

Bruno tells Sara that Pedro had originally forbidden Laura to go to El Molcajete, so maybe Pedro’s not as suspicious as they thought he was?

Isabel tells Ricardo to leave, but he’s not done looking at her work. He wants to see if he can tell what painting was inspired by the passion he awoke in her or some nonsense. Silvina comes over to pry her away because Juan Luis, aka Cheo, has arrived.

Antonio advises Sebastián to tell Natalia the truth. Mariana comes over to grab Antonio because Isabel wants to introduce him to Cheo’s alter-ego.

Antonio and Sebastián just stare at Cheo until Silvina brings another man over to talk to Cheo and Isabel. Ricardo wanders over and asks if that’s not the guy….

Antonio tells him to shut it and goes off with Sebastián.

Sara tells Bruno that Antonio’s probably at Isabel’s show, but he said he was going to break up with her. And did she tell him about Cheo getting into the CONATROL office in Mexico to tell Antonio’s boss that Antonio was using his position to get sexual favors from women? She hopes that’s the last stunt he pulls. All she wants to do is give back his ring and never see him again.

Antonio’s furious with Cheo, but he’s not going to cause a scene. He’s hoping he can tell Silvina and get Cheo removed quietly.

OK, so, other guy is an art critic and he’s talking about Isabel’s work and Cheo just keeps agreeing with him.

He goes off to take a phone call and Antonio sees his chance. It’s Sara calling to yell at him for infiltrating CONATROL. Downstairs, he realizes Antonio followed him and gloats to them both about tearing Antonio’s life to shreds.

Sebastián tries to talk to Natalia, but she’s too upset. When Chelo calls her, she invites him to the show.

Which is about to implode because Antonio’s calling out Cheo for being an imposter. And Cheo’s claiming he spent the night with Isabel, which not only upsets Isabel and Antonio, but also Isabel’s dad. Roque drags Cheo out of the gallery and Antonio and Sebastián follow them out.

Roque and Sebastián try to keep a fistfight from starting. Sara calls Roque and Cheo puts her on speaker. Antonio’s dad comes outside and gets Cheo and Roque to leave and then turns on Antonio for another scene that’s all because of “that woman.”

Antonio tells his dad to stay out of it, so Eduardo begs Sebastián to bring Antonio back to his senses.

Upstairs, Guillermo doesn’t want to let Antonio into Silvina’s office, but Antonio goes in anyway.

Sara tells Bruno and Simón about Cheo showing up at the gallery and spouting some crap about being in Isabel’s apartment last night. Bruno thinks Cheo’s gone too far this time (this time?) and wonders if he’ll end up getting arrested. Sara thinks he’s got it coming.

She’s about to call Antonio when Simón tells her not to call. If something bad had happened, someone would have called her already.

In Silvina’s office, Isabel’s rejecting Silvina and Natalia’s attempts to comfort her. When Antonio comes in, she takes off the engagement ring and says it’s over (OK!) but Ema won’t leave Isabel while she’s so upset (and determined not to marry Antonio).

Sara, Bruno, and Simón are waiting for the phone to ring. Bruno suggests calling Sebastián, but Simón’s sure that anything having to do with San Gaspar, especially with Sara, would only cause problems. Sara says she’s going to bed, but Bruno knows she’s going to be waiting for the phone to ring. He wishes Antonio hadn’t said anything to Sara until his breakup was a done deal.

Oh, Simón agrees, it’s best to talk things out directly…and he thinks he and Bruno have some stuff to talk about.

Sara’s in her bedroom stressing about whether Antonio got to talk to Isabel or not.

Antonio’s outside telling Sebastián and an overly friendly Ricardo that Isabel broke their engagement. Ricardo thinks Antonio should fight for her. If he really loves her.

Sebastián’s face: Why are you talking to us?

Antonio and Sebastián leave as Chelo’s arriving. Seriously, how can they not see him in that outfit?

Roque and Cheo have made it to a restaurant. Cheo’s got his eyes glued to his phone, looking for Nestor’s number, since he dropped Sara off at Antonio’s apartment, so he MUST know the address.

Roque’s like WTF? Cheo said the gallery was the LAST thing he was going to do to Antonio.

Too bad Nestor answered his phone and he has Antonio’s address.

Ema’s doing her usual “You can’t break up with Antonio!” routine, but Isabel’s really had it this time. Who knows if her career will ever recover! The humiliation!

Ema’s all “Oh, don’t pretend to be innocent.”

And Isa’s all “Go ahead and tell Antonio you saw me kissing Ricardo…and then figure out how to explain to him that you kept it from him for this long.”

Guillermo’s upset that nobody told him about this thing with Antonio and Sara ’cause if he had known, he wouldn’t have let Isabel get engaged.

Isabel comes over to leave with her dad, but not before Silvina tells her it’s going to be all over the news tomorrow and she can’t keep the exhibition open. She’ll get Isabel’s paintings back to her ASAP.

Natalia tells Chelo she’s not up for anything right now–she needs to be with Isabel.

Isabel comes down the stairs with her dad and tells Natalia she’s going to stay at his house.

In that case, Chelo won’t take “no” for an answer, they should go have coffee.

Natalia succumbs to the dubious charms of his sparkly suit.

Rafa thinks Quique’s returning his message, but it’s Anselmo calling from a cell phone to tell him where there’s a toma clandestina.

Ema complains to Eduardo that they can’t let the kids break up unless they want to go broke. Eduardo reluctantly agrees with her.

Rafa calls Antonio to tell him about the anonymous tip. Antonio tells him to call Fidel and let him verify it and Antonio will call back when he’s at his apartment.

He can’t help thinking it’s the saqueadores doing this. Sebastián wonders how many taps they’d be willing to give up.

Isabel’s sobbing to her dad about her entire life being ruined and all because of la vecina.

Guillermo remembers meeting her when she was out having lunch with Sebastián. He tells her to forget Antonio. He doesn’t deserve her.

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