La Vecina, martes 21 de julio, capítulo 105

In his office, Fidel’s talking fútbol with Quintin. Unfortunately, the only extra practice time everyone can make is 6am.

Rafa calls to report his anonymous call.

Fidel tells Quintin to get the special team out there and yes they’re going to go and YES they’re still having practice!

Cheo drops off a present for Antonio with the security guard at his apartment. It’s Isabel’s stolen underwear as “proof” Cheo slept with her.

Isabel tells her dad that not only did Antonio have an affair, Ema and Eduardo knew and they tried to cover it up so she wouldn’t break off the engagement.

Guillermo wants to go to talk to them immediately, but Isabel holds him back, saying she doesn’t want anything more to with Antonio’s family. Mentally, she wonders if she said too much.

Antonio doesn’t believe Cheo really slept with Isabel. He had no idea he’d go this far, to ruin Isabel’s gallery show to get back at him.

Sebastián suggests he’s free now to think about his future, but Antonio won’t do that in the middle of all this mess.

Ricardo texts Isabel to see how she’s doing. Or to gloat, as Isabel suspects.

Guillermo ends a phone call and tells Isabel he has to go to Sao Paolo, but he doesn’t want to leave her alone.

Isabel doesn’t want to go with him. She’s sure she’ll be fine.

Well, as soon as he gets back, the first thing Guillermo is going to do is talk to Antonio’s parents.

Natalia told Chelo what happened at the gallery. He thinks it’s a great story and he can’t wait to tell the writer for Los Ramirez.

Natalia just wants to go home, but Chelo talks her into coming over to his place.

Ricardo texts Isabel to tell her he’s not gloating and he feels bad for her, knowing how much work she put into this.

Chelo drops Natalia off at home–she changed her mind about going to his apartment. She tells him she’s gotta be honest, she’s only seeing him to make her boyfriend jealous. Chelo goes into melodrama mode, saying he never would have thought she’d do that, but her honesty only makes him admire her more and she deserves better. Somewhere in there, there’s a kiss and by the time Chelo drives off Natalia’s standing there on the sidewalk, looking confused.

Rafa wakes Antonio up in the morning to report that there was indeed a tap and they recovered 75 mil litros of gasoline. Antonio calls Sebastián–they’ve gotta get back to San Gaspar.

Bruno, Javi, and Rodobaldo get to the cancha with Padre V and find Fidel and Quintin asleep on the bench. Padre V ties their shoelaces together before blowing his whistle.

Pepe and Nelson are out helping close the tap. Nelson thinks the saqueadores are reporting themselves, to keep the pipeline from getting closed.

Back at the fútbol pitch, Padre V and Fidel are arguing when the rest of the two teams file in. They’re going to toss a coin to see who gets to practice, but Ramón thinks they should just play the game now.

While they’re playing, Ramón slides, kicking Bruno’s ankle, rather than the ball, which I think means it’s a foul? (Mr. 5ft says yes, and possibly a yellow card.)

Carmelo’s upset about the valve being turned over. It was one of their best ones. Pedro’s going to give everything up to CONATROL just to keep the plant from being shut down. Carmelo wants his hench to find out when Antonio’s coming back and get rid of him already.

Antonio calls Uribe to tell him about the bust and that he’s going back to San Gaspar.

Uribe heard about the scene at Isabel’s show. Sounds like that guy made good on his threats. He’s sorry.

Anyway, Antonio will call when there’s any news.

Padre V and Javi are talking like the game they just placed wasn’t the real friendly. Bruno has a second-degree esguince (sprain) but if he stays off it, he’ll be fine in a few days.

Sebastián comes over to try to talk to Natalia, but she keeps cutting him off and saying she doesn’t want to hear anything about Titina and she’s decided to give Marcelo a chance.

She’s surprised when Sebastián just walks out without any more begging.

Bruno calls Sara to tell her he’s got a sprained ankle and he won’t be able to see Laura at El Molcajete.

Pedro’s on the phone with one of the other saqueadores, insisting his strategy will work and they had to let the gasoline get confiscated so CONATROL would think they’ve got another win, etc.

Laura comes out of the bedroom and tells Pedro she’s off to El Molcajete. He calls Elias to follow her.

The advertising spots on the cohete are starting to fill up. Lucita comes by the warehouse to get a look for herself.

Antonio goes over to Guillermo’s to apologize to Isabel in person. He starts trying to tell her that Cheo’s been nursing a grudge forever and insisting there was something going on between Antonio and Sara when there wasn’t….

Isabel doesn’t want to hear it. She needs someone who actually wants to be with her and not some fake like Antonio.

Lucita makes Simón a proposal that would be difficult to refuse–if he names the cohete after her, she’ll forgive the debt he and Bruno have with her. Behind her, Lucita’s son is looking worried about his rapidly-shrinking inheritance.

Laura gets to El Molcajete and finds out Bruno’s at home with his sprained ankle. She thinks about going to their apartment, but decides she should stay at El Molcajete in case Pedro’s spying on her.

Sara asks one of the servers to get Laura a cup of coffee while she fills her in on all the drama Cheo caused last night.

Eduardo’s trying to call Guillermo, but he can’t get past his assistant. He needs to know how much to invest in some project that’s coming up, but he’d be doing it with Guillermo’s money. Ema tells him to just do it and explain later.

Guillermo gives his assistant instructions to transfer some money and hold all his calls for the next couple of hours, unless it’s Isabel, and get someone to audit his business with Eduardo. He’s planning to dissolve it.

Simón has lunch with Edwina and tells her about Lucita’s offer. He’s going to turn it down though–the rocket’s name is non-negotiable.

Edwina guesses he wants to name it something like “Merlina Uno.”

Nope, MBJS-E for everyone who helped make it a reality. It stands for Merlina, Bruno, Juancho, Simón…and E for his mom, Ernestina.

Kidding! His mom’s name was Alicia. The E is for Edwina! She and Merlina have been the two most important women in his life.

Edwina gets all flustered and decides it’s time to go get the stew.

Antonio and Sebastián are back in San Gaspar. Sebastián is disguised with locs and an oversize beanie in black, green, yellow, and red. (SMH. Yes, it’s cultural appropriation.) They walk past Carmelo’s hench, who starts following them out of the airport.

Isabel meets Ricardo for coffee. She wants to hire him to get rid of Sara. She doesn’t care about getting back together with Antonio, she just doesn’t want him to be with Sara. She’ll never forgive either of them for humiliating her.

Sebastián noticed Carmelo’s guy following them. He and Antonio walk up to a cop and point the guy out…but he’s already gone. Antonio now decides to take Sebastián’s advice and call the bodyguards instead of taking a taxi.

He’s just gotten off the phone when he tells Sebastián that he just felt a chill and he’s got a headache.

Sebastián thinks it’s stress.

Isabel gets home, but she’s not in the mood to talk about anything to do with Antonio and she definitely doesn’t want to go out with Natalia and Chelo. She heads for her studio.

Sebastián and Antonio are reviewing some numbers in his office. Rafa comes in and gets a laugh out of Sebastián’s disguise. Antonio says he’s cold and asks Sebastián to turn down the A/C. Rafa guesses Antonio’s finally gotten used to the heat in San Gaspar.

Rosa gets to the restaurant and notices Elias lurking outside. This is what Laura was afraid of–that Pedro’s having her followed.

Sara reminds her that Bruno’s not there, so there’s nothing for Pedro to find out. She asks if Pedro mistreats her and Laura gives a tiny nod.

Pedro’s at home, taking a call from Ricardo. He’s finally been convinced to let Ricardo and Nelson talk directly to each other, but he needs to figure out how. He tells Ricardo he had a chance to talk to Antonio at Sara’s birthday party and Ricardo was right, he can’t be bought.

Speaking of Sara, Ricardo tells Pedro that Antonio doesn’t have a reason anymore to get out of San Gaspar and back to Mexico. He tells him about the scene Cheo caused at the gallery.

Antonio got a painkiller from Marina, but it’s doing nothing for his headache. He tells Sebastián he’ll go home as soon as he finishes what he’s working on.

Sebastián’s headed for the hotel, to keep Titina’s brothers from finding him. Antonio tells Sebastián to take his car. He’ll have his bodyguards take him home.

Ricardo wraps up his story by telling Pedro that Isabel wants to make Sara’s life hell and it’s to their advantage that they help. Sara’s Antonio’s weak spot and if he sees her suffering, Antonio will get distracted trying to help her.

Pedro’s just gotta think about how to get at Sara.

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