Los Elegidos Gran Estreno 9/21/2020

This has a vibe like The Gifted, specifically, but X-Men in general. It’s pretty heavy, starting out with a kidnapping and a 6-month jump in which the kidnapping is NOT resolved.

Characters (more or less in order of appearance):
  • Blanca: can see the future and/or gets visions based on objects she touches
  • Jimena: Blanca’s mom
  • Carlos: telekinetic
  • Mario: Carlos’ dad; police sketch artist
  • Blanca’s dad: gets knocked out the night of Blanca’s kidnapping and doesn’t show up again
  • Kidnappers: two people in a black truck; part of an organization that kidnaps and studies special kids
  • Silvestre: has un- and officially adopted special kids because he feels responsible for a reason he hasn’t divulged; he lets Jimena in on the existence of special kids and Them (for lack of a better name)
  • Lucia: reads minds
  • Sandy: manipulates electromagnetic energy; accidentally puts her sister in a coma; science nerd
  • Cobra (Felipe): invisibility, extending to things he touches; was nearly kidnapped by the people who have Blanca
  • Becka: works for Them studying the powers of their abductees
  • Murillo: works for the cops and for Them
  • Rosa and Antonio: Team Special’s new landlords and neighbors; Antonio is in law enforcement; Rosa’s nosy
  • Claudia: Rosa and Antonio’s daughter, who takes an instant interest in Cobra
  • Beto: Rosa and Antonio’s son
Fave line:

Jimena: Cristobal Colón no descubrio America con un GPS.

Sandra: No, Cristobal Colón no descubrio America. Se lo encontró

I’m definitely going to be watching this one, so I’ve got a forum post set up:

Los Elegidos on Galavision

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