Imperio de Mentiras Gran Estreno 9/21/2020

I have watched the premiere episode and I didn’t hate it.

What? I’ve been burned by Televisa/Univision before so it’s hard to trust them to keep up the pace, stick to the story, and not shred it to bits. It’s sufficiently action-y. The visuals are sharp. I found the music overbearing.

The first episode goes about like this: Elisa and Leo are brought together by the death of her father and his fiancée, who are both found at the same crime scene. Elisa finds out that the family business is going broke and some violent guy is bugging her to return artifacts her dad was smuggling for him, but never handed over. Violent guy threatens Majo, Elisa’s younger sister, and kidnaps her when he thinks Elisa’s not moving fast enough to get him whatever her dad stole.


  • Leonardo: cop
  • Elisa: art gallery owner
  • Agusto: Elisa’s dad
  • Julia: Leo’s fiancée; pregnant
  • Victoria: Elisa’s mother; Agusto’s wife
  • Eugenio: Agusto’s brother
  • Sonia: Eugenio’s daughter?
  • Majo: Elisa’s younger sister
  • Renata: Elisa’s older sister
  • Marcelo: Elisa’s husband?
  • Fernanda: Agusto’s assistant
  • Justino: Julia’s dad; has kidney problems, getting a transplant in 2-3 months
  • Nieves: Julia’s mom
  • Clara: Julia’s younger sister
  • Female detective who works with Leo
  • Mario: male detective who works with Leo
  • The Cantú’s housekeeper
  • Leonardo’s boss
  • Guy Agusto owed artifacts to

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Imperio de Mentiras

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