La Vecina, miércoles 22 de julio, capítulo 106

Simón and Edwina go over to Lucita’s to deliver the bad news. He’s not putting her name on the cohete. Edwina has the idea that if Lucita donated the GPS they need, they could put up a plaque that says the GPS was donated by Lucita etc. etc.

They argue about whether it will be on the nose or the base and Lucita and Edwina decide they’ll play a game of poker to settle it.

Sebastián asks Rafa to drive him over to the hotel so he doesn’t get recognized. Titina’s brothers are like sabuesos (bloodhounds). He thought about working from his hotel room, but everyone coming and going might tip them off. At least at the office, they’ve got security.

Elias calls Pedro to tell him Laura’s back at home and Bruno never stopped by El Molcajete. Pedro wonders if maybe he was wrong…but no! He’s going to distrust and verify!

Laura calls Bruno from the house phone to tell him Pedro’s having her followed. She agrees she needs to divorce him, but she doesn’t know how.

Rafa and Sebastián are on their way out the front gate when Carmelo’s guy pulls up in front of Antonio’s car in a motorcycle and reaches for his gun. He seems to realize Antonio’s not in the car and drives off.

Rafa and Sebastián are thinking it’s just a road rage thing.

Edwina wins the hand of poker and Lucita pouts, but asks where to buy that thing they need.

Youngest brother’s friend, who works room service at the hotel, has tickets to see Los Angeles Azules and desperately needs Youngest brother to cover for him. But no worries, because no one ever orders room service.

Pedro calls Nelson to explain the terms of him talking directly to the guy in Mexico. Anselmo’s going to go pick him up and Nelson will have to talk in front of Pedro.

Nelson begs Pepe to help him figure out what to say.

Sebastián checks into the hotel under Ricardo’s name, which causes some confusion when he hands over his credit card. He ends up leaving a cash deposit instead.

Simón gets back to the warehouse and tells Juancho what just happened at Lucita’s.

Juancho heard from Serena and she’s making a visit with peeps from the agency. Simón looks a tiny bit nervous.

Cheo’s snipping the photos from the party out of the newspaper and gloating about the look on Antonio’s face.

Roque’s like, “Yeah, but Isabel broke up with him, so now he can be with Sara.”

Cheo’s smile droops.

There’s more bad news when the guy from the insurance company calls and tells him they’re only going to pay out the amount specified in the contract.

Anselmo drags Nelson into Pedro’s office blindfolded. Pedro calls Ricardo and puts the call on speaker. He asks Nelson two questions and says he’s got what he needs. Before Pedro takes him off speaker, he asks if Pedro has thought about how they’re going to screw Sara over.

Pedro tells him to focus on the sensors for now and has Anselmo put the blindfold back on Nelson and drag him out of the office. Nelson wonders what Sara they’re talking about.

Antonio’s sick. Sara finds him outside his apartment door about to collapse.

Sebastián wanders into the hotel lobby and sees Arnold showing some of the servers a wrestling move. He turns around and runs into Javi. He explains that he’s hiding from Titina’s brothers, but Javi thinks it would be easier to give her an engagement ring.

Chelo comes over to Isabel’s with wine, cheese, and the news that her story is going to be a subplot on Los Ramirez.

Sara calls a doctor and gives him the address of the apartment building. He tells her to get Antonio into some cold water to bring down the fever.

Juancho and Simón get home to find Bruno hanging out with his leg up on the coffee table. Juancho guesses correctly that since Sara’s car is in the parking area and Antonio’s door is open, that’s where she is. Simón tells Bruno about getting Lucita to donate the GPS and signing up two more advertisers. The rocket won’t be officially ready to launch until the Space Agency signs off on it.

Chelo wraps up his description of the subplot, which now only needs Isabel’s approval. She says as long as they don’t mention her name, it’s fine.

Javi comes up to Sebastián’s room and says it seems like Arnold is friends with the servers and is never going to leave. Sebastián will just have to order room service.

Sebastián begs Javi to go to Titina’s and tell her he’ll support his child as long as she proves it’s his.

Javi’s like “Dude! No way! In San Gaspar if she says it’s your kid, it’s your kid.”

Nelson gets home and finds Pepe waiting outside his house. He says he wasn’t able to pick up any clues about who the guy in the DF might be…but he did mention screwing over a “Sara.”

Pepe thinks he must be talking about Sara who’s Antonio’s neighbor and owns El Molcajete. Because she and Antonio supposedly had a thing.

Chelo’s still yapping when Sebastián tries to call Natalia. Isabel makes a big deal about how she can’t come to the phone because she’s having such a great time with Chelo and he should enjoy his San Gaspar girlfriend.

Sara accidentally gave the doctor her own apartment number. Simón walks him over to Antonio’s, where they find Antonio freshly bathed and wrapped in a robe while Sara strokes his hair. The doctor asks them to clear out so he can examine Antonio.

Antonio has dengue. The doctor says they need to keep an eye on him and keep his fever down. Something, something, swelling in his joints, only feed him bland foods, if he won’t eat at least make sure he stays hydrated.

Simón pays the doctor and asks Sara about calling Antonio’s parents.

She’s not sure he wants to see them right now or vice versa. She’ll take care of him. Rosa can handle the restaurant.

Arnold brings the food up to Sebastián’s room. Sebastián realizes it’s him and asks him to leave the food outside and slide the check under the door for him to sign. When Arnold’s gone, Sebastián goes outside for the tray.

Sara and Simón are in Antonio’s room when he wakes up, mumbling about needing to make some phone calls. They explain to him that he’s got dengue and needs to spend the next five days resting, although it’s not like he could get up and walk out on his own. Simón goes out to fill Antonio’s prescription.

Nelson and Pepe slip a note under the door of El Molcajete warning Sara that someone wants to hurt her.

Quintin walks up to them and they say they were going to have some beers, but the didn’t realize the restaurant had already closed. They go have refrescos at Nacho’s with Quintin.

Simón gets home and tells Bruno about Antonio. They agree they have to help Sara so she can at least get some rest periodically. Bruno goes to put on some pants and go check on her.

In his dengue-induced stupor, Antonio keeps trying to push the sheets off his chest. Then he tells Sara he loves her and she quits trying to put the sheets back over him and lies on his (probably clammy) chest.

Pedro gets home and starts complaining about Laura not greeting him effusively enough for his liking. She says she’s distracted and goes off to fix dinner.

Pedro wonders if she’s upset because she didn’t see Bruno today. He checks her cell phone, finds nothing, and checks the house phone. Yep, she called Sara’s house.

Antonio drinks some water and jokes with Sara about her taking care of him on account of a mosquito. She goes to the closet to get him a t-shirt and gawks at how well-organized he is. Doesn’t he ever get tired of it?

No, because he’s got Sara to mess things up. And he means it as a compliment. It’s the thing he likes most about her.

Pedro wants to know why Laura called Sara. She says she was giving her the contact info for the seafood vendor…

Pedro doesn’t buy it. To cut a long, dreadful scene short, Pedro shoves Laura into the bedroom to “prove” there’s still something between them.

Sara tells Antonio the thing she liked most about him was that he was so serious and snotty, but then he was a good guy underneath all that.

They’re about to kiss when the credits roll.

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