La Vecina, jueves 23 de julio, capítulo 108

Juancho and Edwina have edited the logo and are now thinking about a whole line of cohete merchandise.

Isidro’s on the phone, complaining to Pedro about the loss of another valve. To get him to shut up, Pedro says he’ll pay for the losses.

Anselmo reports he’s set the stove at the restaurant to blow up. Pedro approves.

Anselmo got a call from one of the guys who saw a helicopter flying over the area, but Anselmo’s sure their people won’t get caught.

When Sebastián and Rafa arrive at the site, they get an update from Fidel. The guys they caught have, as usual, no idea who they were really working for. The state police helicopter is searching the area and the special team are following the pipeline in both directions, with the help of some of the locals. Sebastián and Rafa go off to find them and thank them.

Sara can’t find the ring. She thinks she might have left it at El Molcajete, but she doesn’t have any idea exactly where.

Sebastián has just finished thanking the guys from Los Ocotes when Quintin interrupts to tell him they just found a second valve at El Polvorín.

Anselmo asks Pedro if he really intends to pay the others for their losses.

Heh! No! He just said that to get Isidro to back off. He’s going to make sure the plant doesn’t close first and he’ll figure out the rest later.

Elias calls to tell Pedro they found the valve at El Polvorín.

Isidro calls Carmelo to complain about Pedro some more. He tells Carmelo that Pedro said he’d pay for their losses.

Whatever. Let him pay if he’s stupid enough. And once Andrade is dead, Carmelo will ask for Pedro’s head on a plate.

Sara’s ready to go look for the ring at El Molcajete, but she finds it next to her keys. She asks Simón to give it back to Cheo–she’s going back to Antonio’s apartment.

But Cheo’s at the door. Sara gives back the ring and Cheo starts a shouting match.

Antonio wakes up to the ringing of all his phones. He shuffles out of the bedroom, looking for Sara, and ends up at her front door in time to tell Cheo to leave Sara alone.

Cheo shoves Antonio and keeps harping on how Sara’s never going to be anything more than Antonio’s mistress and why doesn’t he tell her that. Sara ends up being the one to slap Cheo, but he STILL won’t shut up. Antonio starts to pass out in the hallway and Sara and Simón take him back to his apartment.

Bruno tells Cheo to leave or he’ll call the police because this time (THIS time?) Cheo has gone too far.

Pepe and Nelson get back to Nelson’s house after the fútbol game. The Artilleros won. Rafa calls Nelson to tell him about the valves and ask him to put together teams to come out and shut them down. Nelson hopes these are just the first of many busts.

Back at Antonio’s apartment, Simón goes looking for the thermometer and Antonio tells Sara he has a lot of things to tell her and she shouldn’t believe Cheo.

No worries, all Sara cares about is his temperature.

I though it was just two valves, but between calling Nelson and he and Pepe showing up with teams, the total is up to four.

Rafa and Sebastián are giddy at the thought that the saqueadores are having such a bad day.

Sebastián notices the time and Rafa tells him he shouldn’t miss his date with Titina. Sebastián tries calling Antonio one more time before he leaves.

Sara calls to ask the doctor to come check on Antonio again because his fever is up (39.5 °C is 103.2 °F). Then she calls her mom, who advises her not to let Antonio get dehydrated and try putting grilled tomato…or potato slices…or garlic on the bottoms of his feet before covering them with socks.

Sara’s about to head back for the bedroom when Sebastián calls. He insists that Sara give Antonio the phone because he’s got news so good it might even lower his temperature.

Antonio’s definitely happy to hear they found four valves and he wants to call Uribe right away.

Pedro doesn’t seem too upset. Apparently three out of four valves were already abandoned. He calls Nelson, but Nelson doesn’t know what CONATROL’s plans are.

Antonio talks to Uribe without mentioning that he’s sick. Uribe’s sure at the end of the six months, CONATROL SG will be back on track.

Simón gets back to the warehouse and Juancho shows him the revised logo and talks about selling cohete merch. Simón thinks he’s exaggerating, but Juancho says they’ve got tons of followers.

Sara rats Antonio out to the doctor for not resting. He agrees to prescribe something stronger, but if the fever isn’t down by tomorrow, he’ll have to hospitalize Antonio.

Sebastián’s at Rafa’s, waiting for Titina, when Quique shows up instead and insists on waiting for Rafa. They sit awkwardly on the loveseat together.

Sara’s spooning broth into Antonio when Uribe calls. The governor wants a meeting with Antonio tomorrow to talk about a possible reward for shutting down those valves. Antonio still doesn’t tell Uribe he’s sick, he just keeps agreeing to everything–call the governor’s office, prepare a presentation….

He gets off the phone and Sara’s like “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” and Antonio’s like “i gotta do it.”

Quique gets tired of waiting and picks a fight with Sebastián. Of course, there’s nothing Sebastián can say, since Quique’s made up his mind that Sebastián is Rafa’s new beau. His parting shot is to tell Sebastián to tell Rafa that he didn’t know Rafa had such poor taste and he’s become as “ordinary” as the people he hangs out with.

Sara and Antonio are still fighting about him going to the meeting. Sara scolds him for being a perfectionist and trying to do everything himself and look where that’s gotten him!

Titina finally shows up at Rafa’s with the positive pregnancy test.

Antonio has seen the light. He won’t go to the meeting. He’ll send Sebastián and Rafa.

But Sebastián’s busy dealing with Titina and doesn’t answer his phone, so he calls Rafa instead.

Sebastián tells Titina he’ll take responsibility for the baby, but he wants a DNA test. And if she won’t agree to one, she’ll never see him again.

Rafa tells Nelson he’s taking off so he can get ready for that meeting with the governor. He leaves Nelson to finish up with the valves and says he’ll be in touch. Nelson thought bubbles that this will make Pedro trust more, but I’m not sure what he means. Pedro will trust that the pipeline won’t be shut down?

Titina refuses to take a DNA test. She counter-argues that if Sebastián won’t marry her, there will be consequences. (Three of them, I suspect.)

Yep, she goes home to rile up her brothers.

Rafa can tell from the bottle on his coffee table that Sebastián’s meeting did not go well. But he’s gonna need Sebastián to sober up so they can work on their presentation for the governor tomorrow. He goes to make coffee and leaves Sebastián sobbing that he doesn’t want to get married! Much less to her!

Lucita texts Simón to tell him she’s been to Cohetes R Us and the part he needs should be arriving at the warehouse next week.

Bruno teases him about it being a text from Edwina, but Simón tells Bruno and Juancho that their last part is on the way. After that, they have to pass the Space Agency’s inspection.

Cheo only got 17K for the engagement ring he paid 25K for. He starts listing the things he can sell. Roque suggests he become a stripper. He’s heard the pay is good.

Sebastián’s starting to sober up. Rafa says he’ll go get his computer so they can start working.

“Now I know why you and Antonio get along so well!” And oh, BTW…Quique dropped by.

Cheo has managed to convince someone to loan him 10K. Roque suggests he try the woman who loaned Simón and Bruno money…or Pedro. Cheo decides he’ll go to San Gaspar tomorrow and try to talk to Pedro.

Antonio gets tired of watching Sara sleeping in a chair and asks her to come get in bed with him. He tells Sara he loves her and he’s starting to think he didn’t know what life was before he met her.

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