Launch Pad (November 14, 2020)

Last week

If you want to talk about Pajaro Soñador or Dulce Ambicion on the forum both have posts.

But enough about that! Let’s talk about this week!

This week

The original Yo soy Betty, la fea, will be on Telemundo afternoons starting Monday at 1pm E. I’ll get a forum post up before it starts. I am super excited. No really. SUPER EXCITED!

NBC Universo is going to rerun Silvana sin lana at 2 episodes/day starting Monday at 3pm E. Recaps are available.

Latin Grammys take over Univision on Thursday night.

Promo Roundup
The original is back, on Telemundo.
Latin Grammy on Univision Thursday night.
The latest promo for Buscando a Frida on Telemundo.

Let me know if anything isn’t working correctly.

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Linda F.
Linda F.
5 months ago

Is there any word on when Buscando a Frida will air? (My quick search didn’t get anything more definite than “pronto”)

Linda F.
Linda F.
5 months ago

I just watched the first two episodes of BLF. AMAZING! Somehow I’d forgotten just how remarkable this novela was. Besides the perfection of the acting and direction, I think it’s the script that makes it unique. It’s rare to find writing of this caliber anywhere. The only novela I’ve seen that even comes close is Mirada de mujer (1997).

Last edited 5 months ago by Linda F.