La Vecina, capitulos 109-140

Episode 109
  • Antonio is still sick, but dengue is only transmitted by mosquito.
  • There’s a leak at the pipe at San Dionisio.
  • Laura sees the map of the pipeline.
  • Titina’s brothers kidnap Sebastián.
  • Sara takes the meeting with the governor.
  • The explosion Anselmo set up at El Molcajete goes off when Rosa comes in to open the restaurant.
Episode 110
  • Rosa survived the explosion. She tells Quintin it wasn’t an accident.
  • Sebastián caves to the pressure and says he’ll marry Titina.
  • Isabel pays off Ricardo for the explosion.
  • Sara returns from the meeting with proposals and the general news that the government wants to help CONATROL.
  • Padre V tells Sara and Antonio about the explosion.
Episode 111
  • The GPS for the rocket arrives.
  • Sara and Rosa go to Laura’s to talk about El Molcajete. Laura thinks Pedro might have had insurance.
  • Sara and Rosa see the bruises on Laura’s arms.
  • Laura tells Pedro that Cheo came looking for him. She thinks he caused the explosion at El Molcajete.
  • Ricardo tells Pedro Sara took the meeting with the governor and he’s planning to use that against Antonio.
Episode 112
  • Sara and Antonio have sex, fever be damned.
  • Eduardo transfers more company money into his personal account.
  • Edwina helps install the GPS and gets stuck in the rocket.
Episode 113
  • Edwina gets free from the rocket, but Fidel’s furious at Simón.
  • The police have decided the explosion at El Molcajete was arson.
  • Isabel and Natalia arrive in San Gaspar.
  • Carmelo’s assassin lures Antonio out of his apartment by telling him Rafa’s dead. Antonio and Sebastián hurry off to the crime scene.
  • Rafa is not dead, he’s reconciling with Quique.
  • Antonio makes it to the supposed crime scene and gets shot.
Episode 114
  • News of Antonio’s death spreads from Sebastián to Rafa to Fidel to Edwina to Simón to Sara.
  • Surprise! Antonio’s not dead. He was shot in the head.
  • Carmelo’s hench thinks he killed Antonio, and that’s what he reports to Carmelo.
  • The hospital won’t give information to anyone but Isabel.
  • Antonio is put into a coma.
Episode 115
  • Pedro finds out Carmelo was behind Antonio’s shooting.
  • Nelson admits to Nacho that he’s the spy.
  • Sara sneaks into Antonio’s room.
  • Antonio’s family and Uribe arrive in San Gaspar.
Episode 116
  • Uribe tells the CONATROL SG employees what happened to Antonio. He puts Rafa and Sebastián in charge.
  • Ema plans to take Antonio to the DF.
  • Nacho tells Rafa that Nelson is the spy.
  • Isabel’s bad vibes wake Antonio from his coma and send him back to the operating room.
Episode 117
  • Ricardo arrives in San Gaspar.
  • Antonio makes it through another surgery.
  • Merce arrives in San Gaspar to support Sara.
  • The cops find the anonymous warning to Sara at the restaurant.
  • Antonio’s doctor won’t let Ema take him out of the hospital.
Episode 118
  • Lots of predictable talks.
  • Titina’s brothers throw Sebastián a loud surprise bachelor party in his hotel room.
Episode 119
  • Mariana has dinner with Sara’s family. Javi’s got a crush.
  • Fidel doesn’t find any evidence and lets Cheo go.
  • Sara sneaks into the ICU again.
  • Antonio regains consciousness and gets transferred to a regular room.
  • Ricardo offers not to get Antonio fired for having Sara attend the meeting with the governor as long as Sara leaves him alone.
  • Natalia hears Isabel making plans with Ricardo.
Episode 120
  • Sebastián and Marina fake Sara’s hiring as Antonio’sassistant, a week before the meeting with the governor.
  • Nelson tells the guys about his work history with Pedro.
  • Elias tries to kill Antonio, but Sara notices a change in temperature and alerts a nurse.
Episode 121
  • Ema and Isa are upset about Sara being at the hospital.
  • Isa and Sara get into a shouting match in Antonio’s room and set off an attack.
  • The substance Elias put in the IV was supposed to slow down Antonio’s heart.
  • Sebastián catches Antonio up on everything that happened after he got shot.
  • Ricardo tries to rat out Sara/Antonio, but Sebastián’s plan is in place. Uribe scolds Ricardo for spreading rumors without knowing the facts.
  • Antonio grabs Isabel by the arm and tells her he doesn’t love her.
Episode 122
  • The doctors are keeping Antonio sedated so he doesn’t have another violent episode.
  • Uribe officially puts Sebastián in charge of the SG office and plans to give Antonio his old job back.
  • Natalia finds out Titina’s allegedly pregnant.
  • Sara agrees to take a loan from Pedro at 10% interest.
Episode 123
  • Isabel assaults Antonio with her face while he’s still sedated.
  • The guys take Nelson to Sebastián’s hotel room to confess to being the spy. Nelson also tells him he was working for Pedro.
  • Uribe calls to scold Sebastián after Isabel tells him about Titina.
Episode 124
  • The guys lock Isabel in her hotel room to give Sebastian a chance to talk to Antonio before he gets his next sedative dose. As a backup plan, Rafa offers Isabel a ride to the hospital when the maintenance guy gets the door unlocked.
  • Antonio can’t remember anything from the time he got shot to his current bout of wakefulness.
  • Sebastián fills Antonio in somewhat then begs him to stay calm, no matter what, so they don’t sedate him again.
  • Javi has doubts about having a relationship with Mariana, because of the disparity in their educations.
  • Antonio tells his dad he’s in love with Sara.
Episode 125
  • Rosa insists on supervising the work at El Molcajete, so Pedro’s guys can only work on opening up the gas valve at the cistern at night.
  • Natalia fights with Marcelo’s fans and the footage makes it onto a gossip show.
  • Pedro, out of annoyance with Ricardo thinking Pepe’s the spy, tells him it’s Nelson.
  • Fútbol shenanigans. The Alados cheat. The Artilleros win.
Episode 126
  • Emma pressures Isabel to get her dad to call off the audit of his company with Eduardo. Instead, she tells the auditor to give here the results before he tells her father.
  • Eduardo’s having trouble with his blood pressure.
  • Sebastián tells Antonio about Nelson and Pedro. Nelson comes by the hospital to talk to Antonio and then they call Fidel in so Nelson can hand himself over.
  • Mariana and Javi get their smooch on.
  • Padre V considers giving up coaching the Alados.
Episode 127
  • Titina gets some “vuelve a mi” drops.
  • Antonio calls Sara to beg her to come back to San Gaspar.
  • Sebastián and Antonio both get a little overprotective about Mariana going out with Javi.
  • Mariana has dinner with Javi, Isabel’s late for her shift at the hospital, and the two guards at Antonio’s door go on break, which gives Antonio time to escape and find a taxi to take him to Progreso.
Episode 128
  • Padre Vicente happens to show up at Merce’s. They convince Antonio to give up Eduardo’s number so Vicente can call to tell him Antonio’s safe.
  • Fidel drives Eduardo and Sebastián to Progreso to pick Antonio up. Sebastián has side effects from the drops Titina gave him (too many of).
  • Nelson sees Bruno and Laura kissing in the park.
  • Antonio proposes and Sara accepts.
  • Antonio tries to convince Sara to give up El Molcajete without telling her about Pedro. The most she’ll agree to is letting him buy the restaurant and pay off Pedro after they’re married.
Episode 129
  • Simon wants to start his pre-launch diet change and exercise, but he puts it off when Edwina invites him to breakfast.
  • Antonio convinces Padre Vicente that he had already broken up with Isabel before he got shot and that he’s engaged to Sara now.
  • Fidel and the guys arrive at Merce’s. Antonio tells them he and Sara are engaged. Eduardo just wants to get Antonio back to San Gaspar.
  • Back in San Gaspar, Eduardo finally gets his blood pressure pill. Ema hears about the engagement and tries to argue with Antonio, but he won’t cave.
  • Sebastián finds the bottle of drops in his room and Nelson confirms that it’s a common remedio for a lack of excitement. He also tells Sebastian about seeing Bruno with Laura.
Episode 130
  • Waiting at the airport, Eduardo and Ema argue about the audit in front of the kids.
  • The Alados want to keep Padre V from quitting a their coach; the Bishop wants to send him to London.
  • Sebastián tells Bruno that Pedro’s the head of the saqueadores.
  • Pedro’s not happy that Ricardo won’t be running the plant and sends him back to Mexico. Ricardo tells Uribe he wants to come home to take care of his mother.
  • Bruno can’t seem to decide whether he wants to help Laura or stay away from her.
Episode 131
  • Ricardo overhears Sebastián’s end of a phone conversation with Antonio where they speculate about whether he is or isn’t Pedro’s spy.
  • Moisés Muñoz shows up to coach the Alados, but the team is having none of it. Even Fidel doesn’t want Padre V to go.
  • Merce runs into Roque in Progreso and he tells her about Cheo’s debt.
  • Leyla confesses her love for Nacho and Sebastián has to explain that she meant it.
  • Bruno goes to Pedro’s to try to talk about a debt one of the agricultores has. He’s rude to Laura.
  • Pedro hires Cheo to sell irrigation systems.
Episode 132
  • Padre V is staying. Crisis averted!
  • Simón tells Edwina about his diet and she suggests he give her the specifics and she’ll keep cooking for him.
  • Simón asks Vicente to be his personal trainer.
  • Pedro won’t budge on the terms of Rodrigo’s debt.
Episode 133
  • Uribe requests proposals from Sara and David to decide which one will head up the community support department.
  • Laura has Padre V change her literacy classes to the morning so she won’t run into Bruno.
  • Bruno asks the agricultores to chip in to help Rodrigo and to establish a fund for the association to be able to help others (who have gotten screwed over by Pedro).
  • Pedro heard from Sara about the possibility of a promotion. He wants her to get the job because he guesses she’d be telling him everything.
  • Pedro and Laura show up at Simón’s unexpectedly to give her the numbers of Laura’s old contacts for supplies for El Molcajete.
  • Sara accidentally submits an excellent proposal.
  • Antonio asks Uribe to send him back to San Gaspar and tells him Nelson’s the mole, but there’s another in Mexico and he suspects it’s Ricardo.
Episode 134
  • Uribe refuses to believe Ricardo is a spy.
  • Simón bought a carnival ride off the internet to simulate the force of gravity at takeoff. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Sebastián gets railroaded into asking Titina’s parents for her hand.
  • Uribe names David as the head of the department and Sara as his assistant.
  • Antonio tries to break up with Isabel again, but she still won’t accept it and she breaks his cell phone.
Episode 135
  • Natalia spends all day being hounded by the press after Marcelo told them he and Natalia are getting married.
  • Sebastián calls Natalia, teary, to tell her he heard about her engagement and he’s getting married this Saturday.
  • Uribe comes to Eduardo’s office to tell him in person that he’s thinking of sending Antonio back to San Gaspar.
  • Simón and Edwina get stuck inside the rocket while testing its soundproofing. And yeah, it’s soundproof.
Episode 136
  • Eduardo doesn’t want Antonio to go back to San Gaspar, but he’d be OK with him marrying Sara and living in Mexico.
  • Laura tells Sara that she married Pedro to keep her father from going to jail because of his debts to Pedro.
  • Nelson meets with Pedro to tell him that the sensors will be turned off for maintenance of the pipeline. Pedro takes the bait.
  • There’s a bee in the rocket and Edwina’s allergic. The makeup/effects team get to have some fun with the prosthetic for the sting.
  • Cheo comes over to see Sara and takes advantage of the opportunity to piss off Antonio over the phone and try to make Sara doubt her feelings.
Episode 137
  • Pedro checks with Ricardo, who didn’t know about the maintenance plans but confirms that it’s routine and the sensors will be off.
  • Simón and Edwina spend the night in the cohete before someone lets them out. She has to show off her bee sting and tell Fidel Simón’s not her type to get him to back off. Simón takes it badly.
  • Through a series of misunderstandings and accidents, Marina feels unappreciated and quits CONATROL.
  • David arrives in San Gaspar and through a series of misunderstandings and Ricardo’s lies, starts to look like he might be the mole.
  • Sara tells Sebastián and Rafa she thinks she saw the map of the pipeline at Pedro’s. Nelson didn’t give it to him, but it seems like he gave Pedro enough information to put one together.
  • Simón modifies a vibrating plate to simulate the vibrations at takeoff.
Episode 138
  • Antonio calls Sebastián to inform him that he (Sebastián) signed Marina’s letter of resignation. Antonio tells Sebastián to get her back and asks HR to make it like she never quit.
  • Nacho’s telling David and Sara about selling the café to Leila while his ex just happens to be passing by. Leila makes a big speech about how awesome Nacho is and that she loves him. David gets hit in the eye by the ex’s handbag. He has to explain to Nacho that Leila meant what she said.
  • Antonio unexpectedly shows up at Sara’s and they spend the night at a hotel.
  • Quintin confesses his love for Edwina…to Fidel.
  • Antonio and Sara get to the CONATROL SG office and fool Sebastián into thinking Titina’s in the building.
Episode 139
  • Titina’s brothers kidnap Sebastián to keep him from skipping out on the wedding.
  • Isabel bribes the auditor to turn Eduardo’s borrowed money into a theft that qualifies as fraud.
  • Simón re-enacts that scene from The Graduate. No, not that one, the scuba diving one. Edwina shows up and falls ito the pool.
Episode 140
  • Simón gets Edwina breathing again. She says she showed up at the pool to thank him for the flowers he sent. Not that he sent her any flowers.
  • Natalia tells Marcelo she can’t marry him because she’s in love with Sebastián. Marcelo talks her into marrying him at least temporarily so he doesn’t have to pay a fee to the people he sold the exclusive rights to cover the wedding to.
  • Pepe carries out Rafa’s plan and interrupts Sebastian’s wedding to say Sebastián is gay. Sebastián goes along with this, says he’s gay, and starts pitching his voice higher and making melodramatic hand motions. The priest refuses to marry them, gay or not. Sebastián claims he’s in love with David and kisses him to back up his statement. Rafa’s the only one applauding–the rest of the CONATROL peeps look horrified. David gets yet another punch to the eye from one of Titina’s brothers.
  • Ricardo steals Sebastián’s mail to get his bank info.
  • Outside Edwina’s house, Simón and Vicente run into Quintin, who was just dropping off some itch cream because Edwina’s allergic to chlorine. Simón thinks Edwina likes Quintin now.
  • Sara and Antonio take Sebastián to Progreso to hide out.
  • Sebastián calls Natalia to tell her he didn’t get married, but she’s still going to marry Marcelo.
  • Antonio starts making arrangements for a surprise engagement party. He keeps Sara busy until Merce calls to say something’s wrong at El Molcajete.
  • Natalia invites Isabel along on a trip to a (really, really) rustic cabin with Chelo.
  • Sara’s definitely surprised when they get back to El Molcajete. Antonio asks Merce for Sara’s hand before asking Sara to marry him.

Episode 141 :

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