Quererlo Todo, lunes 4 de enero, Gran Estreno

Quererlo Todo started this afternoon at 3 eastern. Content warning: an animal dies before we’re 10 minutes in.

Here are some notes from the couch:

  • Horse boy is Mateo.
  • The two people getting off the helicopter are “Don” Leonel and his girlfriend Valeria.
  • La Noria is the name of the hacienda.
  • Wedding dress is Sabina. Seamstress is Eva. Sandy is Eva’s daughter and dating Mateo.
  • Toast guy is Don Patricio. Dalia is the (I’m guessing) long-suffering housekeeper. Sabina the bride is Patricio’s daughter Whoa! Sorry! She’s marrying Patricio.
  • Leonel’s Patricio’s son and he’s there as a surprise. The moppet with the French braids is Leonel’s sister, Angelita, who it doesn’t seem he’s met before.
  • The woman in the blue blouse is Minerva, Leonel’s mom? (I’d like to congratulate whoever’s doing all the braids on their gorgeous work.)
  • Artemio is Alexis Ayala.
Stuff that happened
  • Leonel drives his range rover down a horse trail and hits Mateo. BUT IS THE HORSE OK?! Nope, the horse is not OK. Mateo has to shoot it. What the hell, show?! We’re not even 10 minutes in!
  • Leonel’s at La Noria to try to stop the wedding (and save his inheritance). Patricio tells him he’s dying of cancer.
  • Patricio finds out about the horse and his main concern seems to be how traumatic it was for Mateo to have to shoot him. Also, he’s pissed at Leonel, who should have known better.
  • Patricio goes to his (as in he owns it) cantina to drink and whine to Esmeralda (the manager?) His son doesn’t love him! He can’t take any of his accomplishments with him! He’s done Very Bad Things! Esmeralda’s only regret is that they never had a child (o rly?).
  • Patricio’s buddy Aarón has to drag his drunk ass out of the cantina to drive him home before a storm hits. And Patricio desperately wants to talk about the baby he had with Esmeralda. Aarón says he has no idea what Patricio’s talking about. (I’m betting it’s Mateo.)
  • Yep, Leonel and Sabina had a thing. He breaks up the wedding to throw Sabina at Aarón and tell Patricio that he took the land and his “woman” away from him. *fight*
  • Patricio’s not looking so good. He begs Sabina to find his child…no, not Leonel, the one he had when he was younger…aaaaand then he dies. Bummer. Sabina goes back to the yard to scream at the wedding guests that Patricio died, and accuse Leonel of being a murderer.
  • Valeria breaks her shoe, which gives Leonel and Mateo another reason to fight. Leonel fires Mateo. Valeria is not impressed with Mateo’s behavior.
  • Valeria seriously tries to tell Mateo she’s sorry he got fired, but he “has” to understand her boyfriend’s going through a difficult time. Anyway she’s gonna try to get him un-fired. Whatevs.
  • Leonel’s mom, Minerva arrives to tell him to quit blaming himself and make sure we all notice the pendant on Patricio’s necklace.
  • Mateo and Padre Gabriel have been saving up for plaster and paints to fix up the school. Their savings are in cash. What could possibly go wrong?!
  • Mateo gets robbed. Valeria watches it happen and screams for help, but even the thieves don’t pay attention to her.
  • Theme song: Amantes Prohibidos by El Bebeto

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Blue Lass
Blue Lass
13 days ago

Ai, 5ft, this one’s gonna be a corker. Can’t wait! — Blue Lass