Launch Pad (January 16, 2021)

Last week on El Cohete

The blog turned five.

Some asshole who can’t admit he lost the vote encouraged a bunch of other assholes to attack Congress, literally. It didn’t work out for them. Now everyone’s trying to pretend it didn’t happen so they don’t have to take responsibility. We all know how this goes…it’s like that part in a rich boy meets poor girl telenovela where the rich boy’s mom has been awful to the poor girl, but the poor girl forgives her for the sake of keeping the peace and then the rich boy’s mom tries to get her killed or kidnapped or turns the grandkids against her. You know the one.

Oh, AND the asshole got impeached for a second time. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, pendejo.

This week

Biden’s getting sworn in on Wednesday. It’s going to be all over daytime TV and I can’t get a clear read on who’s continuing coverage into the evening.

Stuff you might be interested in

This year’s GLAAD report on representation is out. If you want to read about how Spanish-language TV is doing, go directly to page 38-39. I didn’t really see any spoilers, but don’t hold me to it.

Te acuerdas de mi is coming to Univision in February, but it’s starting on Las Estrellas on Monday, so use that information as you will.


Let me know if anything isn’t working correctly.

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