Buscando a Frida, jueves 11 de febrero, Capitulo 13

Abelardo sounds sympathetic about Cabrera’s past, but thinks he’s too messed up by his own trauma to be the one in charge of the case.

A witness describes the guy who’s allegedly with Frida to a sketch artist. He definitely looks sketchy (ha!) but other than wearing a hoodie, I don’t see anything distinctive about him.

Gabi suspects that Antonio might have known about Ángel being gay…or might have partied with some gays…and why did they go to a strip club with women?

Ingrid tells her mom that yeah, Tomás did pay a lot of attention to Frida. And Frida treated him badly.

Ingrid also thinks her parents are getting a divorce and she’s angry at her mom for not telling her.

Gabi stops by to spread fatphobia and stress. She notices Salvador’s suitcase and tells Rafaela that he asked the other day if she thought Rafaela would cheat on him, so obviously things are DIRE!

According to the papers, Cabrera came home and found his wife and daughter dead. They thought it was revenge for him bringing down some organized crime figure. Marcela reads the article and feels bad for Martín.

Cabrera complains to his therapist about Abelardo thinking he can’t handle the case. The therapist reminds him that he was strong enough to survive what happened. Cabrera just wants to shut Abelardo up and the only way he’s going to do that is by finding Frida.

Salvador’s leaving and he wants nothing more to do with Rafaela. (So who’s quitting their job?) Rafaela admits she slept with Enrique. It was never a relationship. She’s just been sleeping with him for about a month.

Salvador never thought she’d tell him.

And now Rafaela’s trying to bring up something that happened in the past that Salvador says is over and hey didn’t she forgive him for that?

Apparently that was “different” and their marriage is over.

Gabi insists on setting up Ángel and Antonio up for a game of tennis and things get weird.

Marcela thinks Abelardo’s taking things too far. He thinks Cabrera can’t handle the case because he’s been through a trauma? Aren’t the two of them going through a trauma right now? Is he saying they’ll never get back to “normal”?

Cantú stops by with the sketch and the news that from now on, she’s their liaison. Marcela doesn’t think the guy in the sketch looks familiar, but Cantú’s leaving them a copy so they have time to look it over.

Salvador tells Tomás he’s staying in a hotel and he’ll talk to the kids later. Whatever happens with their mom, he loves them, etc., but he’s not coming back. Tomás asks Rafaela what she did.

Gabi is stressing that she doesn’t feel up to the task of setting up Ángel with dudes so he doesn’t end up dying alone. Which is obviously the biggest tragedy to befall this family ever.

Abelardo calls and Gabi tells him she’s worried about Rafaela…

Who is currently feeling sorry for herself and taking pills.

Cantú and Cabrera have pizza. Cabrera complains about Abelardo and asks if Marcela said anything about him.

Marcela left the house without a driver to drop the kids off at school and she wasn’t planning to be back for lunch. She leaves flowers at the graves of Itzel and Sofia. Cabrera shows up. She apologizes for Abelardo’s sitty attitude. Frida’s disappearance has changed them both. And no, she doesn’t think what happened makes Cabrera unqualified.

Salvador slept on a tiny couch at the office.

Rafela finds Abelardo waiting in her office. Gabi said she was having problems with Salvador, but Rafaela says it’s nothing. Abelardo doesn’t look like he believes her. When he’s gone, Rafaela calls Gabi to complain that Gabi’s being a chismosa and she needs to keep her nose out of other people’s business. (I hate Rafaela, but she’s right.)

Marcela and Cabrera are back at their usual café and their usual table. Cabrera thanks her for the white roses. They were Sofia’s favorites. He shows her a picture of Sofia and says she’d be about Frida’s age. Which is why it’s so important for him to find her.

Gabi just can’t go on not knowing what’s going on between Salvador and Rafaela, which is why Salvador needs to tell her, like, now!

Yeah, that’s not happening.

Rafaela’s crying to Enrique that sleeping with him broke up her marriage.

Enrique’s more than happy to be the next Mr. Rafaela.

But she looooooooooves Salvador! He’s the father of her kiiiiiiiiiids! She had a good time with Enrique and all, but it can’t compete with the love she has, blah blah blah. Of course she was never going to divorce Salvador to be with Enrique. He knew that.

Enrique wants to talk to Abelardo about their terrible days. Although, Enrique doesn’t think that Abelardo has anything to worry about as far as Marcela leaving him. Abelardo is sure he knows who’s behind the change in Marcela.

Cabrera tells Marcela he never talks about what happened, but she’s special.


She’s ok with that, but she wants to know if Cantú’s seriously going to be their only contact. She doesn’t want to be kept out of the case.

Cabrera says Cantú thought Abelardo was acting jealous, so it seemed like keeping Cabrera away was the best thing to do.

So…does Abelardo have a reason to be jealous?

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