Buscando a Frida, viernes 12 de febrero, Capitulo 14

Marcela doesn’t answer Cabrera’s question and they agree to pretend he never asked.

Abelardo tells Enrique he’s totally jealous of Cabrera because Marcela believes in Cabrera more than she believes in him. Enrique thinks Abelardo just needs to support Marcela.

Diego’s convinced Frida is dead.

Antonio’s back from his tennis date and says he lost, but it was good to get out.

Cabrera’s team wants to take him to dinner. And they’ve decided if he gets kicked off the case, they’re all going.

Rafaela’s begging Salvador to come back, but he’s completely unmoved. She says she’ll do anything, but Salvador won’t budge.

Why are we talking about the case at dinner? Robles makes a weird toast about Cabrera teaching them how to keep their humanity. Cabrera has to rush to the bathroom to deal with a flashback. When he leaves, Cantú sees him heading out the door.

Marcela’s praying with her daughters. Laura asks all the uncomfortable questions. Is Frida hiding? Is she dead? Here’s a drawing of her in her pretty dress.

Marcela’s going to retrace Frida’s steps again tomorrow. Abelardo whines that the cops did that already and she’s just doing this on a whim.

“And what if I am?” Marcela asks.

Abelardo remembers dropping the girls off at school some time in the past. He comes out of the memory when Marcela gets into the car.

Salvador comes back to the apartment, with his suitcase. He’s ready to take her up on her offer to do “anything” to have him come home. He warns her it’s going to cost her.

Gabriela wants to have another baby. Antonio’s face: “WTF?”

Marcela tells Abelardo she went to the cemetery to leave flowers for Cabrera’s wife and daughter. She wants Abelardo to leave him alone already.

Gabi’s screaming at Antonio for not wanting to have another baby.

People have started a shrine to Frida outside the nightclub. Marcela flips out and trashes it, screaming that her daughter is alive.

Cabrera overslept. Cantú comes by to pick him up. Pedroza’s looking for him. Is he still taking pills to sleep? Is he going to his therapist?

Cabrera says maybe Adalberto is right and he’s not up to this. Or maybe this is how he can save himself.

Abelardo got Marcela away from the club. He tells her it’s good that people remember Frida and they’re praying for her.

Marcela’s ready to go search the dog park.

Cantú offers Cabrera a ride to work. She thinks Pedroza is going to tell him what they’ve decided about whether he’s staying on the case or not.

Salvador is very enthusiastically trying to convince Ángel that he should invite everyone to dinner ’cause he’s the new guy and it’s tradition. Gabi backs him up. She needs a martini.

At the dog park, Abelardo starts whining again about how Marcela doesn’t need to be doing this herself. He leaves her alone to take a call.

Salvador interrogates Enrique about his non-relationship relationship with Rafaela. Enrique agrees with what Rafaela told him, that it was nothing.

Salvador says he’ll pretend he doesn’t know anything, but he’ll be watching him.

Mariela Sanchez, from the crime section of the newspaper, approaches Marcela. She’s been investigating human trafficking. Out of every 10 children who disappear every year, 4 don’t make it home. At least half of them are estimated to end up being trafficked for sex. Marcela doesn’t want to talk to her, but Mariela thinks Marcela’s testimony could be important.

Enrique’s bitter that Rafaela told Salvador that what they had was nothing.

Sasha ends up at the same bar where Gabi, Ángel and Salvador are having drinks. Gaby calling attention to her leads to Ángel telling Salvador he’s gay.

“I kind of thought so, but then you’d be with girls…congratulations!” And now it makes sense to him that Ángel never had a relationship with Gabi.

Abelardo comes to the station to talk to Pedroza about the reporter who approached Marcela. Pedroza takes him to Cabrera’s office and says from now on, that’s who Abelardo should bring his concerns to.

And then he sticks around to hear what Abelardo has to say like he doesn’t trust him to keep it civil.

He brings up the reporter’s mention of child trafficking and they tell him they always consider it a possibility when a child goes missing. Frida’s photo and information have gone out all over the world and they’re going to do everything they can to find her.

Enrique’s at a strip club. Once the server determines that Enrique likes younger girls, he says he’ll bring over the very newest one.

Abelardo finds Marcela tidying up in Frida’s room. She begs him to tell her what the police said and he ends up yelling at her that yes, Frida could have been taken by human traffickers and she might not ever come back to them. Is that what she wanted to hear?

Salvador, Ángel, and Gabi continue their party at Ángel’s apartment.

Marcela sneaks out of bed when Abelardo is asleep and calls Cabrera to set up a meeting for tomorrow that she assures him Abelardo won’t find out about…that she’d rather Abelardo not find out about.

The server brings Enrique “the new girl,” which the show would have us believe is Frida. “So here you were.”

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