Buscando a Frida, lunes 15 de febrero, Capítulo 15

It’s not Frida, but we knew that.

Gabi gets home drunk and falls into bed with her clothes on. Antonio at least takes off her shoes.

Salvador gets home and Rafaela starts an argument with him about not talking to Enrique and does he think he can come home whenever he wants. Yep, she’s just gonna have to put up with him if she wants to stay married.

Gabi’s having one of those “I swear, I’ll never drink again!” mornings.

Rafaela gets to the office and Drunk!Enrique is waiting for her. Abelardo walks in on them snogging.

Antonio’s horrified/amused that Ángel and Salvador showed up to work con hangovers y todo.

Marcela’s meeting Martín at the café as usual. He’s upset at her for doing her own investigating. Doesn’t she trust him? There’s really no reason to think Frida might have been kidnapped by a trafficking ring–she’s too high-profile.

Well, Marcela’s not quitting ’cause no man tells her what to do! Sing it, sister.

Abelardo’s taking it personally that Enrique and Rafaela were having an affair. He feels Enrique betrayed him. Enrique’s all “I’m in love with your sister,” and Abelardo’s looks disgusted.

Marcela imagines Frida getting into the car at a stop light.

Wait…was Rafaela the one who was in his apartment when he came over to talk about Sasha? Enrique says she was, and that’s how she found out.

Abelardo demands he end the relationship.

Well, no prob, ’cause Rafaela’s done with him. All she wants to do is fix her marriage.

Marcela goes looking for Gabi at work. Salvador ends up being the one to comfort her.

The cops are stuck. Nobody recognized the sketch. Cantú brings up the chocolate wrapper–it means Frida’s being treated well. Which is the MO of human traffickers. But they usually go for girls from lower SES.

Cabrera isn’t going to discard any line of investigation.

Salvador gets Marcela some coffee and begs her to get the family back together again.

Cantú complains to Robles that Marcela’s manipulating Cabrera and he’s got them chasing down the wrong leads. For that, Cabrera tells the others to get out of the room so he can talk to Cantú alone.

He’s pissed that she’s talking behind his back. If she has a complaint she should bring it up in front of the entire team. If she’s pissed that he’s listening to Marcela, she’d better get over it, because Marcela’s gonna be around more.

Abelardo scolds Rafaela for having an affair. He tells her to be careful, if Salvador knows. He’s going to want something in return for coming back.

Gabi’s still at home, dying. Ángel brought her stew and Alka-Seltzer.

Diego comes home with a bloody nose. He got suspended for beating up a “joto.” And it was his fault for being a “maricon.” He was looking at Diego like he was trying to flirt with him, so what’s a junior macho homophobe to do if he doesn’t want his friends making fun of him? Now, I’m including the vocabulary for informational purposes but those words were muted out and they were muted out for a reason. Don’t be talking like that.

And hey, you’d think now Gabi would put things together and realize why Ángel was afraid to tell her he was gay, but no. All she wants to do is wring her hands and whine that she doesn’t know how to deal with this. Ángel’s face: “YOU don’t know how to deal with this?”

At dinner, Gabi tells Antonio that Diego got suspended. And she demands he tell his dad why. And then she’s like “And he said it in front of Ángel!” Which Diego doesn’t get, so Gabi’s like “Your Tio Ángel is gay.” So then Diego comes out with “He’s not even my uncle and I don’t care if he’s a j***.” And then Gabi’s like “Say j*** one more time….”

Diego goes off to his room and Gabi blames Diego’s homophobia on Antonio.

Salbador’s going out again?! Dude, are you even over the hangover yet? He tells Rafaela she’s just going to have to get used to him going out, unless she wants a divorce.

She threatens to kick him off the tower project if they divorce. And he threatens to take half their assets.

Marcela hears Cabrera talking to Abelardo on speaker, to tell him he has no new info and not to listen to tabloid journalists. Rosita sees Marcela lurking outside the door and looks disappointed.

Gabi complains to Antonio about Diego’s attitude ’cause he’s gonna have to get used to there being all kinds of people in the world. Then she tries to come on to Antonio and he’s totally not into it.

Rafaela sits in the bathroom drinking and sobbing to Enrique over the phone. Tomás hears her. I guess better him than Ingrid, but neither of the kids really needs to see this.

Antonio’s up in the middle of the night, but we don’t know why.

Salvador’s home in the madrugada again. Rafaela whines to him about not wanting the kids to know he didn’t spend the night at home. He says that’s why he came home early, ’cause it sure wasn’t for her.

Marcela’s staring at the sketch, waiting to recognize the guy. Abelardo wishes she wouldn’t. Marcela talks about feeling distant from him and that they’re never going to be normal again. When she won’t agree to at least try to get back to “normal” he crumples up the sketch instead.

Sasha’s back. She just couldn’t live without Abelardo any longer. Back at’cha.

Marcela visits Cabrera to apologize for yesterday, break down in tears, fall into his arms, ask him to tell her there’s life after this, and snog him.

And we’re out on VINILOVERSUS ft. Simon Grossmann – Canción de Amor

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