Buscando a Frida, lunes 22 de febrero, Capítulo 20

A pizza delivery driver nearly got hit by a taxi when he passed by the pay phone, which is why he remembers seeing Frida on the phone. But he had his pizza deliveries to finish and her picture was on the news later, which is when he recognized her.

Salvador is blaming Rafaela for getting fired. He breaks off when Ingrid comes over and says he’s going home.

Rafaela complains to Abelardo about firing Salvador. He’s a good architect and what goes on between them has nothing to do with that.

Abelardo gets all snotty about how he runs the universe and blah blah blah.

She wants him re-hired. Abelardo refuses. Rafaela reminds him he gave her his word and goes back out to join the party.

Enrique tells the guests the party’s over. Rafaela tells Gabi that Abelardo just fired Salvador. She decides to take Ingrid home.

Cabrera calls Marcela. Abelardo’s not answering his phone. They found a witness who saw Frida at the pay phone and said she had taken a taxi there. They’ll follow up on the taxi.

Marcela tells him to call if he needs anything and Cabrera gets this look on his face like he’s embarrassed he sounded so eager.

Ingrid overhears Tomás mentioning “the two prostitutes” to his mom and telling her to get divorce already.

Salvador’s at the office drinking himself into a stupor.

In the morning, Ángel and Gabi ask him what’s going to happen now. Salvador optimistically says the company will probably go under. And he refuses to beg Rafaela or Abelardo for anything. (Gabi’s totally gonna do it for him, I’m sure.)

How the hell did the press get the text of the phone call?

Marcela and Abelardo show up at Cabrera’s office to talk about the witness and the taxi etc. Marcela wonders why they’re not asking for money.

Cabrera tells them something about organizations with separate cells and whoever took her is extremely professional. And/or connected to the family.

He brings up Enrique and his record and his alibi who won’t admit to being with him. Abelardo doesn’t look like he’d heard about the quarter-million debt.

Salvador’s moving out. Rafaela swears she didn’t want him fired. Ingrid comes running into the bedroom to throw herself at her dad, but it doesn’t change his mind.

Cabrera shows up at the apartment to talk to Rafaela and sees Salvador walking out with his suitcase. Salvador says he’s moving out.

Marcela and Abelardo storm Enrique’s office. Abelardo demands to know why Enrique never told them about his debts.

Rafaela’s not in the mood to talk to Cabrera. She tells him Salvador just left on a trip.

Uh huh. He wants to talk about Enrique, but Rafaela refuses to talk.

Tomás hears enough to realize Enrique’s Rafaela’s amante.

Gabi goes to Abelardo’s office to tell him he can’t fire Salvador. Rafaela cheated first. And with Salvador out, Gabi’s going to lose her job. Abelardo says she’ll be included when they make the tower.

Enrique’s in an interrogation room, complaining to Cantú that his friends don’t trust him anymore. He made a list of people who saw him the night Frida disappeared. He wants Cantú to call them in front of him. She tells him to go home.

Cabrera tells the team they’re going to let distrust run the show. Everybody lies, for different reasons.

Tomás shows up at Enrique’s to ask if Enrique’s his mom’s lover.

Ángel is already thinking about moving back to New York. Sounds good to Antonio. But Gabi won’t have it. (She can’t micromanage his life if he’s in New York.)

Enrique says he’s not seeing Rafaela and anyway it’s none of Tomás’s business.

Rosita is praying hard to the Virgen for Frida’s return.

Marcela comes downstairs and Rosita fusses about her having to wait by the phone constantly.

Abelardo announces he’s going back to the office for a file or something, at 8pm.

Enrique brings Tomás home. He thinks maybe Rafaela should just treat Tomás like an adult and talk to him about what’s happening.

Tomás tells his mom he thinks she’s been with Enrique for a lot longer than she’s trying to make it seem. Is he better than his dad in the sack?

Rafaela slaps him, then apologizes.

Marcela tells Abelardo he shouldn’t have fired Salvador, but he says those are the kind of business decisions he has to make. Everything in business has a price.

Even if it costs them Frida? She’s just saying…maybe he’s being too rigid and maybe if he wasn’t….

Abelardo yells at her for saying something so “stupid.”

Cantú asks Cabrera how it went with Rafaela.

She didn’t say anything, but he’s sure she’s sleeping with Enrique.

Cantú tells him there was a big fight between Abelardo and Salvador about the tower project.

Ángel is still at Gabi’s, drinking and complaining that he’s a failure. Antonio’s stares at him as he complains about wanting someone to share his life with. He goes off to the bathroom to puke. Gabi asks Antonio to take him home.

Abelardo’s signing paperwork and waiting for Sasha. She wants to do it in the office like they did the first time.

A notification of a message with the subject line “FRIDA” with a no-reply sender pops up on Abelardo’s computer.

Called it! Antonio’s gay. He took Ángel home like Gabi asked him to do and Ángel needles him about not being man enough to know himself and next thing you know, they’re snogging. (Well…um…Gabi did want to set Ángel up with someone….)

Sasha’s fixing some after-sex drinks while Abelardo looks at his email. The message has a photo of Frida attached, holding up what I assume is the day’s newspaper.

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