Buscando a Frida, martes 23 de febrero, Capítulo 21

Abelardo calls Cabrera. He’s sending over the email, but Cabrera’s also coming over to the office. Sasha’s trying to comfort him, but he’s really not paying any attention to her. Like Enrique, she trips–everything falls out of her purse and she leaves a lip gloss behind.

Antonio breaks away from Ángel before they can take it to the bedroom.

Marcela’s reading one of Frida’s notebooks when Abelardo calls.

Abelardo lies about being alone when he got the email. Sure took him a long time to open it….

Abelardo makes an excuse about being on a video call. But anyway, he’s willing to let them take his computer if it helps find Frida. Cabrera suggests he make backup copies of anything he needs.

Marcela gets to the office, sees the email, and turns to Abelardo for comfort.

Cantú’s face: “Hello! She’s married.”

Cabrera’s face: “This totally doesn’t bother me…at all…not one bit….”

Antonio gets home and Diego and Gabi come rushing downstairs to tell him about the email with Frida’s picture.

Cabrera says this moves it into an extortion. They’ll start calling and asking for money now. He wants them to keep demanding proof that Frida’s alive.

Cabrera notices the lip gloss on the floor and asks Abelardo where it came from. At least Marcela wasn’t in the room. Abelardo gets snippy with him for focusing on “banalidades” and Cabrera hands over the lip gloss and says he’s been VERY careful with all these “banalidades.” Abelardo should be more careful next time.

The press knows about the email. Cantú swears it wasn’t her! She checked with someone in the media and they said it came from the Pons camp.

Church time. Abelardo reads about Jesús bringing someone’s daughter back to life.

Salvador wanders in and Ingrid rushes over to hug him.

The priest preaches about faith.

Ingrid was hoping to hang out with her dad, but he says they can’t today. Ángel asks to speak to Salvador and they’ve just walked off when the press rushes the door of the church.

Cabrera pops up and tells them to back off and quit screwing up his investigation by publishing unofficial info. He asks Abelardo to call a family meeting.

At the meeting, Cabrera scolds the family about not sharing information. ‘Cause someone told somebody something.

FFS, Gabi! She “mentioned” something to her manicurist.

And still, Cabrera tells the teens not to say anything on social media. Dude, you’ve seen how well those kids can keep a secret.

Salvador and Ángel go back to the office with takeout. Salvador can’t figure out why Ángel isn’t in New York. He’s young, talented, hot, gay! And it’s not the food…oh! It’s a guy isn’t it! Ángel makes a “yes, but I don’t want to talk about it” face.

Abelardo and Rafaela tell Marcela that Rafaela caught Salvador in…a compromising situation. Marcela can’t believe it! But of course she won’t talk about it. (She’s not Gabi….)

Antonio’s phone rings. Ángel wants to talk. He takes off and tells Gabi to stay with Diego.

The cousins ask if they can see the photo of Frida and the adults all look around at each other like they’re waiting for someone else to make the decision.

Antonio gets to the office. Ángel apologizes for last night. (For having magnetic lips?) Antonio’s more than willing to share responsibility.

Well, it’s made Ángel realize he feels tied to Antonio. He thinks he’s in love with him.

The parents are still dithering. Caro thinks she has a right to see the photo too. And Laura’s off with Rosita.

Abelardo pulls up the photo on his tablet, just long enough to give the kids a look and mostly what they get from it is that Frida doesn’t look good.

Ángel says he can handle his feelings. What happened in New York was more than sex. He’s in love. He wants to wake up every morning with Antonio and he feels like a shitty friend to Gabi.

Antonio’s willing to think about it and make a decision together.

Ángel’s surprised he’s the only guy Antonio’s been with. If Antonio were anyone else, he would fight for him. But Gabi….

Antonio says this isn’t going anywhere and they should just drop it. And yeah, New York was just sex. Ángel should go back to New York. (Wow, OK, I thought Antonio looked more receptive, but I guess not.)

Martín, like Tomás, thinks Frida has lost weight. And the photo was taken in natural light, so that room clearly has a window. Cantú has traced the email to an internet café that Cabrera and Robles go check out.

Tomás thinks Frida looked sick. Diego doesn’t think she looked like herself. Ingrid can’t figure out why they cut Frida’s hair. She wonders if Frida’s being “abused.”

The internet café looks more like a coffee shop. The clerk doesn’t recognize the guy from the sketch. He points them to the computer the email was sent from.

Ingrid’s delighted to see her dad at the house, but he’s just picking up some stuff. Ingrid wants him to stick around and talk about what’s going on with her uncle.

Salvador keeps it kid-friendly. He and Abelardo had a really big fight and he got kicked off the tower project.

Ingrid’s starting to realize her parents are getting divorced, but she’s upset because she misses her dad.

He tells her to focus on school instead of things that aren’t her responsibility.

In his room, Tomás is looking at old videos of Frida while Atropa Belladonna by Rodrigo Solo plays.

Antonio gets home and Gabi’s just waking up from a nap. He says he’s still got some work to do, but Diego asks to borrow his laptop. The camera signals that this is a baaaaad idea.

Before he leaves, Diego gives them attitude about the stuff they think they’re keeping from him. Like that his uncle had two “prostitutes” in his office, which he told Tomás because he thought Tomás had a right to know. And he knows because he heard them shouting about it and anyway he just came by for the laptop.

Enrique comes over to Abelardo’s. He’s still trying to pretend they’re friends. Abelardo confronts him about his quarter million debt.

Enrique’s sorry he lied about it. And he swears he’s got an alibi for the night Frida disappeared. And if Abelardo needs anything, he’s here.

They hear Marcela shouting from upstairs. There’s been another email “Frida Pons costs one million dollars. Wait for instructions.”

The cops come over. Abelardo says he’s got a million dollars on the way. Cabrera tells Enrique to beat it before they discuss their plan.

Gabi brings Salvador a salad and coffee and tries to console him by complaining about how bad she’s got it.

Tomás stops Rafaela on her way out of the apartment. She says she’s meeting an amiga for drinks. Yes, in this horrible rain.

Which is code for “Going over to Enrique’s to get back together.”

The cops are all set up by the time Frida calls again, begging to talk to her parents. Abelardo takes the phone from Cabrera and she tells him they want a lot of money and please save her before they–

All they can tell is the signal was coming from a cell phone and it was moving.

Frida’s in the back seat of a car, crying and watching the rain roll down the window.

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