Buscando a Frida, martes 24 de febrero, Capítulo 22

The cops are monitoring all ways out of the city. The fiscal is getting on Martín about screwing up the case. Cantú thinks the kidnappers are professionals but she’s sure Cabrera will find Frida.

Cabrera wakes up at his kitchen table to the sounds of Max whining and someone crying. It’s Frida.

He tells the therapist about his dream. She wonders if he’s feeling guilty about something.

Not solving the case, basically. He’s sure this will be wrapped up soon. Everyone will get back to normal. He’ll work another case.

The therapist wonders if it’s the case or Marcela that he’d have more trouble letting go of. What’s his idea about how all this is going to end?

Marcela wants Abelardo to stay home, but Robles has apparently told him not to put his life on hold. He says he’ll come home early.

That jackass goes to Sasha’s to drink hot chocolate with her when he allegedly didn’t have time to have coffee with Marcela. I don’t know why he bothered, since he’s not paying attention to any of her attempts to comfort him.

Tomás tells Ingrid about Frida’s call. He’s still convinced they’ll find Frida, but Ingrid knows they’re not living in a fairy tale. He’s got a photo of Frida in his locker.

Antonio explains to Diego that the call came from a cell phone in a moving car.

The car was moving south. Cabrera thinks they were moving her rather than driving her around just to make a phone call. He tells the team they’re going to find her.

Robles talks smack to Marcela about Cabrera. He should have acted sooner, he’s impaired by his past, etc.

Marcela already knows about the death of his family and she doesn’t think that keeps him from doing his job.

Robles decides to take a walk. Jackass.

Abelardo gets to the office and finds Salvador waiting in his office, along with two very short lawyers. I mean, seriously, did they have Santamarina standing on a box? Oh, anyway, Salvador’s not going to let himself be fired. He’s probably got a good case for the project being theft of intellectual property.

Outside the office, Rafaela bags him not to sue! It would be terrible for…say it with me…the family! He tells her not to try to fix this.

Back at his office, he tells Gabi and Ángel that he’s suing Abelardo and just to go on working like normal.

Rafaela does go beg Abelardo to give Salvador the project back and be done with this. She thinks he’s just doing this to prove that he’s in control of everything and she’s sick of him always getting the last word.

He tells her to take a pill.

Robles updates Cabrera on the phone calls and emails that have come in. It’s a lotta nothing. Rosita complains about people being inconsiderate and morbid…and sometimes she’s just gotta tell them off!

Cabrera asks about Marcela in a totally not obvious way and Rosita says she’s in Frida’s room with her phone and computer.

Cabrera goes in, all eager puppy, to talk to her about not losing hope.

Well, she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to be doing when a call might come in anytime.

He suggests having a friend come over, but Marcela says nobody likes to be around pain. He should know that.

He does. Anyway, he’ll be around, unless he makes her uncomfortable.

It’s not that. It’s just that after what happened….

Abelardo calls and Cabrera leaves the room.

Ángel invited Gabi and Antonio to dinner, but she’s having to talk him into going.

Rafaela has an idea about how to get the tower project back for Salvador.

Sasha’s coming on to Abelardo in his office. She convinces him to go with her to a very “discreet” place he’s going to love.

They sneak out to the elevator while Rafaela spies on them.

By the time they get downstairs, he’s not in the mood. She acts like it’s fine, because she “loves” him and so she’ll put up with whatever crap she has to.

At dinner, Ángel tells Gabi and Antonio that his old job in New York is still available, but he doesn’t have the money to move. Antonio’s all “Hey, we’ll lend you the money! It’s no problem!”

Pedroza thinks the kidnappers are in no big hurry to get their money. He thinks they’re mostly trying to punish Abelardo. Cabrera and Cantú start talking about checking more into people close to the family, like Ángel, who showed up a week before Frida disappeared.

Abelardo drops Sasha off at home and they spend way too much time on the sidewalk saying goodbye. When he gets back into his SUV and drives off, it looks like there’s a car following him.

Antonio and Gabi get home. She’s having a stomachache. Antonio offers to get some pills for her.

Instead he goes back to Ángel’s place and offers to pay for him to move back to New York and stay there. He wants him to go so he’s not tempted. Annnnnd, we’re smooching again.

Sasha cries to her friend Raquel that she didn’t realize before that it was just an affair. Raquel’s like “Duh. Married men never leave their wives.” And apparently Raquel didn’t know who Sasha was dating.

Salvador shows up at the house to threaten to tell Marcela that Abelardo is sleeping with Sasha.

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