Buscando a Frida, miercoles 25 de febrero, Capítulo 23

Salvador scolds Abelardo for being so cliché. The boss and the secretary?Now, Salvador doesn’t want to call this extortion, exactly. He just wants back what was his to begin with–the tower.

Antonio gets home with Gabi’s pills and gets a text message from Ángel. “I’m staying. Have a good night.” He looks really happy about it.

Marcela comes down to the kitchen. She heard them arguing.

No, no, they’re just talking about some stuff. They’ll talk more tomorrow.

Marcela wants to know for real what’s going on and Abelardo says he’s just tired of Salvador and he’s not going to re-hire him, no matter what the family wants.

Cabrera’s practically glowing as he gets dressed and remembers what Marcela said last night about people not wanting to be around pain.

Cantú shows up with pastries and coffee. She’s worried they’re not going to solve this case.

Cabrera thinks she just needs a break. And hey, of course they’ll find Frida!

Abelardo comes over to Rafaela’s to accuse her of telling Salvador about him and Sasha. He followed them and got them on video.

She would never! They’re family! He just hasn’t been very discreet. The relationship’s not a secret anymore. Why is he always blaming her! She had nothing to do with it! She swears it on the lives of her kids. (Dude! OK, one of them’s going to be dead before this is all over.)

Rafaela visits Salvador in the office. He thanks her for what she’s done, though she doesn’t want to think of it as betraying her brother. It’s just what’s right and it will be good for everyone.

Gabi comes over to Marcela’s with a handful of newspapers. Rosita’s like “Those are not a good idea!” Gabi tells her to throw them away.

Marcela comes downstairs like “I’ve seen it all.” All she cares about is being there to answer the phone.

Cabrera comes over, still glowing, but this time he’s not there for Marcela. He came to talk to Rosita.

Alone, she tells Cabrera she’s been with the family for 30 years and met Marcela when she married Abelardo. She’s anxious for Frida to come home. Her sisters need her. Frida used to talk to her about…stuff.

And then she LIES about how Frida had no complaints about her parents and they are PERFECT. Frida’s not a bad girl, she’s just naïve.

Cantú shows up at Salvador’s office, but she’s there to talk to Ángel.

Marcela’s dying to know what Rosita said, but Cabrera said it was nothing important.

Cantú asks Ángel why he came back to Mexico.

He missed people, the food, the country. What else does she want to know about his pathetic life?

Cantú’s like “I’m just asking questions.” And he did just happen to come back when Frida disappeared.

Yeah, he went over to Gabi’s when he heard. They all thought Frida would be back soon.

Gabi looks at pictures of Frida with Caro and Laura. Marcela suggests she take them to the garden to play so she can interrogate Rosita.

She shows Rosita the picture of Frida on the day of the party and Rosita mentions there was a problem with the closure (el cierre).

Marcela remembers Rosita telling her that Frida was worried about her.

Rosita says Frida didn’t say why.

And what did Cabrera want to know?

How long she’d worked with them, what Frida was like.

Marcela asks her to promise to tell her anything else she remembers.

Rosita LIES and says she will.

Rafaela’s having a meeting with the other executives who aren’t Abelardo. Antonio’s distracted and has to go retrieve a report.

Antonio’s on his way back to the meeting when he runs into Ángel, who’s desperate to talk to him, but Antonio tells him he’s in the middle of a meeting.

Cabrera and Pedroza are listening to the phone call from Frida when Cantú gets back. She didn’t find anything in Ángel’s background, he seems clean. She just thinks he’s hiding something.

Ángel tells Gabi about the interview and she complains that they even talked to Rosita. Anyway, he’s off to a happy hour. Well, OK, it’s a date.

Rafaela and Abelardo argue about the project again. Rafaela thinks Abelardo needs to take some time off, but he sneers that it would leave her and her social-climbing husband to run everything, which he’s not going to do. He’s learned who his real family is and it’s Marcela and the kids.

Laura complains that Tía Gabi is gone and she can’t play with her mom because she’s sad and cries. Marcela’s not offended and suggests they go find a big puzzle she can put together with them.

Ángel wanted to talk to Antonio because he’s worried that if the police keep digging they’re going to find out about them and Gabi’s going to find out.

Oh. Antonio’s not worried about that. There’s nothing to find out. They’re nothing. (Ouch!)

Abelardo gets home and finds Salvador in the living room chatting with Marcela.

Salvador just figured he’d stop by since he had so much time in his schedule. Abelardo kicks him out and complains to Marcela that no one’s going to tell him how to run his company.

At dinner, Ingrid asks if her dad’s coming home.

Tomás is like “Just tell her!”

Rafaela said what she and their dad talked about is none of their business.

Ingrid throws a tantrum about her irresponsible parents and how is she supposed to deal with this and needing the truth and is her dad coming home or not and any minute now Jack Nicholson’s gonna pop up and tell her she can’t handle the truth and really, I think that’s something we can all agree on.

She heads for her room and Tomás follows and calms her down.

Abelardo goes over to Salvador’s office. That interview from the other day is out now. So, is Abelardo ready to give his job back?

Nope. He doesn’t want to see Salvador in his offices or his house again. And if he tells Marcela anything, Abelardo will kill him.

Cabrera’s having another team meeting when Cantú walks in and says according to the US Consulate’s office, Ángel is lying and he’s not who he says he is.

Gabi calls Marcela to say she had a good time with the girls today and call if she needs anything. Gabi’s assuming Marcela’s with Abelardo, but Marcela’s alone.

Ángel shows up at Cabrera’s office. He tells the same story to Cabrera he did to Cantú. He barely knows the family, he’s been in New York, etc.

And, is he going back to New York? And how does he plan on doing that since he was deported two months ago? (Well…yeah, that’s a tricky one.)

Abelardo gets home and has a drink before heading upstairs to tell Marcela that he cheated on her.

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