Buscando a Frida, viernes 26 de febrero, Capítulo 24

Marcela doesn’t want to hear the details. And why is he telling her this now?! Why did he cheat on her? Was she that bad a wife? Who is it?

Abelardo says it was Sasha…just for a few months…and he broke up with her when Frida disappeared.

And what good is it for him to tell her this now?

Because Salvador’s blackmailing him.

Marcela’s like “Who am I married to?!”

Ángel tells Cabrera that his contract wasn’t renewed, so he lost his visa, but he’s trying to get that resolved so he can go back and the thing he’s hiding is that someone he knew turned him in.

When Rosita comes in with Marcela’s breakfast, Marcela demands Rosita tell her what Frida was crying about that day she mentioned. Rosita hesitates, but she says Frida said her dad was having an affair.

At the office, Abelardo tells Sasha Marcela knows about them. She’s out. They’ll mail her severance check.

Frida didn’t want Marcela to suffer.

Well, even if it hurts, Marcela wants to know.

Rosita tells Marcela Frida followed Abelardo one day and she talked to the woman.

Salvador has scrounged up some other work for them while they wait to get back the tower project.

Well, Ángel has “decided” not to go back to New York. Yay.

Marcela gets to the office before Sasha can finish packing. And she’s not there to talk about Abelardo–she wants to know about Frida and the medical certificate.

Ángel asks Antonio to meet him outside of the office to talk about the police questioning him. Cantú listens in on the call.

Rafaela drags Marcela to her office. Marcela does NOT want to talk to Abelardo. Did Rafaela know about Abelardo and Sasha?

Rafaela swears she didn’t know. How terrible! Of course Marcela’s upset!

Marcela brushes it off. She doesn’t care about the affair. What she really wants to know is how did Frida find out.

Enrique can’t figure out why Abelardo told Marcela. Abelardo tells him Salvador was blackmailing him.

Robles and Cabrera are having coffee in the Pons’ kitchen when Marcela gets home and ask to speak to Cabrera alone.

She asks if he knew about the affair. She can’t believe she was the only one who didn’t know!

He makes excuses about not wanting to see her suffer and it being confidential information. He explains that according to Abelardo, Frida followed him one day after he dropped her off at school and when he left Sasha’s, Frida went in to confront her.

Rafaela gives Salvador the bad news. Abelardo told Marcela about the affair.

Salvador can’t believe it! Poor Marcela. Of course he wasn’t going to tell her! That was just a threat.

Rafaela invites Salvador over for dinner to continue plotting.

Ángel’s boyfriend in New York found out that Ángel cheated on him with Antonio. He got pissed off, accused Ángel of using him and turned him in to la migra. So really, there is nothing waiting for him back in New York and he’s worried that if the police ask his boyfriend, they’ll find out about Antonio.

Antonio makes a crack about Ángel having a secret life and Ángel’s like “Yeah, I’m not the one married, with a kid, and pretending to be heterosexual.”

Oops. Antonio tells Ángel he understands his position, but Ángel obviously didn’t understand his.

From the upper floor of the restaurant, Cantú watches them argue and Antonio walk away.

Cantú tells Cabrera she wasn’t sure what the argument was about and she doesn’t know why Gabi wasn’t there.

Cabrera tells her to stick to Ángel. He’s going to look into Antonio.

Cantú looked into Antonio’s recent travel and found out that he was in New York and told immigration he’d be at Ángel’s apartment.

Marcela’s obsessing over the picture of Frida. She can’t believe Frida knew and didn’t tell her. Wherever she is now, she knows what’s going on between them.

Abelardo says he fired Sasha.

Whatever. When this is all over and Frida’s back, she wants a divorce.

Antonio’s back at home. Ángel calls him, begging forgiveness. Antonio hands the phone off to Gabi just before Cabrera shows up to ask questions. Or rather, to tell Gabi that Ángel got deported by asking her questions.

Gabi shows up at Ángel’s to confront him about not giving her all the chisme…digo, about lying to everyone. She knows everything! Or at least that he got deported. She then sets to giving him a guilt trip for lying, because it was so terrible for HER that Cabrera asked if she trusted him and she said she did and now she doesn’t know how to answer.

Salvador’s at the apartment when Abelardo comes over to yell at them about teaming up to ruin his life. Rafaela tells the kids to give them the room before he and Salvador get into a fist fight.

Marcela calls Cabrera after remembering him saying that he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to drive her and Abelardo farther apart. She asks if she can stop by his place tomorrow early to talk.

Sasha complains to Enrique that Abelardo never loved her. She’s angry that Enrique always sticks up for him. She’s had to put up with so much!

Enrique tells her to think about what she’s going to do next.

Well, there’s gonna be no more Ms. Nice Sasha, that’s for sure.

Salvador offers Sasha a job and she accepts.

Gabi’s complaining about Ángel. Antonio tells her to give him a break. Gabi’s tired of being lied to.

Marcela gets to Cabrera’s place. She and Max hit it off. She wanted to apologize for what she said yesterday. He didn’t owe her anything.

And then Cabrera goes all weird talking about how he’s imagined her in his place before. I’m too horrified to hear what comes between that and the smooching. I just hope he’s already fed Max.

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