El Gran Estreno de La hija del embajador, martes 2 de marzo

Dude! That kid’s mom just killed that guy!

Melek is the kid. Mom’s expecting to go to jail, so she’s going to take Melek to her dad (who she’s never met).

So, I guess the dad is this hottie the camera keeps focusing on?

Wedding prep at a huge house. Hottie is the brother of the girl with short hair.

Turkish Embassy. Mom hands the doorman the trash bag full of incriminating evidence? to give to her dad, who doesn’t even bother looking at it right away.

A plane takes off from the Podgorica airport with Melek and her mom.

This is some hardcore traditional wedding stuff. Sheep, camels, picking up the bride on a horse. Mama thinks it makes them classy.

Hottie has his very own oracle to warn him not to get married and betray the “legend.”

Mom and daughter have landed in Turkey, but it’s going to take them another flight to disrupt this wedding…digo, to get to where Melek’s dad lives.

Sancar is the hottie who’s about to be married. His wedding witness is just getting to Istanbul along with Mom & Melek.

The bride is STRESSING! And doesn’t seem like a very nice person. But there’s a 2-day camels back guarantee, apparently.

Sancar is watching someone tie the red ribbon around the bride’s waist and remembering how he untied a red ribbon from around Nare’s waist.

That’s the mom traveling with the kid in first class just across the aisle from the groom’s witness. Nare takes out a datebook wrapped in the red ribbon and writes “Take your daughter to her father” inside. Witness guy starts chatting her up when the datebook falls on the floor and he hands it back. When he hears her name is Nare, he says that’s the name of a girl in a legend from his town. The girl fell into the ocean, turned into a bird, and flew away. No one knows what happened to her. This “crazy” guy Kavruk (the guy trying to talk Sancar out of getting married) says he saw her turn into a bird.

So what does she think happened? Did she fall into the ocean or fly away on a plane.

Nare pictures herself falling and says maybe she only threw herself on the rocks.

He declares her dramatic.

Well, if someone dies, that makes them a legend. But if they live, it was all a lie.

Sancar is escorting the bride back to his place while Kavruk keeps yelling about the legend. The bride puts her hand on Sancar’s shoulder and says she can’t keep competing with the legend. So Sancar jumps up on the horse behind her and rides off.

After the plane lands, the guy sees Nare at the baggage claim and she asks what the peasant boy thinks happened to the ambassador’s daughter.

He doesn’t think she’s dead. He thinks she flew to Europe. And he had a knife stuck in him that hurts him every day.

At the groom’s house, the party’s in full-swing, but Kavruk’s giving Sancar a death glare from the balcony. Ah, the party is to pass the time until the witness shows up and they can start the actual ceremony. Gediz is the guy’s name–Sancar’s witness for the wedding and his business partner.

Nare stops the rental car at what the sign says is the Efeoglu Foundation.

Melek begs her mom not to leave her there, but Nare’s sure they’re going to come for her any minute. She’s going to take her to her father, who will always protect her. Of course he’ll love her.

And when he doesn’t, will her mom come back to her? The two of them sit there crying.

Wedding. Is Menekse in? Yep….

Nare and Melek have arrived at the wedding, in time for the mayor to ask if Sancar is in.

There’s an uncomfortable long pause as Nare stares at Sancar and Sancar looks off into space. He finally says he’s in. They sign the paperwork.

Nare watches as Sancar removes the red veil from Menekse’s face just long enough to kiss her on the cheek before replacing it.

And now it’s time for the guys to dance. Nare looks horrified at them untucking their shirts and rolling up their sleeves and doing some call-and-response about men’s honor. Nare’s still watching and Sancar hasn’t seen her. I can’t decide if this sideways deep lunge kind of thing is the dance or the warm-up…but Sancar dips down again and suddenly, there’s Nare.

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