Buscando a Frida, jueves 4 de marzo, Capítulo 28

Abelardo pretends confusion and asks Marcela what she’s talking about. Of course he wasn’t going to have that card in his wallet!

Marcela tells him she turned it over to Cabrera.

Cabrera’s trying to come up with alternate reasons why Abelardo would have the card. Like the same person who kidnapped Frida planted it in his wallet.

Who would have access to his wallet? Him and his wife.

Cabrera says it’s definitely not Marcela, but Pedroza tells him they can’t rule anyone out.

Oh, is Abelardo still trying to defend himself by turning everything around on Marcela?

Abelardo shows up at the police station so Cabrera can accuse him personally about Frida’s bank card being in his wallet and Abelardo can argue that someone’s setting him up.

Maybe, but if their positions were reversed and Frida’s bank card ended up in Cabrera’s wallet, what would Abelardo think? Yeah, Abelardo’s face knows exactly what he would think.

Enrique whines to Rafaela about his debt and he was just going to borrow some from Rafaela. Whatever agreement he had with Abelardo, she’s not going to give him any more money. She’d rather he lose his apartment and learn not to waste his own.

Abelardo keeps yelling at Cabrera about how it’s not him and Cabrera’s doing a shitty job, etc. Cabrera says if Abelardo is innocent he shouldn’t have any problem giving them access to all the information they ask for. His height, his bank accounts.

Abelardo’s all “You’re just trying to make a name for yourself with this case and I’m not gonna let you!”

Rafaela and Antonio meet with Salvador. Everyone’s losing money. They need him to drop the lawsuit so they can get to work.

Megalómano, they name is Abelardo. Cabrera’s letting Cantú and only Cantú in on his plan–he’s going to investigate Abelardo as a suspect in the kidnapping.

At the house, Abelardo’s asking Rosita to make a list of everyone who’s been in and out of the house for the last five days. Because he knows he started using a new wallet five days ago and he would have noticed if it had been in there. So whoever put the card in his wallet is the person who has Frida.

Salvador tells his team they need a project, so he wants them all to call everyone they know and scrounge something up.

Ángel knows someone who’s working on a hotel in Oaxaca.

Gabi really doesn’t get why Ángel’s upset at her, just for saying he was “amigas” with Sasha.

Ángel calls her out for being homophobic and tells her to grow up, ’cause she’s acting like a chavorruca (an older person trying to pretend they’re still young).

To which Gabi responds by saying maybe she is a chavorruca and shimmying her shoulders. Way to act like an adult, Gabi.

Abelardo has security reviewing everything from the last five days so he can find out who’s framing him.

Cantú has found out that two months ago, Abelardo bought plane tickets to Paris for himself and for Frida.

The fiscal meets with Pedroza, Cabrera, and Cantú. The investigation’s not looking very productive. The fiscalia wants to restructure…but first, Cabrera wants to explain that they’re going to investigate Abelardo as a suspect. So, does she want them to go there or what?

The fiscal reviews the report Cabrera hands her and says this sounds like some serious evidence.

Marcela’s in the kitchen talking to Rosita about the kids having dinner with their dad “like a family.” She drops a plate of bread on the floor and breaks down crying. Rosita comforts her.

Salvador and Rafaela are talking about Frida’s family over dinner, but Tomás tells them they have bigger problems in this house. Ingrid’s being bullied at school. Her “friends” put a dog turd in her backpack and she had to throw it away.

Antonio gets to Ángel’s, where he’s got dinner ready and a bottle of wine. Antonio wants to get to dessert, but also could Ángel not give him a pet name.

Ángel’s determined not to let up about how what they have is real and it’s not just about being friends or bros. But he agrees to skipping dinner.

Salvador talked to Ingrid and she admitted that Tomás was right. Salvador has the names of the girls and he and Rafaela will go talk to the principal tomorrow.

And then they have sex because Rafaela’s wearing his favorite lingerie.

The fiscal herself comes over to the Pons house to serve a search warrant and inform Abelardo he’s being investigated as a suspect. Damn, in front of the kids and everything.

And after all the sex, both Antonio and Salvador are trying to get out of their respective lovers’ apartments ASAP.

Ingrid watches her dad leave.

Ángel tries to get Antonio not to leave so fast just as Gabi invades his apartment with no notice for the fiftieth time!

At the Pons house, the police are searching and Cabrera’s mumbling to Marcela about being sorry, but this is how the fiscal wanted to do it.

Ángel covered for the dinner table being set for two by saying he got stood up. So now Gabi invites herself to drink the bottle of wine he picked for Antonio. Because friends or forgive me or I don’t even know what the hell. It’s Gabi’s world, we’re just living in it.

Abelardo complains to Fiscal Zambrano about them searching his house without warning. If she had better evidence, he’d be in jail.

Is that what he wants?

He tells “Mrs.” Zambrano to find herself another job, because she won’t be a fiscal much longer. (Oh, sure, the “Mrs.” didn’t mean anything.)

Ángel forgives Gabi to try to get her the hell out of his apartment, but instead she wants another glass of wine and to call Antonio. Good thing she can’t hear his phone ringing in Ángel’s bedroom. She decides to leave now to beat Antonio home.

Tomás tells Ingrid he had to tell their parents what her “friends” were doing.

Ingrid says if they talk to the school, things are going to get worse. She’s happy, though, that her dad barely left. She thinks her parents are going to get back together.

Abelardo’s angry at the mess the police left in the house when they should be looking for whoever’s trying to frame him.

Marcela is sick of hearing him talk about this conspiracy theory.

All offended he asks Marcela if she really thinks he could kidnap his own daughter.

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