Buscando a Frida, lunes 1 de marzo, Capítulo 25

Marcela has second thoughts about sleeping with Cabrera, but he’s more persuasive shirtless, so…carry on!

Can’t Gabi just be properly mad at Ángel and refuse to speak to him? No, she’s just gotta call him over to her desk to complain about how mad she is and he lied and bla bla bla. And no more secrets!

So Ángel tells her he doesn’t have anymore. This should explode spectacularly.

Abelardo’s getting the bad news from Enrique and Antonio. Salvador actually does have a legal leg to stand on and he’s hired some real sharks. Abelardo still insists Enrique and Antonio find him a way out of this.

Post-sex cuddles. Marcela’s still having doubts.

Ángel and Gabi find out that Sasha’s working with them now.

Cabrera seems like he’s already thinking about which drawers he’s going to clean out for Marcela and Marcela’s like “With everything else that’s going on, should I really be doing this?”

Rafaela visits Abelardo’s office. Not that he wants her there. She says it’s his own fault that Marcela found out about the affair and if he’d just kept his cool she never would have find out. When Frida comes back, everything’s going to be back to normal.

Salvador is willing to drop the lawsuit…but what will he get in return?

Enrique doesn’t give him a satisfactory answer, so they’re back to “Gimme back my project or I’m not dropping the lawsuit.”

A letter from Frida, or at least in Frida’s handwriting, has been intercepted by the police.

There’s a cabin by a lake, surrounded by trees…

Frida’s in the cabin, writing to her mom that they’re going to be even closer when she gets back. Her captors have assured her that they’ll give her back as long as her parents keep their end of the deal.

Cabrera explains to Marcela and Abelardo that they’ll need to take the letter for a few hours at least to do a graphological analysis and look for fingerprints. It’s just a formality.

In the letter, Frida mentioned what was going on between her parents and that she would protect her mom. Abelardo’s like “I know, I screwed up, I’m sorry,” but Marcela doesn’t care. She’s going to the police station to pick up the letter, assuming Abelardo isn’t going to try to forbid her from seeing Cabrera. A lot of things are going to change now.

Rafaela visits Salvador’s office to seduce him. Score one for her.

Marcela gets to Cabrera’s office to pick up the letter. They’re still waiting for fingerprint test results and WHY THE HELL ARE THEY KISSING IN HIS OFFICE?!!!!!

Cantú gets an eyeful. Oh great, she’s gonna be unbearable. She brought the remaining test results.

Marcela goes on home so Cantú can give him another talk about how he should be with HER and not Marcela…digo, ethics. “You think I’m saying this because I’m jealous?” (Show of hands….)

More arguing and Cabrera throws her out of his office.

Ángel’s having dinner with Gabi and Antonio and Gabi STILL isn’t letting up on the interrogation. Antonio tells her to back off, but Ángel tells her the story of the gringo who done broke his heart. (Wait, was that for real? I guess it was except for the part about sleeping with Antonio.)

Gabi goes to grab wine and Antonio tells Ángel he’s coming over to his place tomorrow.

Salvador doesn’t think Rafaela really wanted sex, but no. It was pretty much that and wanting him to move back in.

Abelardo still has keys to Sasha’s place?! Change the freakin’ locks! Abelardo’s there to complain about her working for Salvador.

Cantú ratted Martín out to Pedroza! No, Pedroza wants to know about the letter.

It was sent in town and the graphologist doesn’t think she was being forced to write it, but she was probably given parameters.

Pedroza goes off to a meeting and Cantú’s like “You didn’t really think I would rat you out, did you? You’re the one giving it away, getting all jealous.”

Abelardo would rather Sasha not work for Salvador and he’ll just keep paying her. When she won’t agree, he says he’ll never forgive her for betraying him.

Antonio just wanted to come over and see if Ángel is OK because Gabi was being really hard on him. And also tell him he has nothing to offer Ángel and he should maybe find someone else. Antonio isn’t going to leave Gabi. Ángel thinks they can keep it quiet.

Pons stock is dropping. Rafaela’s sure if she just gets Salvador to move back in, Abelardo will forgive him and everything can get back to normal.

Enrique doesn’t think so.

“Well, I slept with him last night….” *snort*

Enrique’s shocked, but hey they’re still married. And it’s not like he’s having coffee with those underage girls at clubs.

Cantú approaches Robles at the Pons’ house. Robles whispers to her about Cabrera being unprofessional with Mrs. Pons. If it were him, he wouldn’t have eyes for anyone but Cantú. Whatever.

Gabi gets to the office and finds Sasha reorganizing/digitizing files. She casually asks why Sasha quit working for her brother, accepts “it was time,” as an excuse, and goes to her desk to call Antonio to share the gossip with him.

Antonio’s still in Ángel’s bed and really isn’t in the mood to talk now.

Marcela complains to Cabrera and Cantú about all the spam calls she’s gotten lately and answers the phone angrily.

It’s Frida. Today’s the day. She’s fine but–

Cabrera says this is what they’ve been waiting for. They’re ready. They just need to wait for the next call.

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