Buscando a Frida, martes 2 de marzo, Capítulo 26

Abelardo gets home to wait with Marcela and the cops for the next call.

Frida calls. Her mom has to come alone to a childrens’ playspace at a park and bring the money.

Abelardo’s got the money part taken care of. He wants to go with her, but Marcela won’t risk Frida’s life.

Rafaela summons Gabi to her office to tell her that Abelardo and Marcela have problems. Gabi bought the story about Sasha looking for new challenges, so Rafaela gives her the dirt about the affair and warns her to keep a close watch on Sasha.

Abelardo and Cabrera are talking about tracking devices, but Marcela, again, doesn’t want to risk Frida’s life.

Sasha and Ángel are having a casual chat over coffee when Gabi gets to the office and screams at Sasha that she knows about the affair and she’d better pack her stuff and get out.

Ángel’s like “Damn, Gabi, everyone can hear you!”

Salvador shows up and says Sasha stays and her personal life is none of anyone’s business including Gabi’s. Yeah, I’m sure Gabi’s not going to back off.

In his office, Salvador says Sasha’s staying so they can prove to the Pons that they don’t run the world.

Antonio and Enrique are stressing that Abelardo hasn’t gotten to work and they have a meeting. He calls Rafaela to give her the latest update.

Cabrera gives the team a pep talk while the show gives us a brief reminder of everyone who’s a lying liar, which is basically everyone. Tonight, Frida’s going to sleep in her own bed. (OK, even if they did find her, she’d probably be spending the night in the hospital.)

Ángel is nice to Sasha, but he thinks she should get out. He promises to run interference with Gabi. And he has to start that right away because Gabi’s all “I’m only putting up with you because Salvador said I have to.”

Rafaela calls to tell Gabi what’s going on.

At the house, Abelardo reminds Gabi NOT to tell ANYONE. Frida’s sisters are going to go spend the night at Rafaela’s. Because Ingrid had an idea about something fun they could do. Rafaela’s such a good liar. The older sister is still suspicious, but they’re not going to tell her anything.

Antonio and Ángel send flirty texts. I completely expect Diego to end up seeing them the next time he “borrows” the laptop.

Gabi comes home and tells Antonio that Frida’s coming home tonight. WHAT PART OF DON’T TELL ANYONE DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!

Cantú’s putting a wire on Marcela while Abelardo and Cabrera argue in the living room. Cantú tells Marcela she’s got to calm down and trust that this is going to work. And when Cantú is telling you to calm down….

Well, the cops are ready to track Marcela and Rosita has prayed. Marcela is still stressing about the wire.

Salvador asks Ángel what happened to Gabi…Ángel thinks she went over to Abelardo’s house because something must be going on with Frida. So Salvador calls Rafaela to get an update from here.

Marcela’s running late to meet the kidnappers and Abelardo’s the one stressing. Marcela gets to the park, but it’s empty. Cabrera tells her to get out of the car, but leave the money inside. Marcela gets spooked by a couple of joggers and tells Cabrera to keep talking to her. There’s a ringing cell phone at the top of a slide. They hang up when she answers, but they send a text with a location.

Marcela goes back to the car to make the drive, then follows Cabrera’s instructions to call Abelardo’s phone from the kidnappers’ phone. Abelardo’s starting to get really steamed that Marcela keeps leaning on Martín. He and Cantú should talk later.

Salvador has been filled in and stops by the apartment to reassure Ingrid. He tells Rafaela he wants this over so things can get back to normal. Meaning…?

Marcela’s freaking out because there’s a cop following her.

Gabi and Antonio tell Diego what’s going on and he gets all desperate to be there when Frida gets back because she’s the only one who understands him.

At the second location, the kidnappers text Marcela to get out of the car and drop the bag of money on the ground. And then they text her that they know she’s being tracked. She tells Cabrera, et al, what the message said, but she pulls the tracker out from under the steering wheel and dumps it.

Someone in brown hiking boots picks up the bag and walks off into the trees.

Twenty something minutes later and the team has no idea where Marcela is. Abelardo’s freaking out and arguing with Cabrera, who has really had enough of his attitude.

Rafaela calls Abelardo’s cell phone so he can sob on her shoulder about being afraid of losing Marcela. Caro grabs the phone to ask him what happened.

Marcela gets to her next destination and gets a text that says Frida’s in the cabin.

Cantú and Cabrera have finally found Marcela’s car on surveillance videos.

Marcela gets out of the car and walks up to the cabin that’s draped in caution tape. Is this the first cabin? Marcela makes it inside, but there’s no sign of Frida.

Brown hiking boots walk into wherever Frida actually is.

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