Buscando a Frida, miercoles 3, Capítulo 27

Pedroza tells the fiscal that they’ve lost Marcela, but they’re going to find her soon.

Marcela’s still at the cabin, not taking anyone’s calls.

At the house, Abelardo’s drinking whiskey and feeling so freaked out he’s sharing his feelings with Enrique.

Cabrera gets to the cabin and tells Marcela she’s not getting Frida back tonight.

Diego’s somewhere out of the house, late, and not taking his parents’ calls.

Marcela’s blaming Cabrera for getting Frida killed, because he was following her. Cabrera says she’s not dead, she’s just not coming home today. He convinces Marcela to leave the cabin.

Today’s pep talk: We did everything right, it just didn’t go our way. He wants them to assume Frida’s dead and start looking for a body. And he wants to re-investigate all the potential kidnappers.

Rafaela’s at Abelardo’s talking about how maybe he should take some time off when Salvador shows up.

Diego’s still not home. Antonio wants to call the cops.

Cabrera’s obsessively reviewing all the details of the case, trying to see what he missed. He tells Pedroza it’s not a kidnapping, Frida ran away on her own.

He gets the call that Diego didn’t come home last night.

Salvador comes over to say he loves Abelardo and Marcela and the kids and he’s sorry that thing yesterday didn’t work.

Gabi and Antonio explain to Cabrera and Cantú that it’s not weird for Diego to have not come home, but it is weird that none of his friends know where he is.

Cabrera says they’ll have to find Diego and see if he had contact with Frida.

Conveniently, Diego gets home and Cabrera attacks him. His threats don’t convince Diego to tell the truth.

Cabrera tells Cantú he’s sure Frida planned this herself. Cantú doesn’t think she would have.

Right, but they’re all assuming they know Frida and he thinks Frida’s hiding something.

Sasha’s worried about Abelardo and she’s upset she can’t call. Salvador gets back to the office and tells Sasha and Ángel he’s never seen Abelardo so devastated.

Marcela has decided to keep herself busy by rearranging Caro and Lau’s closets.

Rafaela tells Antonio and Enrique that Abelardo’s going to take a few days off and she’ll take care of everything.

Gabi drags Diego over to Rafaela’s to ask Ingrid and Tomás where Diego was last night. Tomás says Diego doesn’t confide in them anymore, but Gabi leaves him there anyway in the hopes that Tomás and Ingrid can get something out of him.

Gabi gets to the office in time to hear Sasha telling Ángel that he’s so great and whatever women he has an unrequited crush on is missing out. Gabi walks over to them and tells Ángel to make up his mind–is he into women or men? Then she turns to Sasha and says Ángel is gay. And Sasha’s like “And? I don’t have a problem with that.” And Gabi says Sasha’s only interested in married men so there’s nothing for her to talk to Ángel about, unless she’s going to lend him dresses.

And Ángel’s like “TF, Gabi!” and won’t talk to her.

Gabi blames Sasha.

Cabrera calls to get permission to tap Diego, Tomás, Ángel, and Salvador’s phones.

Abelardo comes over to Cabrera’s office to complain that he still hasn’t found Frida. Although, he also wants Cabrera to stay away from his wife. But what he really wants is to know if Frida is dead.

Well, they can’t say anything for sure right now. Abelardo just has to keep up hope.

Abelardo attacks him for being someone who really oughtta know what he’s asking, after what happened to him.

Anyway, since Frida didn’t come home last night and they’ve gotta explore all their possibilities…what does Abelardo think about the possibility that Frida planned this herself.

Diego’s not saying anything to the cousins about last night. When Rafaela gets home she hears him saying if Frida didn’t come back last night, she’s never going to come back. He runs out of the apartment and Tomás chases after him.

Um, no, Abelardo thinks that’s a stupid theory. He knows Frida and this isn’t an adolescent tantrum. He knows his daughter “perfectly.”

Alrighty, then. Cabrera tells him to go rest. He’ll need his strength. Abelardo stops as he closes the office door behind him to give us a pathetic, worried look.

At home, he turns down dinner and decides he needs a walk. Alone.

Marcela asks if he’s going to see Sasha, but he doesn’t answer. On his way out, Abelardo’s wallet falls out of his jacket. Marcela picks it up and finds a credit card in Frida’s name. That is…not what I would have expected.

Rafaela visits Salvador’s office to talk, but once they’re done briefly discussing how bad this has been for Abelardo, and before they can accidentally have sex again, Salvador tells her to leave.

Team meeting. What would drive a teenager to plan their own kidnapping?

A secret. Something unforgivable.

As the police keep theorizing, someone opens the door to the room where Frida is. Possibly they’re wearing a phone headset.

Marcela comes over to Cabrera’s office to show him Frida’s bank card. He’s going to have someone check to see if it’s the same one as she used at the ATM.

Yep, it’s the same bank card. But Cabrera’s not ready to come to conclusions yet…except that Abelardo must have been in contact with Frida after she disappeared.

Cabrera has Pedroza come over to his place to tell him about the bank card. so they could keep it reeeeeal quiet. He knows they can’t cast suspicion on Abelardo without evidence.

Pedroza thinks this IS evidence. Is it me, or is Cabrera kind of excited at the prospect that he gets to treat Abelardo like a suspect and it wasn’t his decision?

Abelardo gets home and finds Marcela waiting up for him. He’s been gone for a few hours. He says he was at a fountain Frida liked. He just ended up there, watching the fountain.

Marcela says he dropped his wallet in the bedroom. Sorry for looking through it, but why did he have Frida’s bank card?

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