Buscando a Frida, viernes 5 de marzo, Capítulo 29

Look, Marcela did trust Abelardo, but now she’s found out so much in the last month. How can she believe him if he says he’s not hiding anything?

So Abelardo turns it back on her and says he’s not going to swear he’s not hiding anything because she wouldn’t believe him anyway.

Gabi goes into Diego’s room to wake him up and he’s covered in bruises. Also he doesn’t wake up.

In the morning, Caro’s stressing about a test she expects to fail. She notices a crowd outside the house.

Upstairs, Abelardo’s telling Marcela he’s going to go meet with the security guy. He turns on the TV and sees someone reporting from outside the house.

Abelardo decides he’ll leave by the back door.

Diego’s annoyed at his parents fussing over him. Gabi and Antonio are annoyed with each other. Gabi’s begging to have another kid again.

Marcela tells Gabi the cops were there searching the house last night. Gabi is offended that the cops would dare!

Abelardo’s been brought in for questioning…oh, no, it’s just a “talk.”

So, about those plane tickets….

Antonio calls Ángel in the morning to stress about how Gabi nearly caught them because she always pops up where you least expect her. Which she now does again, by Ángel’s desk.

The trip to Paris was supposed to be for Frida’s 17th birthday in September, but Marcela signed a POA giving him permission to take Frida out of the country at the beginning of the year.

Anyway, Abelardo can go for now, but they’re going to talk more later.

Pedroza talked to Abelardo about not being a dick. Now he talks to Martín about not letting Abelardo get the better of him.

Cabrera does what he always seems to do lately when he gets all worked up. “New line of investigation!” He wants them to look for the guy she told Diego she was in love with. The person who seduced Frida. I think Pedroza says “It could be her father.” Nope, backed up and he definitely said it.

Back at the house, Abelardo tells Marcela about the planned trip to Paris. He was going to mention it later. He was even planning to take a couple of weeks’ vacation. When he never takes even a couple of days of vacation with the family.

OK, see, here they go again–it’s another thing he kept from her.

All he really has to say for himself is that he must have forgotten to say anything.

Marcela heads over to Cabrera’s office to beg him to tell her everything he has on Abelardo, but Cabrera’s like “I caaaaaaan’t!”

At the office Abelardo tells Rafaela and Gabi he’s being treated as a suspect in Frida’s disappearance.

Cabrera tells Marcela she knows Abelardo, does she really think he could have been abusing their daughter?

Well, hell, Marcela thought he was Mr. Perfect until a few days ago! She doesn’t know what to think. She’s come running to him instead of taking care of her daughters, how selfish is that?! She can’t keep doing this alone.

Cabrera finally relents and gives her a hug.

Abelardo pouts to his sisters so they can tell him they know he didn’t do anything. He asks them not to share anything with their husbands or kids. Rafaela wants to get the company lawyers working on a defense, but no. He’s gonna handle it himself.

As soon as they leave, he gets to watching the security videos and sees Enrique sneaking into his office.

Enrique watches the video and he doesn’t have a decent excuse for being in Abelardo’s office.

Abelardo calls Pedroza and Pedroza calls Cabrera and Cabrera says he’ll investigate Enrique.

He brought Marcela back to his place, which she thanks him for. She feels safe there. Maybe because she knows no one can find her. Or maybe Max makes her feel safe. (It’s definitely Max.)

Abelardo asks Marcela where she was as soon as she comes home.

Not that he’s trying to interrogate her or anything. He just wanted to tell her Enrique was on the surveillance videos coming into his office several times when Abelardo wasn’t there and whoever put the credit card in his wallet knows all his movements–at the office and at the house.

Team meeting. I really don’t find Cabrera’s speeches very motivating.

Abelardo left the house early, but Rosita didn’t know where he was going.

The news that Abelardo is a suspect is on the front page of the paper. He’s foaming at the mouth and Rafaela tells him he’s gotta calm down. They need a strategy.

Abelardo gets home with the news that Rafaela got him an interview and finds out that Marcela is sending the kids to stay with Gabi for a few days. He absolutely refuses.

Well, Marcela thinks it’s better the girls be where the cops aren’t coming and going at all hours and the place isn’t surrounded by reporters. It’s what’s best for them and it has nothing to do with him.

Cantú has gone digging through Frida’s social media. And there’s a lot to dig through. She also went back through Tropic of Cancer and thought the underlined passages were a little heavy for someone Frida’s age.

Did she have any adult Facebook friends?

Yep. Aunt Gabi and Enrique.

Cabrera decides to stop by to see how the Pons group is taking today’s headlines and see if he can shake up Enrique.

Instead, Rafaela pulls him into her office to complain about his lack of results and tell him to quit investigating the family.

Enrique fails to leave before Cabrera comes out of Rafaela’s office.

Marcela’s been dragged along to the interview Rafaela set up, but she doesn’t know what she’s doing there and she doesn’t plan to say anything.

Cantú goes to school to ask Tomás if he knows who Frida was seeing besides Diego. Did she say anything about a special person, a special gift…?

They hear shouting in the hallway. Ingrid’s “friends” have just given her a haircut. Cantú keeps Tomás from running after them.

The “interview” is just an opportunity for Abelardo to talk about how terrible this has all been for him and the cops have accomplished nothing and he wants Fiscal Zambrano to remove Martín Cabrera from the case.

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