Launch Pad (March 6, 2021)

This week

I seem to be marathoning Buscando a Frida, so look forward to another weeks’ worth of recaps over the weekend.

I did a write-up of the first episode of La Hija del Embajador. I don’t know yet if I’ll be continuing. Did anybody else get a chance to watch?


Something that helps my anxiety is immersing myself in a narrative. Telenovelas, of course, but also audio/books. Lately I’ve also started watching Story Time Classics on Southwest Shakespeare Company’s YouTube channel. It’s fun to watch them live and get a little bit of a story at a time (much like telenovelas), but there’s also a back catalog.

Let me know if anything isn’t working correctly.

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30 days ago

I am watching El Hija del ambajador. Based on the first week I think I’m going to stick with it, the story is interesting and the scenery is amazing. I’m sliding behind on Pajaro Soñador even with skipping a lot of episodes.