La hija del embajador, viernes 5 de marzo, Capítulo 4

Sancar comes outside to collect Melek and her stricken face. Nare reminds him Melek is his responsibility now. (Oh, he is so not ready to be a father, much less to this child.)

Sancar introduces Melek to her Tia Zahra and Tio Yahya.

Sancar lays down the law–Melek’s his daughter and she’s going to live with them. And forget about her mother. His daughter has no mother. Menekse jumps at the chance to say she’ll be Melek’s mother.

Yahya’s wife sees this for the sucking up that it is. Yahya’s mom is like “Shut your wife up,” and Yahya’s like “I’ve tried!”

Zahra got Melek ready for bed. Sancar tries to play nice guy now and tell her she’s with family. Melek wants her mom. Sancar offers to keep her company.

Back at the cabin, Nare takes out her date book and crosses out “take your daughter to her father” and “kill yourself.”

Back in Podgorica (Montenegro–I had to look it up) the rapist is not dead.

Nare’s dad calls Gediz to warn him that Nare might try to kill herself. Gediz’ mom says he already knows Gediz and Nare were novios?

Gediz comes over to Sancar’s looking for Nare. He explains to Sancar that Nare was giving him his daughter so she could go kill herself.

Flashback: After the “wedding” Nare couldn’t convince Sancar that she’d never cheated on him. Akim, her “brother” raped her just to keep Sancar and Nare apart. So not only her dad, but also Sancar, didn’t believe her.

She climbed up to the cliffs behind the cabin and Kavruk watched her fall.

And now she’s standing up there again and Sancar, Kavruk, and Gediz are racing to the cabin because Kavruk knew exactly where she’d be. The guys are racing up to the rock on foot. She remembers Melek saying she’d always follow her example and hesitates long enough for Sancar to make it up there.

He holds his hands out, but she climbs down on her own, dropping the red sash and the shell at his feet. She goes back to her rental car and Sancar gets into his truck to drive after her. Kavruk is pleased–he tells her to run, but he doesn’t think Sancar’s going to catch up to her anyway.

Sancar cuts Nare off on a sharp turn and then screams at her for coming there just to disrupt his wedding and how dare she try to kill herself after that. And why did she change her mind?

Nare says she’s jumped from there before and she didn’t die.

Sancar doesn’t believe her.

Flashback: While Nare was in a full-body cast in the hospital, Akim told Sancar she didn’t jump from anywhere. She ran off with the Japanese guy. Of course he never touched Nare! But if Sancar thinks he did he’s welcome to come shoot him.

Nare heard the conversation and Akim mocked her for thinking either Sancar or her father would believe her.

In the present, Nare reminds him he never believed her.

Kavruk and Gediz catch up to them and Gediz tells Sancar he’d better go on back to his wife. Kavruk goes with him. Gediz explains that he didn’t tell Sancar what was in her diary…until her father called and said he was afraid she would kill herself and that he and Akim were worried about her. (Did he not watch that surveillance video? WTF does he think is going on here? What do women have to do to be believed?!)

Akim’s awake. The cops are there to get his statement, but Nare’s dad runs interference says he’s barely woken up. He assures Akim that the police will find the criminals who did this to him.

Nare calls from Gediz’s phone and she’s kind of happy she’s not a murderer. She’s not going back, though.

Akim says she won’t be arrested. He got rid of the evidence. He couldn’t very well let people say that the ambassador’s daughter tried to kill her own brother. He wants her to come “home.”

Well home’s not with him. She’s staying in Turkey and raising her daughter here.

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