La hija del embajador, jueves 11 de marzo, Capítulo 8

The burning question is why is Melek under the ambassador’s custody?

One of the cops gets a call asking for Melek’s passport. Sancar grabs it out of Nare’s purse and rips it up ’cause no one’s taking his baby girl out of the country.

As the cops arrest him, Halice faints.

Yahya comes over to Gediz’s to tell him that Sancar AND Nare were arrested. Yes, Gediz, you were fooled by the old “pillows under the bedsheets” ruse. The note from Nare says he wouldn’t help her kidnap her daughter because he’s a good person and please don’t tell Sancar.

In the jail cells, Sancar’s high on dad hormones. His baby was crying for him ’cause she needs him to rescue her!

Flashback: Nare’s at a rehab place in Zurich. Akim gloats that the ambassador has legal custody over Melek. Nare’s dad says it’s the best way to keep the baby from getting taken away from both of them, on account of her having tried to commit suicide. The ambassador makes it all sound so reasonable…but Nare thinks it’s a setup by Akim. Her jackass dad says she’s making things up. Akim tells her she’ll never run off with Sancar’s baby.

Sancar screams at Nare while she stares at him. She notices he’s crying.

Gediz shows up and gives himself away. He knew what Nare was planning. Sancar and Gediz start shouting at each other, but Nare tells them now is not the time. Hello, missing child!

Halice’s blood pressure is through the roof, but Zehra says Sancar’s already out of jail and Halice needs to chill.

As Sancar and Nare and Gediz and the lawyer and Yahya head out of the police station, Sacar gives orders to do things Gediz has already done. A cop comes out of a door and says they didn’t hear this from him, but the ambassador was able to get another passport.

Gediz stays behind to deal with the lawyers while Sancar, Nare, and Yahya race to the airport. They valiantly bribe their way past security and dash out to the runway, but the plane has already taken off.

Nare and Sancar meet Yahya in the parking lot, but before they make it to the car, Nare asks for a cell phone. She’s buying a plane ticket back to Podgorica.

Sancar tells her to get one for him too (as the tiny human with whom he shares half of his DNA has got him twisted around her braids and tied in a knot.)

Yahya goes home alone to tell everyone Sancar and Nare are going to look for Melek. Kavruk gets this look on his face like “This is gonna be good!”

Yahya goes to the upstairs office to grab cash and a passport.

I dunno who’s getting married, but the village women get to Sancar’s house with bundles of cloth. Kavruk’s still outside the gate and they tease him about not having written a poem for “su hija” (the woman’s hija or Kavruk’s hija?)

Kavruk immediately starts reciting

El ave está aguardando
Su amante la observe desde lejos
El joven le llama a su pareja,
Le dice que no se casará

I love a poetic burn.

Ohhhhh, she’s Menekşe’s mom and she came over to give Sancar a blessing since he hadn’t gone to visit her like he was supposed to. Basically, it’s a bunch of fake-niceness and thinly-veiled insults. Useful info: Menekşe’s mom is Atike, Gulsa is the employee who’s generally with Halice all the time (but Halice said she considered her a daughter).

Elvan packed a bag for Sancar and Yahya’s on his way back to the airport. Elvan comes running down the stairs screaming that Sancar and Nare are going to Montenegro!

And things just got awkward in the living room. (Elven is the best. I would want her at my table at a party. We’d be the least dignified and having the most fun!)

Menekşe faints.

In the plane, Sancar asks if the ambassador will mistreat Melek.

No. He doesn’t care about her, but he won’t mistreat her.

Sancar’s apalled to hear that Nare was going to take Melek to the US.

Hey, if he’d just given Melek back she would have moved to Mugle. She wasn’t trying to separate them. She tells him to quit calling her “Ambassador’s Daughter,” her name is NARE!

But it wouldn’t be appropriate to call her “Sancar’s Nare” anymore.

Flashback: Sancar carves “Sancar’s Nare” into the tree in front of the cabin. Nare comes outside in her wedding dress. Sancar puts the red ribbon around her waist, mentioning that someone from her family should be doing this. He called her Hija del Embajador then and she said he shouldn’t call her that, that she was Sancar’s Nare now.

No, she’s not asking him to call her Sancar’s Nare. Just Nare.

Well he was sooooooo hurt he said he’d never call her Nare again. He tried to forget her, but he couldn’t.

Nare retreats to the plane’s bathroom to cry.

The Ambassador is walking Melek back to the house when he sees a bunch of guys in all black waiting outside his door.

Melek sees a friend and runs over to talk to him, but the bodyguard grabs her and he and the ambassador make a run back to the car while she keeps screaming to her friend.

Despite a debriefing, the village women insist that Sancar ran off with his lover. Atike threatens to tell her son, which irritates Halice and nearly starts a fight. Elvan convinces Atike to take Menekşe up to her room.

Menekse’s had enough of her mother only being on her side in front of Halice. Halice is all she has! She doesn’t have a husband!

She’s having an ataque de something and Atike says she doesn’t want to slap her….

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23 days ago

Thank you for writing these recaps! I’m watching via telephone w my mom every night, she needs me to help translate. These recaps are a great help for us. What we don’t understand is, why did he marry Menekse? I realize his mom applied pressure, but was there ever a reason discussed? I think it was the poet that said it was more like he was going to a funeral that day and not his wedding.