La hija del embajador, martes 23 de marzo, Capítulo 16

Nare tells her diary about her first day of work and the guys being stubborn. She gets back to the office and everyone’s talking about her. When she tries to meet them properly they all get snotty and walk away from Denise’s desk, leaving only Denise and Dudu.

The problem with Denise is that she’ll work with Nare, but she doesn’t know much about that meeting with the Japanese company that’s now been canceled. The problem with Dudu is that she might actually be able to help Nare run things, but she doesn’t want to work with Nare. Nare tells her to find out everything about that meeting before Nare gets to the hotel and say she’s the assistant for the department of exterior relations, Dudu’s like “Um, I was a department manager at my last job.” Nare tells Denise that if Dudu won’t work, find someone who wants to.

Halice brings sweets over to Atike’s house, but she’s rude and she wants a favor. She tells Necdet she needs him to take care of the ambassador’s daughter, without being specific about what she means. She has a bag full of gold coins and gives Necdet three. He’ll get the rest when he’s finished the job.

Dudu calls Nare. Mr. Katsumi is the rep from the Japanese company. He and Gediz had a verbal agreement about some hotels and shares being exchanged.

So, Dudu has accepted the job?

Sure. Some people have to work. They can’t all be ambassador’s daughters.

Mr. Katsume’s already in his car, but Nare convinces him to talk with her in the hotel lobby by telling him it would bring her shame not to be able to do her job properly. She’s a world-class schmoozer. She compliments his Turkish and he compliments her Japanese and she tells him about living in Japan in the early aughts and he knows her dad and some other guy she also knows and she wanted to come talk to him because she knows the Japanese don’t break their promises unless it’s something serious. He saw the fight, didn’t he?

Flasback: Oh yeah, he saw the fight, and he told his driver they were leaving.

Katsume won’t make a deal with two guys who are so clearly enemies. At least, that’s what it looked like to him.

Nare reminds him of a Japanese dicho that says “Even monkeys fall out of trees.”

Uh huh. And those two monkeys fell out of a tree?

Yep and if he gives her some time, she can get the two of them back in the tree. She begs him for two days and not only will she get them to make up, they’ll do the Zeybek together so everyone can see they’ve made peace. I’d like to think she can make it happen, but this is such a risk.

The ambassador gets back to his house, crying over his curio cabinet and the loss of his job. I’m unmoved. He deserves worse for what he’s made Nare suffer, and all because he’s a worthless greedy creep. Akin shows up and tells Güven that Tibor ratted him out because Sancar paid him to. But if Güven wants to get back at Sancar, Akin has a plan.

Menekşe asks Halice what she and Necdet talked about. All Halice will says is they’ll get rid of Nare.

Menekşe remembers Elvan’s warning and worries that Sancar will want to take revenge on her, but Halice just shushes her.

Sancar gets home, happy to see Melek, until she gives him an ugly look. Halice tells him Yahya hasn’t come home yet and he’ll be lucky if Yahya even talks to him when he does come home. “I know, I know, everyone’s mad at me!”

Nare goes to Sancar’s and sneaks in from behind the stables again. Kavruk’s back there hanging out with Noche. They give each other a huge hug and she asks him to go get Sancar for her. She shushes Noche, who’s Gece in Turkish, but even Sancar can hear him from the house. Kavruk comes in to ask him to come check on Gece. Sancar already knows what’s up. Nare’s back there, isn’t she?

Menekşe excuses herself and calls Necdet to ask what Halice asked him to do.

Nare starts to tell Sancar about her meeting with Katsumi, but he already knows. Security called him. He has access to the cameras on his phone. He programs his cell number into her phone and tells her not to come to the house again, just call.

Since she’s already there, she tells him about the monkeys needing to get back to the tree.

Nice story, but it’s not gonna happen. He starts going off again about their “betrayal” and seriously, just shut up! But no, he starts whining about her ruining his life and just being around is continuing to ruin his life because she’s like an earthquake and he feels the earth moving under his feet, and not in a Carole King way. Or well, in a Carole King way, but he doesn’t want to admit it.

Nare’s like “Fine. Whatever. I made the earth move.” Not that she did it on purpose and she wouldn’t even wish that on him.

Sancar tells her to accept the way things are and just let them be.

As he walks back to the house, she asks him to kiss Melek for her. He admits Melek’s mad at him because she found out he tried to keep her from getting hired.

Sancar comes inside and heads upstairs without a word. Melek, likewise, races up the stairs. She takes all the clothes out of her closet and hands them to Menekse. She’s sleeping with her dad.

Sancar’s up in the office trying to pull himself together when he hears Melek sneeze outside the door. She knows he feels bad about fighting with Gediz and Yahya and her mom, and now her too. So she’s calling a time-out until tomorrow. He sat with her when she felt bad, so now it’s her turn. He’s going to go back inside the room and she’ll wait outside. (This kid is so cute she kills me.)

She falls asleep, of course, and Sancar carries her back to her room.

The ambassador is back in Turkey. Like last time, he’s headed to the police office in Mugle. Nothing good can come of this.

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