La hija del embajador, miércoles 24 de marzo, Capítulo 17

Nare wakes Gediz up early on Saturday morning to tell him she talked to Sancar, who is not at all disposed to make peace, and to Katsumi, who will sign the contract if they make peace. Come on, all they’ve gotta do is show up and do the Zeybek together.

Gediz would do it. He’d do anything for Sancar after all they’ve been through, but she’s never going to convince Sancar. He mentions the two of them committing crimes together and Nare seems uneasy.

Refika’s furious that Nare stayed in the house again last night. What she’s really worried about is that Halice will be angry at her.

Nare comes downstairs and gets a scolding from Refika, who goes upstairs to check on Gediz.

Nare explains to Müge that she has a plan to get the guys to make up, but she needs someone inside the mansion.

Müge knows who can help them….

Elvan sneaks into the office and tries to take the ring off Yahya’s finger. She wakes him up and explains she’d rather have the husband than the ring, but Yahya’s still upset at her and she doesn’t know why. Müge calls and Elvan thinks a session with a psychologist would be just the thing. Müge invites her to come over and talk this afternoon.

Müge’s surprised that was so easy and Nare’s glad something has been.

Menekşe’s headed to see her brother when she runs into Dudu and her mom. She tells Dudu she heard Nare got hired for the job she wanted. Maybe she can ask Sancar to give her a job.

Dudu says it’s all good. Nare hired her as an assistant.

Necdet is meeting with his team at a café. None of these guys inspire confidence.

Menekşe comes looking for him and drags him across the street to tell him NOT to do what he described yesterday over the phone. It’s not going to improve her relationship with Sancar. She had to give him a bracelet she got as a wedding present plus the matching necklace. The street cat behind them does NOT approve of this deal.

Elvan gets to Müge’s being very dramatic and asking why putting on a wedding ring would make someone not want to sleep with their wife. Of course she’s talking about Yahya, but then again Sancar’s not sleeping with his wife because he can’t stop thinking about Nare.

And there she is. Elvan freaks out about her suegra finding out from Refika, but they’re both at Halice’s house, so no one’s gonna know.

In that case…Elvan begs Nare to tell her why she interrupted the wedding and why she didn’t show up earlier. She runs off to make coffee and tells Nare she’s got a bunch of other questions.

Nare asks Müge what just happened. “That’s just how Elvan is.” Nare doesn’t think she took a breath the whole time she was talking.

Halice is complaining to Refika that she’s still got Nare staying at her house. Refika reminds Halice about all the things her family did for Sancar’s family. The only thing they agree on is Nare needs to leave and the boys need to make up.

Elvan brings in the coffee tray and Nare and Müge explain they need her help getting the boys back together.

Oh, that’s easy, Nare just needs to quit.

Nare says she tried that, but Sancar said it wouldn’t make any difference. What they need to do is slow things down. Get them to sign the contract with the Japanese company while they still have a partnership. Then Nare can quit and hopefully they will have calmed down enough by then for her quitting to get them back together. They need Elvan to be their spy.

Elvan is SO in!

Back at the house she whirls into Melek’s room with her wild energy and lets her in on the secret. She saw Nare today and she’s supposed to give Melek kisses for her. There’s a flurry of kisses and then Elvan gets down to business. There’s this thing called a Zeybek and Nare wants Gediz and Sancar to dance it together tomorrow so they can sign a contract.

Melek remembers it from the wedding, but it made her mom sad.

This time it’s going to make her happy. And she said Melek could get Sancar to do anything. So can she convince him?

She’s definitely going to try.

Elvan declares there’s no one in the world more lovely than Melek.

Yahya’s hanging out by the stables with Kavruk. Sancar asks if it’s all good between them and Yahya’s like “Yeah,” but it kind of doesn’t sound like it.

We get a flashback to when the boys were in school. Yahya borrowed Sancar’s shoes and Sancar had to ask Kavruk to get the mail for him. It was a postcard and a picture from Nare in Norway. The other boys teased him about not being good enough for an ambassador’s daughter. Kavruk brought Yahya over and Sancar told them they’d just have to get rich.

So, look, Yahya knows Sancar’s the one who built all this. And he did it for Nare. And then he wanted to undo it all, also on account of Nare. And if Sancar has asked him about the shares, Yahya would have agreed with Sancar. The marina’s not as important as them getting along. But there’s still one problem. At home, he’s Elvan’s husband. Out there, he’s Sancar’s brother. No one thinks about Yahya or what he wants.

Katsumi surprises Nare with an invitation to dinner…with Güven.

The security guy from the hotel calls Sancar to tell him Nare’s there again and he can catch her on the cameras. So he does and he sees Güven there. He vows if Nare’s up to anything, she’ll pay.

But who cares! Because there is a big orange cat sitting in a chair at the table next to them, near the fireplace. Forget security cams! I want Turkish Cat Cams!

Elvan points out Sancar, sitting on the front porch looking at his phone, to Melek.

The kid goes in, talking about an event and her aunt said her dad was going to dance.

Sancar tries to get her to agree that they won’t go to the event, but they’ll visit her mom.

But her mom’s going to be there.

Sancar is sure she won’t and of course, Melek isn’t going to pass up a chance to see her.

Mr. Katsumi leaves as soon as he’s done with his dinner, leaving Nare to ask the ambassador what he’s doing there.

He tells her it’s ex-ambassador now. Because Tibor turned him in.

What? Sancar gave him enough money to pay off his debts! What happened to it? Ohhhhh, she gets it. He gambled it all away. All that time hiding what happened to her so he wouldn’t ruin his “reputation” and he’s never had a good reputation to begin with!

Güven tells her he’s staying at Akim’s house nearby.

Aw, hell no! She marches right up to the front desk and asks the clerk if they’ve got a VIP suite for a fired ambassador.

Dude grabs a key and hands it to a porter. This guy will lead him to his room and they’ll take care of getting his stuff from his car.

As Nare’s leaving she gets a text from Elvan. Their plan didn’t work.

Nare says to herself that there’s going to have to be another earthquake, even if this time she’s the one who gets shaken up.

And somewhere in the middle of all that, Güven was remembering that he handed over a file of information on Sancar and Gediz’s business. I’m thinking this has something to do with the whole “we committed crimes” thing.

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