La hija del embajador, jueves 25 de marzo, Capitulo 18

Nare comes back to Sancar’s place to tell him that her dad’s plotting something, but she has a plan. She’ll wait at the hotel and then search his room when he leaves. Meanwhile, Sancar will negotiate the contract with Katsumi.

And once that’s done, she’ll take him up on his earlier offer. She’ll quit and let him provide her with a house. She won’t see anyone but Melek and he can bring Melek over to his house whenever he wants. All she wants in return is for Sancar and Gediz not to end their partnership.

In the end, they agree that Nare can see Melek 2 days (per week?), Sancar won’t be able to be friends with Gediz like before, but he won’t end the partnership.

Menekşe, after hearing their conversation and seeing them *gasp* shake hands, meets with Necdet and says she’s not giving him the necklace after all. If Nare’s finally going to get what she deserves, who is Menekse to get in the way.

Nare tells Gediz that Sancar saw the error of his ways…ok, fine, she told him she’d quit working and let him set her up in a house. But she lied to him. She’ll take Melek and leave.

Everybody but Nare shows up at the festival. Refika and Halice think the guys are really going to make up, but it’s like Sancar said–just a partnership, not a friendship. And no, Sancar didn’t believe Nare would keep up her end of the deal.

Katsumi arrives and the guys do a terrible job of pretending they don’t want to slug each other.

Nare carries out her part of the plan. The guy at the hotel desk gives her the key to Güven’s room, as Sancar told him to do. I’m not sure I like the glass-enclosed bathroom.

Anyway, she finds a folder with the evidence against Gediz and Sancar and calls Sancar immediately. Sancar’s phone is ringing away under a tent while he talks with some other guys. She tries Gediz. He doesn’t answer her either. And her car has a flat tire. Damn, that was the first part of Necdet’s plan and the taxi driver is one of his crew.

Nare calls Müge. She answers her phone, but she can’t hear over the music.

Nare realizes the taxi driver is heading for the middle of nowhere and asks what’s going on.

So this was Necdet’s big plan. Get Nare to get into a taxi, drive her to the middle of nowhere and tell her she has to leave. Was the threat of rape part of the plan or a last-minute addition? Nare keeps elbowing and shoving past them and gets into the taxi, which still has the keys in it. She backs up the car and hits one of the guys, then puts it in drive. The other guy is like “What are you doing, are you crazy?!” As if kidnapping a woman and threatening her is so totally normal.

Sancar’s trying to return Nare’s call, but her cell phone is in the purse that’s somewhere behind her with the creeps.

Yahya tells Sancar to call her later, it’s time for the Zeybek.

This seems slightly different from the one at the wedding, in terms of the steps.

Anyway, once again, Nare interrupts a Zeybek, shouting for Gediz and Sancar as she limps past a very dressy camel. She tells the guys they have to leave NOW. No, seriously, her dad is trying to frame them for a crime and the police are on their way.

And here come the police. Güven accused them of embezzling municipal funds when Gediz’s dad was the presidente municipal.

“You didn’t do it, right?”


Güven shows up to gloat.

Sancar asks Nare if he did “this,” meaning her beat-up state, but Nare has no idea who was behind that.

Sancar asks the cops for five minutes so he can give instructions to Kavruk and Yahya to round everyone up, get to the house before the cops do, and take the cash from the safe. He tells the cops his daughter is in the stands and she might get scared, so he’s just going to walk her mom to the car and then they’ll go directly to the police station.

The guy agrees, they just need to have an officer with them.

To keep from frightening Melek, Nare makes an effort to walk on her own and she and Sancar wave to Melek in the stands. Nare’s pained, too-wide smile is macabre, but Melek bought it.

Nare hobbles toward the parking area with Sancar and Gediz. She keeps brushing off suggestions about the hospital or making a police report. She just needs to know that the documents her dad has were fake. Because they are, right? They didn’t steal money from the city?

Again, *crickets* until Gediz finally says they’re not guilty. Sancar agrees–they didn’t steal.

“I believe your word.”

Sancar is surprised.

Well, sure. They say they’re innocent and she believes them. But if they explain how they got their fortune, she’ll have something to tell her father.

(I seriously hope that look on Sancar’s face is because he just realized what a colossal ass he’s been and is ashamed of himself for not doing the same for Nare–believe her when she said she was innocent.)

Akin calls to check up on Güven. He’s packing in preparation for moving back to Turkey. “And when that farmer goes to prison, we can start negotiating with Nare.” I hope he chokes on that apple.

Nare continues hobbling by Sancar’s side until Müge comes over to ask what’s going on. The guys keep insisting Nare needs a doctor and to file a police report, but Nare is concerned about finding proof her father lied like the worthless piece of trash he is.

One of the cops intervenes, because seriously, the Comisario is waiting for them and there’s someone here to help the young lady.

They keep walking her to the car, but…where is her car?

Nare says it’s the taxi.

And the driver?

“I hit him. He was one of the guys who attacked me.” Everybody stares at her. (Ma’am I believe that car is called “evidence.”)

Aw, man. The cops are raiding every single one of Sadiclar’s businesses–each hotel and gas station–plus Sancar’s house.

They’re walking out of the house with cardboard boxes and they’ve got a warrant.

Yahya goes over to Elvan and tells her he needs to get inside the house. It takes her a second to get his meaning and then she’s on it…

She marches up to one of the guys carrying out a cardboard box and insists on seeing what’s inside ’cause she’s sure not going to let them take her silk sheets or her jewelry! (At this point, I would like to declare my undying love for Elvan.)

Yahya gets into the house, but the police already took the safe. Yahya collects the priceless photos of dad and grandpa and a sword and goes outside to tell everyone there’s no cash and their accounts have been frozen.

Refika now gets to scold Halice. She told her! She TOLD her! Forget about shares in the company and just buy a house and bank the rest of the cash.

The officer in charge comes over to confirm that all their assets are being seized until the investigation is complete.

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