La hija del embajador, viernes 26 de marzo, capitulo 19

Re-watching the scene where the house is being seized, I have a sudden worry–who’s going to take care of the horses?

Halice passes out and Refika asks someone to get her water. (But they seized all the water.)

Nare drives the evidence taxi to the office so she and Müge and Dudu and Denise could grab all the cash. Nare also switches the name plates on the doors so they search the wrong office. Nare keeps looking at the framed photo of Gediz and Sancar.

Gediz has been reading the recaps and asks Sancar if he’s sorry now that he didn’t believe Nare, but she believed him/them. Sancar blows off the question, but he’s already planning to find out who hurt her.

The cops come up to Denise’s desk asking for Gediz’s office. They start asking everyone to leave the building so Nare, Müge, and Dudu walk out all casual like they don’t have fat stacks of cash stuffed in every one of their bags. Back at the taxi, Nare starts shaking. Müge tells her the adrenaline she used to escape has run out now and she needs to see a doctor. Nare asks her to drive.

“I don’t know how! I have a phobia.”

Dudu’s all “Fine, I’ll drive. What would you even do without me? Where’s the car…. But why do I have to drive? Where’s the driver?”

Nare says “I ran him over.” Dudu’s face: “What the hell kind of people am I getting involved with?!”

Kavruk takes Zehra and Melek to the cabin. Zehra’s worried about Sancar and Kavruk says to just trust him. Melek wants to go help her mom rescue her dad from the cops. After all, the two of them rescued her from her grandpa and she was able to help with that.

Kavruk says it’s not necessary. Her father is innocent and the police don’t lock up innocent people. (If only.)

A couple of supermodels with briefcases walk down the bland, institutional hallway of the police station. The woman walks into a medieval, dimly-lit interrogation room. She stares at Sancar, looking like she wants to laugh, and doesn’t speak to him until he gets his foot off the other chair. She’s an investigator from the financial crimes department.

Gediz gets the boy supermodel, Turbut. He prefers not to greet people until after he’s heard their confession.

Ms. Supermodel Investigator says that in Gediz’s dad’s last year as presidente municipal he reported a theft of 9 million lira. Later the same year, Gediz and Sancar founded their business, with 9 million lira. There’s an explanation, right?

In the next room, Gediz says it’s just a coincidence. Turbut practically growls at him to tell the truth.

Sancar tells Ms. SI Gediz played the stock market.

Ms. SI says if that’s true, there’s a paper trail.

Gediz tells Turbut there’s not a record because he made the money in the US. On Wall Street.

Turbut laughs his “Don’t mess with me rich boy, guys like you used to mess with me in college and now I’m going to make you pay” laugh. Wall Street. Riiiiight. Then there’s a record from an American bank. What’s the name?

Sancar explains that this was before a bunch of banks went bust in the US financial crisis. He says the bank was Neiman Brothers.

And Gediz took the money out before the bank went under. OK, but if Gediz had 9 million lira, what did he need Sancar for? What was he bringing to the table? (I’m not sure this is relevant to how they got the money.)

Gediz says all he knows about olives is they come in two colors. He’s just the money man. Sancar does the rest.

Turbut says that’s a nice story, but just how much does he trust his partner? Because Sancar could be over there saying Gediz stole the money and he had nothing to do with it.

Sancar says Gediz would never steal from the town. If he needed money, he would have asked his father. He wouldn’t have needed to steal it.

But Gediz and his father weren’t getting along. Maybe Gediz stole the money and then Sancar found out and gave it back six months later.

Turbut points out that when the money was returned, there was an extra million.

Gediz goes back over this theory…He stole 9 million lira from his father, then six months later he felt so bad about it that he gave it back and added another million? “I may look like a superhero, but I’m no Robin Hood!”

Sancar says it was Koroghlu (Turkish folk hero similar to Robin Hood).

She knows the legends. But what if he found out it was someone else. They’ve been investigating for years and the money went to several business accounts. What if Gediz was really the one who stole the money and he just used Sancar as a front.

Sancar laughs at her attempt to sow doubts. It’s not going to work.

She tells him to think about it–Gediz comes from a rich family, his father was municipal president, why did he choose Sancar as a business partner? After all, he’s not the son of just any old farmer. Doesn’t he think he’s the perfect person for this job?

Halice remembers the past, when she was a servant in the house she owns now, ladling out soup for Refika. She starts sobbing in the foyer and the rest of the family come rushing downstairs. She says she was nine when she first came to this house. She used to rub Refika’s back. She was a nobody…but her son made her the lady of the mansion and she never lowered her gaze again. She asks who is responsible for all her pain. Yahya says it’s the ambassador.

Nare wakes up in the back seat of a car, seeing the man who attacked her in the driver’s seat, and then Akin. She wakes up for real and Müge tells her it’s completely normal to have nightmares when you’ve been through terrible things. They’re at Gediz’s house. The cop assures them they’ll find Nare’s attackers as soon as possible and they’ll bring her purse and cell phone as soon as they find them.

Nare’s sitting in Gediz’s living room, dazed, remembering the recent violent attacks of Necdet’s friends and of Akin. The ringing doorbell gets her attention and she limps up to the door, opening it to find Menekşe standing there. The rest of the family and Refika pop up behind her. As soon as they’re in the house, Halice more or less tells Refika to throw Nare out of her house, since it’s her father’s fault the boys are in jail.

Müge comes downstairs to put a stop to this nonsense. Nare got attacked by her father’s men for trying to warn Sancar and Gediz. Even though she was wounded, she insisted they go to the hotel and take out all the cash. “And y’all don’t even thank her, you just throw her out of the house.”

Yahya certainly looks grateful, and admiring. Elvan flashes a peace sign at Müge and Müge winks back at her.

Halice says she thought it was an accident.

Nope, Nare got attacked by criminals. First they tried to tell her to get out of town and then when she wouldn’t go, they started chasing her.

Halice’s face: “Oh, shit! That was Necdet!”

Menekşe finally manages to say “I hope you get better soon. I’m sorry.” Everyone but the two moms echo Menekse.

Halice starts asking if she filed a complaint and has the investigation found anything yet. Yahya’s like “What the hell, mom?”

Müge says again that Nare was attacked…and her bath is probably ready and she should go on upstairs.

Nare’s like “No, it’s cool, I’ll stay at a hotel.”

Refika finally speaks up, “The hell you are! You’re staying here! I’m not letting you leave when you’re hurt like that! You helped my son and risked your life to get that money, who knows why, but I’m grateful. Now get upstairs, have a shower, and rest.”

Everyone gets real quiet for a minute. And then Nare says, “Señora…are you feeling ok?”

Oh, she’s feeling great, thanks to Nare. She starts giving orders like it’s her own damn house, assigning bedrooms and telling everybody to go to their rooms and rest. (Yeah, sorry, Halice, I think you just lost Alpha Friend status.)

The boys are still being interrogated, or rather asked to confess so everyone can go home.

Gediz and Sancar both point out that the cops have a lot of information that seems to have come from someone on the inside. Sancar says he and Gediz have a lot of enemies. Who? Well, that’s their job to find out.

Nare’s in the tub, having flashbacks. Müge calls out that she’s brought dinner.

This frickin’ interrogation. Sancar’s complaining about needing to go find the men who attacked his daughter’s mother. She’s like “Yeah, I’ve got a kid too.”

So when Sancar ran out of money in 2001 he went to rough up the ambassador to get money out of him.

Sancar says that’s not how it went. The ambassador offered him money and he shoved it in the ambassador’s mouth.

As if this whole thing wasn’t weird enough already, now she’s asking him if he still loves Nare and she’s suggesting that he took the ambassador’s attempted bribery personally and robbed the city.

Sancar has had it with her. Does this work on her kid? She probably doesn’t even have one, does she. She probably makes up a different story depending on who she’s interrogating. But the thing is, he’s not a guy who has ever believed in fables. So if she’s done, he’d like to get out of there and find the guys who attacked the mother of his child.

She tells him he’s being accused of premeditated theft and the court won’t resolve the case for about a year, during which he’ll be held in this prison. He’s not going to see the light of day for a very long time.

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