Buscando a Frida, jueves 1 de abril, Capítulo 48

Salvador does not drown Rafaela, but she’s just had the fright of her life.

Back at Martín’s house, Pedroza asks for his gun so he doesn’t go trying to shoot any more random miscreants. He tries to talk Cabrera into not continuing to work the case. He hasn’t seen him like this since Itzel and Sofia died. And he picked himself up then.

“For all the good it did.”

Pedroza doesn’t blame him for their deaths. He warns Martín that if he keeps on like this no one will be able to defend him.

Rafaela’s asking Salvador what’s wrong with him, but I feel like she should be kicking him out or calling the cops or something. He tried to kill her!! She accuses him of having an amante. Who is she that she’s got him all messed up like this? Does he love her? Is it just lust?

He says he was just feeling…alone. She was with Enrique and didn’t want anything to do with him.

So he wants to drown her and move his amante in here?

He keeps insisting he loves her and the kids. The family is all that matters to him. No, it’s not Sasha!

Rafaela will forgive him, but he has to get rid of “her.”

Abelardo sticks a picture of the girls up where he can see them as he tries to sleep.

Salvador thinks about Rafaela telling him to get rid of “her.” He goes to the office, takes a gun out of his briefcase, and puts it in his safe.

Marcela turns off the TV while the girls are watching the news. And there are reporters outside, so she’d rather they stay home with her today. Cabrera calls, but she doesn’t answer the phone.

Gabi’s still freaking out about poor innocent Abelardo.

Antonio gets an email with the photo of him in Ángel’s bed and goes over to accuse Ángel of having sent it.

Salvador calls Rafaela to ask how she’s feeling. She says her neck hurts, but that’s it.

He asks about lunch, but she’s going to see Abelardo.

He gives her a pleading “I love you.”

He starts flipping through the incriminating photos on his camera. Is he deleting them?

Rafaela and Enrique visit Abelardo together. The judge is considering their appeal. They’re also thinking of having him sent back to the hospital. The family’s all behind him, “Except for Marcela.”

He and Rafaela snipe at each other about unfaithful spouses and why it’s OK to take one of them back, but not the other, bla bla bla hypocrisy.

Ángel admits he took the photo, but he didn’t send it to Antonio and he doesn’t know how it got there. He has it saved to the cloud. Maybe somebody hacked him.

Antonio thinks Ángel is trying to force him out of the closet. He complains that every time he starts to trust him, something like this happens.

When he storms out of the apartment, Angel goes looking for the photo and it’s no longer where he hid it.

Rafaela talks to Cabrera at Abelardo’s request. He notices the marks on her neck, but doesn’t mention them. He’s just trying to get the answer to one question…does she know Eric Bernard?

Rafaela’s never heard of him. Cabrera says Salvador denied knowing him too, with the same look of surprise she’s giving him now.

Anyway, that’s his only question. After he leaves, Rafaela looks worried.

Rafaela goes to Salvador’s office to tell him about Cabrera mentioning Eric Bernard. She wants to know why Salvador lied and said he didn’t know him.

Salvador wonders why Rafaela lied and said she’d never heard of him because she can’t stand Cabrera and it’s obvious he hates the family, etc.

Well, that’s why Salvador lied to him too.

Rafaela’s curious why Cabrera was asking about him, but Salvador convinces her they just need to stay away from Cabrera.

Marcela goes to the police office to meet with Zambrano. She still refuses to help them and Zambrano doesn’t understand how she can think Abelardo is innocent after seeing the photos. Well, she’s admitting she made a mistake and she hopes Zambrano can do the same.

Ángel tells Antonio he printed the photo and it’s missing. He swears he had nothing to do with this. He kept the photo in a book in a drawer…he remembers the day they were at the apartment and they thought they heard the door? Ángel’s convinced someone was in the apartment and took the picture.

Tomás and Diego are hanging out. Diego’s grumpy. Sure, partly about Frida. Also because Tio Abelardo could have taken her. The whole family is weird.

Gabi gets home. She apparently also saw Abelardo and she’s all upset. Again.

Marcela’s reading the paper. She’s no longer worried about not reading them herself, as long as the girls don’t see them.

Cabrera comes over. He tries to convince her that her reactions to the evidence were normal. She was just trying to protect her daughters. But really what he wants to know is what’s going to happen with them.

Oh, it’s over.

Cabrera’s disappointed, but says he’s still going to keep his promise to find Frida.

Marcela shows him out, leans against the door for a few moments, then rushes over to the security monitor by the front door to watch him walk away.

Antonio comes over to the house to ask Marcela if she mentioned to anyone what happened in Cuernavaca?

Salvador’s actually getting some work done. Sasha comes in with bad news. The Oaxaca resort project is cancelled. They feel like they’re being ignored, there’s a lack of professionalism.

Cabrera calls Salvador and says they need to have a conversation in person.

And he’d do that why?

Because Cabrera will call him every 20 minutes until he agrees.

Marcela tells Antonio she didn’t tell anyone. She tried to warn him the truth always comes out.

Antonio swears he and Ángel are over.

Marcela thinks it must be terrible to hide who you love and pretend to be someone you’re not.

Rafaela gets to her office and finds Enrique reviewing some paperwork. She hands over the medical report about Abelardo.

He mentions Abelardo asked him to look into a Canadian guy who may have had something to do with the cabin where they were holding Frida. Eric Bernard.

Cabrera gets to Salvador’s office, where Salvador is waiting to talk to him…and so is Zambrano.

Cabrera sticks to his story–he can talk to whoever he wants to if they agree to talk to him.

Salvador pretends calm, talking about not knowing Bernard and how you never know everyone at a convention.

Cabrera keeps getting more and more worked up. Zambrano walks him out.

Enrique explains to Rafaela that Bernard owned the cabin. He’s dead, but someone’s gotta be taking care of it and that’s who Cabrera is looking for.

He notices something is up, but Rafaela says she’s fine, she just didn’t sleep well last night. Enrique thanks her for the doctor’s report and leaves her office.

Later, Rafaela leaves the office too, stumbling towards the elevator in a daze.

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