Buscando a Frida, lunes 29 de marzo, Capítulo 45

Rafaela’s suspicious about Salvador having a safe in his office. He also now has a mini-pantry to pretend going out for groceries is totally normal for him. He calms Rafaela down with an “I love you,” and she says she’ll calm down…but she’s still staring at the safe.

Cabrera and Marcela are hanging out at his place. Cantú calls to tell him it’s a 20 year old cabin, the owner hasn’t been there in three years. The Canadian police still can’t find him, but he’s a businessman who travels a lot. He doesn’t look familiar to Marcela. Cabrera tells her he thinks this guy knows the kidnapper.

Rafaela and Antonio meet with Abelardo about Antonio being interim president of the company. Abelardo bla bla blas about the history of the company. He makes a big deal of saying he needs a man “in every way” to run the company.

Gabi announces Antonio’s nombramiento to Ángel where EVERYONE can hear her. Sasha’s like “congrats” and Gabi tells her off.

Abelardo doesn’t recognize the guy who owns the cabin or the names of any of his companies. Cabrera explains that they think the owner is somehow connected to the kidnapper, when at first they thought it was a break-in.

Gabi goes over to Antonio’s office to congratulate him on being president! He tells her not to get too excited. It’s only temporary.

Well, Gabi’s planning a party anyway.

Ángel shows up early to the party and Diego answers the door. Gabi sends Diego upstairs to tell Antonio to come down and say hi to Ángel. Diego’s in angry mute teenager mode.

Pedroza is over at Cabrera’s complaining that he’s supposed to be off the case. And yet, they talk about Cabrera’s suspicions about the owner of the cabin. There’s no legal way for Cabrera to interview that guy. Pedroza realizes Cabrera no longer thinks Abelardo is guilty, despite all their evidence. Cabrera begs Pedroza to help him find that guy.

Rafaela’s pouring herself a pretty full glass of wine. She claims Salvador isn’t there because he knew Enrique would be there.

Gabi calls for a toast to Antonio being president…he says again that it’s interim. Diego keeps glaring at all the adults. He sneaks into the closet and grabs Ángel’s keys out of his jacket pocket.

Marcela’s getting something out of the bedroom when she runs into Abelardo. He thanks her for supporting him in front of the fiscal and once again he insists he doesn’t have Frida.

Rafaela’s drunk and everyone knows it. Enrique insists he’s going to drive her home. Gabi gives another option–Rafaela can stay the night.

Ángel can’t find his apartment keys.

Enrique brings Rafaela home and carries her to bed because she can’t walk. She sobs drunkenly on Enrique’s shoulder that Salvador’s cheating on her, that he doesn’t love her, that he must be out with “her” now and she shouldn’t have left the company and she’s stupid…

Ingrid walks in on them and Enrique explains to her that her mom’s drunk and that’s why he brought her home. Rafaela goes off to the bathroom to throw up and Ingrid and Enrique look at each other awkwardly.

Enrique’s tucking in his shirt on the way to the front door, not that Salvador needed that little gesture to get mad about. Enrique explains Rafaela was drunk, that she said he was cheating on her.

Salvador’s all “Oh please, she doesn’t need either one of us.” Enrique’s not so sure.

Ingrid comes running up to Salvador freaking out that her parents are going to separate again.

OK, Gabi, you’re proud of Antonio, we get it. She bugs Diego to wish him luck. “Good luck, and like you always say to me, don’t screw it up.”

Cabrera’s frustrated with the Canadian police. They’ve said they’ll send some information next week. And he can’t wait that long, so he’s flying to Vancouver. Cantú doesn’t approve of this plan and neither do I.

Diego gets into Ángel’s apartment. Is it breaking and entering if you have keys? I don’t know what he’s looking for. A copy of The Gay Agenda? Oh, damn, he found the photo Ángel took of Antonio in his bed.

Antonio’s checking in with Abelardo and saying he’ll run every decision by him. Won’t that be efficient.

Rafaela wakes up with a hangover. Salvador starts in on her about whether she slept with Enrique and that Ingrid saw them and Ingrid being upset. The conversation goes downhill from there.

Ángel gets home and Diego hides. Antonio comes over. Diego watches as they…well, they act like a couple. How has work been so far, I made you a salad…

Rafaela explains to Ingrid that Enrique brought her home because she was drunk. She and Salvador aren’t getting separated again.

Gabi came over to check on Rafaela. She mentions Salvador has barely been at work lately. Rafaela asks Gabi to stay out of her and Salvador’s problems.

Now Diego’s watching while Antonio and Ángel have salad and wine and Antonio thanks Ángel for his support and Ángel says he’ll take his thanks in physical form. Their kissing sounds exaggerated from Diego’s pov. He waits for Ángel to sneak into the bathroom with Antonio and walks out of the apartment. They both hear the door closing and the best explanation they can come up with is…ghost?

Diego is not OK. He starts attacking everyone he sees on the street.

Marcela comes over to Cabrera’s after Cantú’s call. Cantú calls again–they found Eric Bernard (aka the Canadian guy) but he died two weeks ago.

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