Buscando a Frida, martes 30 de marzo, Capítulo 46

Marcela wonders if Bernard’s death is connected to the kidnapping. Cabrera tells her to go, since Cantú’s on her way over to work with him. She gets to the apartment ridiculously fast.

Cantú says Bernard died of cancer. Only one of his kids lives in Vancouver. She thinks Cabrera’s obsessed. She’ll get him the information about Bernard, but if Cabrera goes to Vancouver, he can forget about her. (Personally or passing him information?)

Sasha alerts Ángel that Salvador’s in the office when he comes back from lunch. She thinks he’d better get in there and talk to him before he leaves again.

Ángel was apparently appointed by the rest of the office to talk to Salvador about never being in the office. Sure, they can work without him, but someone needs to make decisions. They’ve already lost two projects.

All Salvador will say is thanks and he’ll take care of it.

“OK. You’re the boss.”

They’re having another useless team meeting at the police office when Cabrera shows up, begging for Bernard’s financial information. Pedroza throws him out, but Zambrano walks in. She doesn’t know how he’s survived so long defying authority, but he’s done. He’s out.

Marcela’s in the study, crying over a framed family photo. Rosita’s concerned about her. Marcela admits she’s afraid of finding out what really happened to Frida.

Marcela hears Abelardo screaming at someone over the phone. He complains that Zambrano’s not going to stop until she puts him in jail.

Robles gloats about Cabrera being fired, about Cantú sleeping with him, and how it got her nowhere. Cantú tells him to stuff it.

Zambrano and Pedroza argue about firing Cabrera. Zambrano’s feeling the pressure to wrap up this case.

Pedroza tells her how dedicated, etc. Martin has been….

But we see that right now he’s self-medicating with tequila. He’s fighting with gravity and gravity seems to be winning.

Gabi went shopping for maternity clothes…months ago. She wants Diego’s opinion on her horrible dress. I’m sorry, it might look better on, but that shade of blue does not go with that shade of pink. Diego’s not enthusiastic enough and she assumes he’s just down because of Frida.

Antonio calls to tell her he’ll be home late. Work. Diego’s not buying it.

Cabrera drunk-dials Marcela and begs her to come over…because he is epically not OK. At least Max is there, but nobody ever listens to Max.

It’s a good thing Cabrera left his door unlocked. Marcela finds him sitting on his bedroom floor having trouble breathing and talking about his pills and telling her to call Dr. Amanda.

Ingrid’s all excited about family dinner, but Salvador’s going out to party with some of his architecture peeps.

Rafaela doesn’t believe him, but he doesn’t care. Ingrid heads for the bedroom area and Rafaela says he might as well go. As soon as he’s left, Tomás says Frida’s locked in the bathroom and Rafaela runs out to get Salvador.

Amanda comes over and asks Marcela to let her talk to Martín alone. He complains about having a reaction to the pills.

Right, well, he’s not supposed to mix them with alcohol. She gets him breathing, gets his legs elevated, tells Marcela he’s going to be OK and leaves.

Salvador comes back to the apartment. He’s cleaning Ingrid up and asking what happened. Tomás is furious with his parents for even having them. Rafaela’s angry at Ingrid’s therapist. Salvador promises he and Rafaela aren’t going to split up again.

Martín is still struggling to breathe. Marcela pulls a blanket over him and promises she’s going to be there for him no matter what. She asks how long he’s been seeing Amanda, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. And he’s feeling much better now, so she can go if she wants to. And then he tells her he loves her and love will get them out of this chaos.

Salvador and Rafaela argue again about whose fault it is that Ingrid is not OK.

Frida wakes up in her room in the cabin. She’s looking for food, but she can’t find any. She starts banging on the wall and shouting for help.

Everybody’s making a big deal about Antonio’s first day as president. Enrique insists on him using Abelardo’s office. He says Abelardo’s OK with it and Rafaela’s the one who suggested it. He gets an email notification from [blurred out].

Rafaela confronts Salvador about not being in the office. She wants him to stay home today, but he says he can’t. He refuses to let her into the bathroom and screams at her to leave him alone.

Marcela comes home and finds Zambrano in the living room. She’s having Abelardo transferred to a prison.

Antonio calls Ángel and says he got an email from someone who knows he’s gay and has his work email.

Diego picks a fight at school.

Now that Abelardo is healthy, Zambrano wants him in jail. He won’t be getting any special treatment until he tells them where Frida is. She tells Marcela that Abelardo is a danger to society and to his daughters. This is what’s best for everyone.

Cantú reads Eric Bernard’s file and he belonged to an association of architects. That gets Cabrera looking at Salvador’s picture on the board.

Salvador goes to the cabin. It’s a bit of a walk from the parking area. Frida’s waiting quietly for him and stabs him in the chest with a screwdriver. She makes a run for it, screaming for help. Yeah, Salvador, you just keep that blood pumping.

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