Buscando a Frida, miercoles 31 de marzo, Capítulo 47

Frida keeps running and screaming for help. Salvador suddenly stops chasing her.

Cantú doesn’t think Salvador has Frida. Cabrera points out that he’s an architect and he could have met Bernard at a conference. Plus he fits the profile Amanda gave him.

Frida’s still running. She hides behind a large rock and Salvador pops up out of nowhere and drags her back to the cabin. With that chest wound? I call BS. When they get back to the cabin, he ties Frida up. I’m guessing malnutrition keeps her from being able to overpower him.

Abelardo gets to prison. He has a solid door on his cell and no roommate, so far.

Zambrano tells the press she’s not giving Abelardo any special privileges. Rafaela confronts Zambrano about being a big mean meanie for not letting her poor innocent brother have special privileges.

Tomás asks Diego what’s going on with him, but he doesn’t get an answer before a school official comes to take Diego to the principal’s office on account of the earlier fight.

Antonio is stressing about the mystery email, who it came from, and what they want. And he and Ángel spend several minutes of company time discussing it. Gabi calls to tell him Abelardo got transferred to prison.

Hey, Salvador’s in the office. Cabrera’s waiting for him. He asks if Salvador knows Eric Bernard and Sasha makes a face like she recognizes the name.

Gabi’s at home crying her eyes out about Abelardo. (I can’t summon much sympathy. He’s just getting treated the way everyone without money and influence gets treated. And everyone who whines about it is basically whining on the grounds that they “know” he’s innocent because he’s a Pons.)

Salvador asks Cabrera to make an appointment next time he wants to talk. But no, he doesn’t know Eric Bernard.

Cabrera tells him Bernard owned the cabin where Frida was being held. He knows Frida hung out with Tomás a lot. Did she ever mention a relationship with an older man? Because she went to that cabin months ago.

Salvador’s bleeding through his shirt and I hope he doesn’t have an up-to-date tetanus shot.

Sasha saw the news about Abelardo and she’s freaking out and begging Enrique to help her get in to see him. He tells her to calm down, he’ll keep her informed, and he’s gotta run to a family meeting.

Cabrera’s still thinking about Salvador and his possible connection to Eric Bernard….

Salvador’s dealing with his wound at home.

Cabrera calls a school to ask about Salvador taught/teaches architecture classes and whether they paid for him to attend a conference in Vancouver.

Marcela comes over. She wants Cabrera to tell her she did the right thing in trusting him.

Well, he can’t. Because he’s not sure.

Marcela blames him for making her think Abelardo was abusing Frida. She needs to know if he thinks Abelardo is guilty or not.

No, he doesn’t.

Marcela slaps him across the face.

Cabrera keeps whining about all the evidence pointing to Abelardo, but now it isn’t. And he’s not going to tell her for sure that it’s not Abelardo and make the same mistake twice.

Marcela walks out, angry, and Cabrera breaks a bottle of tequila

Salvador tells Rafaela he has an upset stomach. He keeps having to hide the bloody towel he used to clean up and he cringes every time Rafaela’s back is turned. She’s going on about Frida probably being dead.

Pedroza tells Zambrano that they found Bernard’s son and they’re working on obtaining list of his assets. Zambrano doesn’t think it’s going to help. She needs something to use to pressure Abelardo.

And BTW, she wants him to sign the paperwork to fire Cabrera. He refuses.

The family come over to see Marcela. Gabi and Rafaela take several minutes to complain about how little Marcela obviously cares about Abelardo and what a terrible person she is…but they need her to testify in his favor.

Marcela finally gets a word in and says Abelardo’s not guilty.

(It still irks me to hear them talking about how Abelardo doesn’t deserve to be in jail, like everyone else in jail does deserve to be there? For what? The crime of not being able to make bail?)

Marcela visits Abelardo. She wants him to forgive her for not believing him. There was just so much stuff with the bank card and the trip to Paris…she didn’t know what to think.

Rather than forgive her, Abelardo goes on and on about how awful she was and says he can’t forgive her. (Fair enough, but he’s been pretty abusive lately and he keeps acting like he’s got the moral high ground.)

Gabi. Dinner. Crying. Ángel comes over and Diego wants to leave the dinner table. Gabi’s still going on about her poor innocent brother.

Diego doesn’t see what she’s so worried about if she thinks his uncle is innocent. Of course the cops are suspicious of him, it’s their job!

Cabrera’s at a strip club? Pedroza came to make sure he made it back to his apartment OK. They complain about Zambrano. (Which is another thing I’m sick of! We finally get a woman in a position of power and Zambrano is living up to every bad stereotype of the corrupt prosecutor who only cares about closing cases, not justice.)

Pedroza walks Cabrera out through a strange bathroom, where a group of guys are harassing a woman. Cabrera pulls a gun on them.

Caro heard her dad is in jail. Marcela says he didn’t do what they’re saying he did.

Pedroza gets Cabrera to let the guys go.

Rafaela’s trying to convince Salvador to get into a bubble bath with her, but he can’t exactly go showing off his (hopefully) infected chest wound.

She grabs his shoulder from behind and he flips out and holds her under the water, screaming that he doesn’t want to!

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