Buscando a Frida, viernes 2 de abril, Capítulo 49

Salvador goes to the cabin with a shovel and a duffle bag. He starts digging a hole…literally, not he hole he’s been digging for himself. He burns the cash he collected back when this was just an innocent little kidnapping prank.

Cabrera tries to convince Zambrano that the cabin is significant.

So what about the photos? The bank card? She tells him he’s out. Pedroza agrees. He needs to hand over his badge and his gun.

Caro begs Marcela to let her visit her dad. And unlike Laura, she knows exactly where he is.

Cabrera hands over his badge and gun and keeps complaining about how he did his job.

Pedroza agrees with Zambrano that Cabrera’s done. And Cabrera still insists he’s going to find Frida.

Abelardo’s happy to see Caro. I guess this visiting room doesn’t have a “no touching” rule.

Salvador goes into the cabin with his gun, aims it at Frida, and from outside the cabin we hear the gun go off.

Yeah, he didn’t shoot her. But he doesn’t think he can let her go or she’ll rat him out (like he deserves). She keeps begging him to let her leave while he walks out of the room, leaving her tied up.

Martín calls Marcela from outside the house. She lets him in and he tells her he got fired because Zambrano is desperate to save her rep or whatever. Then he’s on again about how he’s going to find Frida.

Rafaela’s waiting for Salvador to get home, thinking about what Enrique said about Eric Bernard. He actually walks in right after she leaves him a message. She demands to know WTF is going on, but he just wants to get some sleep.

In the bedroom, he takes a handful of sleeping pills. Rafaela keeps asking where he’s been and telling him not to hide stuff from her. And he’s unbuttoning his shirt, so she might get a dose of honesty she’s not ready for.

Antonio finds Diego smoking pot in his room. He thinks about hitting him, but he ends up saying if he finds him smoking again he’ll send him to rehab.

Ingrid wanders into her parents’ bedroom to check on her dad. Rafaela says he’s just exhausted, but he’ll be better tomorrow.

Well…Ingrid doesn’t think her mom should be drinking. Rafaela puts down her glass just long enough for Ingrid to leave the room.

Sasha visits Abelardo. This time, the guard reminds them to stay seated. After the usual pleasantries, he asks if she’s heard of this Eric Bernard guy and she has, but she can’t quite remember where.

Cantú comes over to Cabrera’s, where he’s amassed a collection of bottles on his coffee table. He’s sunk deep in self-pity, but like he keeps saying, he’s going to keep investigating. Well, Cantú’s not going to help him. She doesn’t think this is good for him.

Gabi and Rafaela meet in Salvaor’s office. Rafaela says she doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s depressed or something. She asks Gabi to cover for him, and in the meantime, Rafaela will take over the meeting with the lawyers about Abelardo.

But first she has a drink.

Salvador’s having a nightmare. He wakes up screaming for Frida and Tomás walks in, wondering what that’s all about.

Cabrera lays a guilt trip on Cantú for daring to think anything is more important than finding Frida. Like her job.

Cantú says she’s trying to help him, but he’s pushing her away. He knows she’s in love with him, but even that’s not going to do him any good now. She’s done enabling him.

Tomás asks if Salvador was dreaming about Frida. He dreams about her sometimes too.

Sasha’s searching for info in the office about Eric Bernard, but Ángel doesn’t recognize the name. Seeing Gabi coming over she flees. Gabi dumps an armload of plans on Ángel’s desk and says this is a bunch of work that’s been neglected and has to get done today.

As Ángel starts to get to work the sexi picture of Antonio pops up on his laptop. He’s in such a hurry to slam the lid shut that he catches Gabi’s hand in the process.

The cops are headed out to do something or other and Cabrera approaches Pedroza to ask for all the information on Bernard and his financial info.

Pedroza’s like “Seriously, you’re fired, I’m not giving you any info, I never want to see you again.”

Ángel comes to Antonio’s office to tell him he got an email from the same harasser. Antonio’s got Ángel by the lapels when Enrique walks in.

Enrique doesn’t buy that nothing’s going on, but he seems to accept Antonio’s story that he lent Ángel some money that Ángel hasn’t repaid.

Abelardo’s trying to pray his way out of a panic attack.

Salvador thinks about calling Cabrera.

Rafaela gets home and finds Salvador sitting in the living room with the lights out. He says he’s going out, but he asks to talk to her first. In their bedroom. Behind a closed door.

He’s sorry for making her suffer. He never wanted to affect her or the kids. He doesn’t know how he got into this…it was just something crazy, then a risky game, then it became a trap. He can’t get out. No one can help him. She’s going to stay there and he’s going to go talk to Cabrera. To tell him everything. He can’t keep lying.

“It’s me. It’s me, Rafaela. I have Frida. I have Frida….” Rafaela’s face goes from confused to terrified.

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