Buscando a Frida, jueves 8 de abril, Capítulo 53

Salvador finds Sasha in his office. She claims she was just organizing his bookshelves. He starts screaming that no one’s allowed in his office from now on.

Tomás and Ingrid show up in time to hear the tail end of his ranting. They want to go see Frida and they’re asking him because they know their mom won’t like it.

Abelardo comes home to a warm greeting from the girls and Rosita. Laura shows off her drawing of her dad finding Frida.

Martin’s running a team meeting. He asks if he can count on everyone’s loyalty while staring at Robles. “You’re the boss.”

OK, so, what kind of kidnapper wipes down a cabin and burns all the money after they’ve gone to all the trouble of kidnapping someone? It’s someone who knew they would be able to trace the serial numbers. He’s desperate and he’s going to screw up and they’re going to catch him.

Antonio has come around to thinking Diego must know he’s gay and in a relationship with Ángel.

At the hospital, Marcela says she’ll get the doctors to let Tomás and Ingrid see Frida. Salvador’s quietly freaking out as Marcela says Frida opened her eyes.

Antonio won’t go so far as to think Diego was behind the assault. But if Ángel thinks so, then they should just take a break. He just doesn’t have the time right now to give more attention to Diego.

Cabrera and Zambrano argue about whether to drop the charges against Abelardo. Cabrera also gloats about her being wrong and having to admit it in public. (Which as far as I’m concerned is bullshit. No one made her do that.)

Rafaela comes over to see Abelardo. He’s glad she came by. He appreciates his family even more now and he’s sure Frida is going to be fine “because she’s a Pons.”

Rafaela starts crying and tells Abelardo she can’t take it anymore!

Tomás and Ingrid go in to see Frida, but it upsets Ingrid and she asks Salvador to come in with them.

After a glass of water, Rafaela’s over it. Abelardo starts talking about how much Frida loves Rafaela and wants to be like her.

And then he goes on talking about what kind of terrible person hurt Frida like that, shot her, tossed her over a cliff. Once she wakes up, she’ll tell them who did this and Abelardo will make sure they suffer.

Salvador has to leave Frida’s room before he has a panic attack. Or maybe he is having one. Marcela says she knows it’s hard to see Frida that way, but she’ll get better.

Sasha tells Cabrera Abelardo asked her to look into Bernard and she found a picture of him with Salvador at the infamous Vancouver Architecture festival.

Salvador gets home. He’s tormented by Marcela’s reassurances that Frida’s going to recover. He hears the kids talking about Frida. Tomás says she’s going to recover.

Salvador goes into Tomás’s room and starts searching it. He finds a camera…the camera?

Abelardo’s having dinner with Marcela and his sisters. Gabi, of course, has just been through so much and she hopes they catch the person who did it. Rafaela’s like “Frida’s health is the most important thing!” Abelardo starts talking family unity again.

Antonio surprises Diego with fútbol tickets. They reminisce about a game they watched on TV with all of Diego’s friends and Gabi complaining about the mess. Diego’s trying to avoid telling Salvador what’s upsetting him, so instead he asks why Antonio always screws things up.

Ah. Not THE camera, but a video camera so he can record an explanation of what happened. He and their mom were fighting, he “met” someone and they had a relationship, but it was a mistake because it was Frida. He didn’t hurt her, he didn’t want to hurt her. She ran off, they know what she’s like. He hid her and then he kept her locked up, but he didn’t hurt her! He didn’t shoot her!

I thought he might be planning to kill himself, but he’s just skipping the country.

Gabi gets home and Antonio’s not there.

He’s at Ángel’s apartment, telling him it’s over. Diego knows. “Why did I have to fall in love with you?” Antonio laments.

Salvador’s in bed, not sleeping, when Rafaela gets home. He doesn’t want to talk about seeing Frida.

Rafaela wakes up in the middle of the night and Salvador’s not in bed, or in the bathroom, or the apartment…but his confession is sitting on the table. She can’t get through to him on his cell phone. She checks his laptop and sees the confirmation of his flight reservation.

The cops are reviewing the evidence when Cabrera gets a call that Frida’s backpack has been found.

In the hospital, Frida’s having a seizure.

Flashback: Frida’s hanging out with her cousins and she’s tired of the boys acting like little kids. She walked away from the pool, saw Salvador, and started following him.

Cabrera, Cantú, and a tech go through the contents of Frida’s backpack. Cabrera focuses on a sketch of the back of someone’s head, wearing a hood, and says this is the guy they’re looking for.

Rafaela catches up to Salvador at the airport. She says he doesn’t have to run away because he didn’t do anything. He didn’t shoot Frida!

Salvador says she’ll wake up and he’ll be on the hook for kidnapping and attempted homicide. Why is she so sure it wasn’t him?

“Because you’re a coward!”

Is that it, or is it because it was her?

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