Buscando a Frida, lunes 5 de abril, Capítulo 50

Rafaela doesn’t want to believe Salvador. She acts like he’s “joking” and tells him to shut up.

Salvador swears Frida did it herself–she ran away, she threatened to tell everyone they had a relationship.

Nope, Rafaela’s not gonna listen any more. She wants him to say none of it is true. How could he?!

Salvador’s begging forgiveness and Rafaela looks disgusted.

Cabrera’s at the strip club again. Pedroza gaves him the information he asked for about Bernard’s finances. And this is the LAST thing he’s going to do for him. (The last? Not the second-to-last or maybe third-to-last?)

Seriousy, Rafaela, he’s not making it up and it’s not going to go away if you just pretend it’s not real.

Too bad. Salvador can’t deal with it anymore. He didn’t think it would end up this way. And if she doesn’t believe him, he’ll take her to see Frida.

Rafaela is sure as hell not going to agree to that.

Diego’s not in his bed.

Ángel’s walking home when he gets atacked by three men, presumably courtesy of Diego.

Salvador’s driving to the cabin, Rafaela in the passenger seat. He refuses to stop the car or turn around.

Cabrera’s reviewing the list of Bernard’s properties when he decides to take his gun out of a drawer and take a field trip.

Ángel called Antonio to come over to give him first aid. Ángel wonders if maybe this has something to do with the mystery emails. Antonio doesn’t think so. But he’s still got Diego’s disappearance to deal with and Ángel’s not going to report this to the cops so the kids (he thinks they were around Diego’s age) can say he accosted them.

I hope Rafaela wore walking shoes. She reluctantly follows Salvador to the cabin…and Frida’s not there. He swears she was, but the bed is neatly made and there are no groceries in the fridge.

Rafaela thinks Salvador’s just imagining things from the stress of Frida going missing.

He supposes Frida could have gotten free and could be talking to the cops right now. (And she made the bed before she left?)

Rafaela insists she was never there.

Rosita’s praying to the Virgen again. The news is talking about Frida again.

Diego eventually came home. Gabi’s furious because Antonio was looking for him all night. She screams at him that she’s pregnant and she’s not supposed to get upset! She accuses him of not caring about anyone but himself.

Rafaela’s doping Salvador up with sleeping pills. For the record, they did actually go out to that cabin and Rafaela still doesn’t believe Frida was ever there.

Cabrera talks to the guy who tends to the land where the cabins are. He doesn’t know Bernard. Mostly families and couples rent places for short terms.

Martín asks where he can get a coffee.

Marcela comes over to ask Salvador and Rafaela to come to a Mass for Frida. Of course they’ll go.

Cabrera finds a pay phone on the way to the café. He remembers directing forensics guys to collect evidence at the pay phone when they got a call from Frida.

Cantú tells Pedroza she’s worried about Martín. she’s afraid he’ll make a mistake. She’s sure Marcela is taking advantage of him. She treats him like a servant.

In his jeep, Cabrera ignores a call from Pedroza.

Rafaela’s looking for something in the closet. She finds the shirt Salvador had wrapped in the towel. He shows her the wound and says Frida did it. That’s the proof he’s not crazy!

Gabi and Sasha are fussing over Ángel.

Salvador says he eventually went to a doctor to get stitches. He just told them he got attacked and the guy stabbed him with a screwdriver (desarmador – a thing to take stuff apart with). He whines about how hard it’s been to answer all the questions.

Rafaela takes charge. She’ll get rid of the shirt and towel and he needs to hurry up and get ready for the Mass for Frida.

Cabrera appears to have found the cabin where Frida actually was until recently. He finds a way in through the kitchen and calls Frida’s name, but gets no response. He goes from the bedroom into the bathroom and finds a bottle with its contents leaking all over the shelf where it was sitting. Looks like that’s where Salvador’s shot ended up.

Martín starts looking outside the cabin and finds the tools Salvador used to dig his fire pit. He uncovers the ashes under the dirt.

Frida’s lying somewhere outdoors, her face covered in blood. She has a backpack, but she knocks it off the ledge where she’s lying and into the river below.

Marcela’s at the church door with the girls and Rosita, greeting everyone as they walk in. Laura’s got good instincts–she asks Salvador if there’s something wrong. He says he’s just tired.

The Mass hasn’t even started and Salvador’s already overwhelmed with memories of locking Frida up and Frida stabbing him with the screwdriver.

Marcela’s praying for Frida to feel their good vibes and for God to guide their steps.

Martín finds Frida. The music is epic. Frida seems barely conscious and whispers to Martín to tell her mom to forgive her and tell everyone to forgive her. He picks her up and starts the rocky walk back to his car.

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