Buscando a Frida, martes 6 de abril, Capítulo 51

Martin carries Frida to his car, we get snippets of the church service. He tries calling Marcela, but she doesn’t answer. He calls Pedroza to say he found Frida and he’s taking her to a hospital.

Marcela calls Martín back after the mass is over and starts telling everyone they’ve found Frida. Salvador looks creeped out.

The cops head out to collect evidence.

Marcela gets to the hospital before Martín kicks the door open, carrying Frida and screaming for a doctor. Again, the music is epic. Everybody cries.

Salvador and Rafaela are in the car. Salvador’s like “NOW do you believe me?” He’s confused, though, about how Frida got shot if he didn’t shoot her. Rafaela’s still in denial, talking about “the people who had her.” Salvador wonders if her denial is going to stick around when Frida regains consciousness.

Frida did, in fact, have a bullet lodged in her chest.

Martín’s giving Zambrano, Cantú, and Pedroza his report. He’s assuming the pit was where whoever had Frida was going to bury her. Pedroza says something must have gone wrong.

Zambrano’s off to talk to the press…and she wants Martin to come with her. Martín tells the press thanks to the work of his team, Frida’s been found.

Enrique goes to the prison to talk with Abelardo. He heard Frida was found, but he didn’t know about her getting shot or that she was in surgery. He’s desperate to get out and be with her.

The rest of the family are in the hospital waiting area. Antonio tells everyone that there’s more surgery to go and they have to pray.

Rafaela follows Salvador to the men’s room . She insists that he’s making things up and he needs to shut up and take the kids home. Salvador’s panicking that Frida’s going to wake up and talk and here he is waiting for it.

Martín’s walking Pedroza and Zambrano through the area where he found Frida. Zambrano feels like they’re missing something. She suggests that Abelardo’s accomplice must have done it to help Abelardo. I’m pretty sure no one agrees with her.

The cops collect evidence and speculate about what happened. Robles is pissed off that Cabrera seems to have been re-hired.

At the cabin, Cantú says the whole place has been cleaned with bleach. Cabrera shows the others the path of the bullet that ended up in the wall and says it’s the same caliber of the one in Frida’s chest.

The apartment by the pay phone, the first cabin, and this cabin are all owned by Bernard. Zambrano’s still insisting Abelardo did it and interpreting everything in a way that supports her theory. This time she’s sure Abelardo must know Bernard.

In the hospital, Frida’s having DNA collected.

Ángel comes over to see Gabi, but Diego tells him to leave or he’s going to give Ángel a beating worse than the one he got outside the apartment.

Antonio tells Ángel to come upstairs and help him with Gabi, who is freaking out again…as usual.

Salvador and Rafaela are at home, waiting for news. Instead they get a call from Gabi who’s all frantic that Marcela’s not answering her phone to give Gabi the intel she so desperately needs. Rafaela’s like “Maybe she’s resting.”

Robles is acting like this is his investigation, telling everyone to be thorough (like they wouldn’t if he didn’t ask them?) He thinks the cleanup job took more than one person.

Cantú’s hearing some suspiciously squeaky floorboards. She has the guys move the bed so she can lift the floorboard. It’s a letter from Frida to her dad.

Antonio and Ángel meet at Ángel’s apartment. Ángel tells him about the argument with Diego and the threat to give him a beating. Ángel’s sure Diego knows what’s going on between them and he’s the one who had those guys beat him up.

Marcela sees Frida open her eyes and starts shouting for the doctor. (I personally didn’t see her eyes open, but OK.)

Salvador has had it with “all this.” He can barely sleep. Cabrera comes over to the apartment to talk to Salvador. And he’s officially back on the case, so if Rafaela won’t let him in, he’ll come back with a warrant. Rafaela lets him in, but she insists on being there while they talk.

Cabrera tells them both cabins and an apartment where Frida was being held were owned by Eric Bernard. Someone was feeding her, bringing her chocolates. Given the gunshot wound, Frida was facing her attacker. When she wakes up, she’ll be able to tell them who shot her.

The doctors kick Marcela out of the room so they can examine Frida.

Marcela tells Gabi that Frida opened her eyes.

Rafaela asks Cabrera not to bother them until Frida does wake up and name her attacker.

As much as Salvador wanted to turn himself in, now he’s accepting all of Rafaela’s excuses on his behalf.

Gabi calls to say Frida opened her eyes and Rafaela announces it to Salvador and Cabrera. Cabrera’s not buying Salvador’s fake-happy face.

Once Cabrera’s gone, Salvador whines to Rafaela that Frida’s awake and everyone’s going to find out.

Rafaela orders him to take a sedative and get some sleep. She’s going to go visit her niece.

Rafaela gets to the hospital, talks to Gabi and Marcela, and says she’ll join them in the cafeteria, but she’s going to the bathroom first. Instead she sneaks in to see Frida. Frida’s eyes pop open.

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