Buscando a Frida, miércoles 7 de abril, Capítulo 52

Frida keeps staring at Rafaela, but her eyes aren’t tracking. A nurse comes in and tells Rafaela she’s not supposed to be in there without permission. Rafaela keeps digging for information until she runs out of questions.

Cantú is reading the letter Frida wrote and the experts have confirmed it’s her handwriting and wasn’t written under duress. It’s mostly “Love you, dad, sorry I reacted badly to your lies.” Zambrano’s sending copies to Abelardo’s lawyers.

Enrique visits Abelardo again and tries to keep him calm. Abelardo’s way too excited for that. He takes all the credit for Frida’s escape, because obviously she’s just like him!

Zambrano hasn’t decided to let Abelardo out. Cantú and Pedroza both insist the letter written by Frida exculpates him.

Gabi’s at the office freaking out…oh, that’s right, she’s supposed to be in charge. Now she can channel all her anxiety into that.

Sasha and Ángel are muttering about Gabi and then Ángel comes across an article about Bernard’s death. He’s showing it to Sasha when Salvador comes in…just for a second…to pick something up and then he’s leaving again. No, he doesn’t want to talk to anybody.

Cabrera visits Abelardo, who graciously puts aside all the crappy things he ever said about Cabrera and thanks him for rescuing Frida.

Cabrera brought a copy of the letter with him. He thinks it implies that Frida knew he was being blamed.

Abelardo wants reassurance that the kidnappers didn’t do “anything else” to Frida.

Enrique comes over to tell Marcela that Abelardo will be home soon, thanks to Frida’s letter. She seems kind of upset that the letter didn’t mention her and that Cabrera’s the one who gave a copy of the letter to Abelardo.

Rafaela realizes Salvador’s not in the apartment when she gets home. She rushes right back out to look for him, but tells the kids everything is fine.

Gabi tries to talk Salvador into working on a project…and not mixing his pills with booze. Salvador kicks her out of his office. He goes to the safe and the gun is missing. Well. Isn’t that stressful.

Salvador comes out of his office screaming about someone searching his office and taking things out of the safe. Rafaela arrives and they retreat to Salvador’s office while everybody else looks at each other like “Damn. I hate updating my resume.”

I totally thought it was Rafaela who got into the safe, but if it was she’s gaslighting Salvador now. Maybe the things he’s missing were never in there. If it’s empty it means he didn’t do anything.

Dinner at Gabi’s is subdued. She goes upstairs without finishing her dinner. Diego goes out, but Antonio stops him to tell him not to smoke pot and not to get into any trouble.

Diego says he won’t because he faces his problems. (Jajaja suuuuuuure.)

Antonio decides to follow him. This seems like a great idea.

Diego meets three guys in the park and Antonio remembers what Ángel said about three guys Diego’s age beating him up.

Cabrera gets home and finds Marcela waiting outside his apartment. She wants to read the letter and she’s not going to wait to ask Abelardo for it. He goes to get the letter, but before he gives it to Marcela, she asks if Frida said anything when he found her.

“She asked everyone to forgive her.”

Salvador and Rafaela have dinner with the kids. Rafaela is still in full denial mode, complaining about Cabrera “harassing” them. Salvador’s not eating. Rafaela takes him off to bed to make him take a sleeping pill.

Cabrera doesn’t want to speculate about what Frida meant or why she wanted everyone to forgive her. He promises that just like he found Frida, he’ll find the person who took her.

Salvador walks into Frida’s hospital room with zero problems. Frida takes off her oxygen mask and says he did it. Annnd it’s a dream. Rafaela’s angry at him like he dreamed it on purpose. She needs him to be “strong.”

Abelardo’s pacing his cell. He starts working out. A guard comes to the door with clean clothes for him. Abelardo packs up his toiletries.

Enrique and the lawyer wait outside the gate to walk Abelardo and Marcela to the car.

Martín tells the therapist about finding Frida. How he thought she was dead, but she was still breathing. He’s frantic now about finding the kidnapper.

And what about his feelings for Marcela?

He says his feelings don’t matter. He and Marcela live in different worlds. It was just a foolish hope. She has her daughter back and she doesn’t need him.

Marcela brings Abelardo to see Frida. He sobs over her, making promises like “I’m going to be a more present father,” and “nothing is going to separate us ever again.” He wonders why, after being through what she went through, she felt guilty. Marcela tells him to just focus on the fact that she’s here. He promises they’ll be the family they were before. Marcela doesn’t look like she’s on board with this plan.

Antonio confronts Diego about Ángel getting beat up. He asks who the guys were who he met up with last night. Atonio says if he finds out Diego was behind it…[insert vague empty threat of violence here].

Rafaela’s trying to make Salvador take a pill. He doesn’t want to go ranting at the office or screaming for Frida like he was when he woke up. Tomás asks if his dad dreamed of Frida again and asks if he and Ingrid can go see her.

The police found a footprint that matches the one from the first cabin. They also have money that didn’t completely burn up.

Sasha’s searching Salvador’s office and finds a book that includes photos of Salvador, including one with Eric Bernard.

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