Buscando a Frida, viernes 9 de abril, Capítulo 54

Rafaela denies that she shot Frida the same way Abelardo denies things…she doesn’t say yes or no, she says it’s a ridiculous question, he’s crazy, she’s no killer.

“I wasn’t a kidnapper until recently and look at me now!”

Rafaela says neither of them did anything, which just makes Salvador insist that he’s not crazy and he did do it.

Frida has another seizure. One of the nurses comes running out of her room past Marcela and now it’s Abelardo being the one to counsel patience.

Salvador really really wants to leave. Everyone already suspects him, so it’s not going to be any worse if he leaves. Cabrera will figure it out, or Sasha, or Frida will wake up and tell everybody. All Rafaela has to do is deny everything….

Rafaela already dealt with one scandal. Gabi calls (presumably about the seizure) and Rafaela says they’re on their way to the hospital.

At the hospital, it looks like Rafaela is dragging Salvador in by the arm.

The doctor says Frida has an edema and it’s provoked a cerebral hemorrhage. Frida has slipped into a coma.

Gabi calls Antonio, who ignores the call. He’s in Ángel’s bed, so I’m guessing the breakup is not a breakup? Ángel starts talking about needing to confront Diego, but Antonio doesn’t want to. He says the only place he feels like himself is at Ángel’s. Ángel promises his undying support.

Back at their department, Rafaela’s sure Frida isn’t going to wake up. It’s best if she stays a vegetable. Hey, if this is what God wants…. And then she’s back on about how nothing happened.

Marcela and Abelardo have a theological argument about whether God has forgotten them or not. Abelardo votes yes. Marcela’s going to keep praying.

There’s no name in the notebook, even though Frida’s making it pretty obvious she had a relationship with someone. Cabrera begs Zambrano to get them a search warrant for Salvador’s office, so they can find that picture of Salvador and Eric Bernard together.

Rafala tries to prepare the kids for Frida’s imminent demise. Tomás thinks she could wake up at any moment. He insists they have to find the person who hurt Frida. Whoever it is, they’re a criminal! Ingrid asks how there can be people so horrible!!

Gabi takes a break from stressing about Frida to ask Antonio where he was last night when he wasn’t answering his phone. Diego asks if Antonio was out alone or with a friend.

Marcela wakes up in the hospital waiting room. Abelardo tells her nothing has changed. He’s thinking they should go home. Frida’s in good hands.

Well, Marcela’s not leaving.

Abelardo reminds her their other daughters need her too. he tries to talk her into going home reeeeeal quick and then coming back. Again, Marcela won’t go for it.

Salvador shows up at the office. He swears he’s back and he’s sorry if he went too far with Sasha or Gabi.

And then the cops show up. With the search warrant.

Cabrera shows up at the hospital and asks how Frida’s doing. He also has some updates…they found Frida’s backpack downriver from where he found her. They don’t know who shot her yet.

Gabí’s affronted that Salvador is “letting” the police search the office. Sasha’s trying to get Robles to find the catalog. Gabi comes in, accusing them of harassing her family. Cantú tells her to go have tea or get a manicure with her bestie. Gabi accuses her of being homophobic. She gladly leaves Sasha to supervise them. Robles is sure the catalog isn’t in the office.

Martín goes in to see Frida and tell her to open her eyes. Nothing is her fault. He remembers her asking forgiveness and wonders what her secret is.

Salvador burned that festival catalog. Rafaela blames Sasha. She thinks Salvador should fire her, but he thinks that would make it too obvious. On her way out of the office she stops to say goodbye to Sasha in a perfectly polite manner that definitely means she’s got it in for her.

Marcela tells Cabrera she’s grateful for everything he did for her. She tells him Abelardo wants to get the family back together…she just wants to go back to when everything was OK. She wouldn’t have survived this without him and she does have feelings for him, but she can’t turn her back on her family.

He says he’s going to respect her decision.

Marcela says she wouldn’t have made it to the last two months without him.

Abelardo comes back into the waiting area, seeing them holding hands. He says obviously Cabrera wasn’t just there to see Frida. He gets Marcela out of there as fast as he can and this time she doesn’t argue about going home.

Gabi comes over to Abelardo’s house to tell him and Marcela about the horror of the police searching the office.

Antonio and Ángel are out having drinks and talking about Abelardo and Marcela so Antonio can avoid thinking about Diego. It doesn’t work. Ángel tries to hold his hand to comfort him, but it makes Antonio nervous. Gabi calls to ask him not to be out too late. Diego gives her a hard time about his dad being out again. She goes upstairs

Abelardo comes over to Cabrera’s to talk about the case, but as Cabrera reminds him, he’s officially still a suspect, so there’s nothing Cabrera can tell him.

Diego comes upstairs with tea for Gabi. She calls him an angel and he objects. And then she passes out.

Abelardo’s desperate to know why they searched Salvador’s office. What’s going on? He has to know who shot his daughter!

Cabrera says it’s hard to control rage and he needs to let justice run its course. He needs to go home.

To his credit, when Cabrera opens the door, Abelardo exits.

Gabi talks to her doctor, who says she fainted because she’s pregnant.

Antonio gets home and Diego snaps at him for not being around. Diego takes offense at Gabi saying he’s just like his dad.

Cantú brings Cabrera coffee. She’s called the hospital and there’s been no change in Frida’s condition. She’s sure Frida is going to recover. She asks about Marcela, but Cabrera says it’s over.

Marcela prays to the Virgen for Frida.

Rafaela is going back to work. Salvador starts to argue, but really, he’s lost all his leverage.

Diego comes over to Ángel’s apartment to talk about his dad.

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